Spike Additive Reviews: Use Your Own Pee To Pass a Drug Test!

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Trying to pass a drug test and especially using your own urine can be disappointing. By all means, you will need a smart way to pass a drug test, even by using your ow pee despite being on drugs.

The most common methods are using synthetic urine and detoxing. Mind you, there is a very applicable method to pass a drug test without all that.

You can literally add a urine purifier which destroys all the drug toxins and finally passing the drug test. Impressive!

You can add spike additive liquid in your urine and get rid of all toxins in the urine on contact. It a bucket list item for me!

What is spike additive?

As said earlier, spike additive is a colorless, odorless liquid in which you add to your urine to purify it ready for the urinalysis.

This may sound easy, and yes, it is easy. Before I used it to pass my urine test, I was nervous in the first place and doubted it all along. Fortunately, I did pass my drug test twice.

Spike additive is a quick dissolving liquid and cannot be detected in the lab during the test. If something can be detected or can raise alarm of something fishy, then I don’t think it is worth the price, it is different with spike additive for its undetectability.

It is the most potent ever created additive so far, and you will not go through any hassles trying to learn how to use it.

Besides, you do not have to consume it like it is with detox drinks or even give it time to work, it is an instant use kit.

How to use spike additive

Before that, note that you will need to first pour in the spike additive into the cup and then your urine, although I do not think that a major issue.

Spike additive comes with two spikes each containing 1.5ml micro vial liquid that can sustain up to 120ml/ 4oz of urine.

Using Spike is easy like reciting ABC.

  1. For light/ occasional users: pour the entire content of 1 vial of the spike additive liquid into the urine. Each vial can cater for up to 120ml (4oz).
  2. For heavy/ daily smokers: pour entire content of both vials of the liquid into the urine. As a heavy user, you will need to use both the vials at once.

Why you need additive for urine drug test

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Spike additive is a come-through brand of all times. There are times when drug tests are done randomly and without notice. With such a situation, you can only have a chance to use spike additive.

Another reason why spike is a savior is when you have no time to detox your body. Most of detox programs like the 10-day, 5-day requires discipline and time.

If you are allergic on intake of detox drinks, then spike additive is the option, you do not have to consume anything at all.

Using synthetic urine is good idea too but if you can freak out from using it, then go for spike additive. For you to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, you MUST have a quality kit and submit it at the right temperature.

Note that; you can only use spike additive on urine drug tests only. Others like saliva test, hair follicle, and blood test will need others way to pass the drug test.

See how you can test negative for saliva test within 30 seconds of using oral clear gum!

Pass a hair follicle test with this guide.

Drug testing method that spike additive will work for

Drug screening in laboratories use the Enzyme-Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT) to detect any drug toxins in the urine. The effectiveness of spike additive has only been proven through EMIT. So, there are no doubts in using it.

With the formulation, spike additive destroys all the toxins upon contact with the urine and it is suitable for up to two uses.

  • Money back guarantee
  • Simple to use
  • Discreetly packed
  • Best-selling additive to date
  • Only proven to work for EMIT

Where to get spike additive

The best way to get the original product without falling for imitations is getting it from the manufacture. Get spike additive from the official website here.

Alternatives of spike additive

Some of the other methods that you can use to pass a drug test are:

(1) Using synthetic urine

It is among the most common methods used to pass a drug test, and does not involve a lot; all you need is a top-notch brand then make sure you submit it for screening in the right temperature.

The top urine brands are Quick fix synthetic urine and sub-solution fake pee.  To start with Quick fix synthetic urine, it is in a premixed form and all that is needed is heat it in a microwave up to the temperature of 90-100F.

Tip of keeping quick fix warm: Upon attaining the required temperature, use heat pads to prevent it from cooling down. Again, you can have it attached close to your body (you can use stash leg to safely hold the urine sample) and that way, the sample will retain the body temperature.

Basing on the sub-solution synthetic urine, it is different from most of fake pee since it is in powdered dehydrated form. The preparation is simple, add some water 3oz to 4oz to the powder to form a liquid.

No microwaving is needed with sub solution urine, it comes with a heating activator that you add to the formed liquid, and that’s how you acquire the temperature. Keep adding the activator until you are certain with the temperature. Again, the temperature should range between 90-100F.

The heat activator DO NOT affect the chemical make or the effectiveness of the urine. Sub solution is always a savior in case of emergency drug tests since you do not have to rush home just to heat it. Sub solution has a longer shelf life than quick fix urine, a bit expensive than quick but for sure it is worth the extra bucks!

Tip for keeping sub-solution warm: just add the heating activator and that’s it. You can even add minutes to the test and be on the right track.

(2) Using detox drinks or pills.

Detox plans work according to the levels of consumption. By this I mean, there are detox plans for light/occasional and heavy/daily smokers.

Clear choice Rescue cleanse is a detox drink that comes with two sets of 17oz and 32oz, and both have different flavors. The 17 Oz is designed to be used by light users and the 32oz bottle by the heavy users.

Rescue cleanse is a potent and undetectable detox drink that masks all the drug toxins in your urine and prevents them from being detected during the test. It can be used while on notice of a drug test, but will not work with emergency drug tests since it requires abstinence from drug for at least 24 hours before taking it.

(3) Quitting smoking

It is another applicable method to always pass a drug test. It may not be easy quitting smoking abruptly; this may take time but it is doable.

The most virtual needed in stopping the habit is being disciplined, making a plan on when to stop and figure out the simplest method that you can involve yourself into the aid of quitting.

Let me introduce you to how you can do this and within a few months you will have achieved some milestones, and the good thing with this method is that you imitate the smoking act; hand to mouth habit.


Well, in return, you take in essential oils that will help you stop smoking and deal with the emotional and physical torture that comes with the idea of trying to quit smoking.

 FUM essential oils inhaler is the item is question; you breath in the oils through the mouth and breath out through the nose. This is the most applicable and simplest method that I have seen work in trying to stop smoking.

Final verdict

Every problem usually has a solution, the only thing that makes things appear difficult is the lack of knowledge towards something.

See how easy it is to pass a drug test, simple and quick!

Additional tip as we wind up, the best thing to do is always carry the 2 spikes with you in case of random drug tests. You will always have peace of mind and ready for the test at all the times.


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