The Best Detox Pills for Drug Tests: The Leading 4 Brands, Do They Work?

A drug test is a common thing in most states. If you haven’t been through it, you probably have heard it on the grapevine.

Well, it’s something that has been in practice for years since drugs also have been in circulation. In most organizations, this is not a seldom thing, but occasional.

You may be an addict or a newbie user of drugs, and probably an employee of a drug-free organization.

Once in a while, you may be required to administer your drug test results to the seniors at the workplace, and at this time, your employer steers this. So, what happens if at all you consume drugs?

Does this mean you will lose your job? Definitely, yes. In most instances, this is no option, and a more intense thing would also befall you.

Getting arrested or pass through fines in case you are caught in the usage of drugs. Even though such can be so sucking, there is a myriad of ways to beat a drug test despite being a user.

There’s always a solution to every problem. It would be best if you were on the ball for your actions. 

All in all, you still need the position since maybe, that could be your only source of income. There are different tricks to use prior the drug testing day in order to beat the test.

The most common thing is dodging a test using fake urine. This is an easy task to go about even though a bit risky since getting caught with a bottle of fake pee is terrible.

The other method and safer than passing fake pee is detoxing your body days before your testing day. There are detox pills for drug tests and also detox drinks for the same.

Focusing on our article in question, stay still and know more on detox pills, a recommended method to pass a drug test. The pills are fortified with minerals and also vitamins that ease in cleansing toxins from the system.

With this, giving you a clean pee ready for a test, and of course, giving negative results as long as you have the right brand and take it as instructed. Pills however, require some time-a few days to have it done. But honestly, if you have the time, this is a recommended method since it won’t put you at any risks.

The Pro Detox Pills for a Drug Test


Toxins absorption and detoxing processes

Our bodies are what we consume. The type of foods or drinks we take all matters on our body’s health. The same case with drugs, each drug has its outcome on the body, depending on how often it’s consumed or how potent it is.

How are toxins absorbed in the body? Anytime you smoke or take any drug, the metabolites reach the brains and thereafter spreading to the other body organs; this is what we call intoxication.

However, these toxins remain in the body system but come out through body fluids over time, like urine. Other toxins remain in the body system longer than others; they all depend on the kind of drug.

That’s why there are several ways in which you can use to detox these toxins. THC in marijuana is fat-soluble. You realize that heavy mass people take longer for the toxins to flush from the system naturally.

Unless you try to supplement this by hitting the gym and avoiding fatty foods, it may get tougher for people with much weight in such a scenario.

Natural Detoxing

Natural body detoxing is a process that requires some days for it to succeed. Our bodies naturally detox.

The toxins are pumped through the bloodstream to the kidneys and to the liver, which then filters the metabolites and flash them out through urine. For first time users, this would not take long as compared to heavy users.

There are actually several ways you can instill the natural detoxing process. Abstaining from drugs, drinking a lot of water, taking mineral and vitamin supplements, working out to lose fat, and eating fiber-rich foods.

Is It Worth? What About the Best Detox Pills for Drug Tests?

You should really ask yourself if you can maintain the discipline of natural detoxing. Do you have all the time? This only depends on how you weigh your schedule and habits.

It isn’t a sure bet that you will pass the test even after going the natural way, especially for heavy users.

You can make an extra effort and buy the top-notch detox plans to fasten the cleansing process. They are of more guarantee success than the natural way.

Natural supplements are of no harm since they are made from natural extracts. By the end of the day, spending any penny on the pills is much worth than trying to bear the repercussions of failing a test.

Body detoxing takes longer, and that’s why at times, you need supplements like detox drinks and detox pills to fasten the cleansing process. If spending an extra buck for yourself would save your job title, then go for the detox pills.

Forms of Drug Tests

Different drug test administers different things. Testing THC in marijuana and synthetic drugs such as ecstasy all depends on what the screening schedule entails. Marijuana is commonly consumed and, at the same time, the hardest drug to detox.

If it is possible to pass a marijuana drug test, then it’s clear you are capable of passing any other drug tested.

Getting rid of the THC compound is not that easy, but well, it’s possible. The compound is fat-soluble, that one of the main reasons behind the difficult task.

It’s not a wonder how difficult it is to get rid of some toxins to others. It’s the potent rate of a drug that matters.

Even though this is the case, passing a drug test is still a guarantee. All you need is well-formulated preparation and get some information on how to go about it. Following instructions carefully is unequivocal.

Know how much time the drug you consume stays in the system, also how to go about it if you are a light, heavy or a moderate user.

Different drug tests detect the toxins with a different time frame. Depending on the test, below shows intervals a test can detect a drug in the system.

  • Urine 30 days
  • Blood 2 days
  • Hair 90 days
  • Saliva 3 days

The Best Detox Pills for Drug Tests

There are a plethora of detox pills for THC all over. As long as we insist on choosing detox pills for cleansing, there are also fake brands that would mess up with you. As you choose detox pills of your choice, be careful.

To curb any confusion on which product to go with, I have narrowed down the best brands you need.

Despite having detox plan formula ready for a test, it is important to note that, being under any drugs while detoxing is equivalent to doing zero work.

At all costs, avoid any form of drugs during the process, including alcohol and any caffeinated drinks.

1. Toxin Rid Detox;

(#1 Best detox pills for a drug test)

If you are a marijuana smoker, this is a common detox pills brand you can rely on. It’s formulated with a 1 day to a 10-day detox program. Not only marijuana but also it gets rid of other drug toxins as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are a heavy or a light user; there’s the procedure for each one of you.

For light users, you actually don’t need the 10 days to cleanse; 5-day detox is enough package for you.

On the other hand, if you are a heavy user, complete the 10 days cleanse program. During the cleanse program, avoid taking any form of drugs during the process; otherwise, you will be playing pain and a no gain game.

With the 10-day toxin detox program, it’s an intense one, but the results are amazing. The package comes with 150 pre-rid pills.

 Take 3 pills every hour for 5 hours daily, including the bottle of a detox drink that you take on the last day of cleansing. Not forgetting the dietary fiber that you take 1 hour before your test.

Toxin rid detox contains:

Pre-Rid Pills- they are taken as explained above. Made and fortified with natural extracts like; calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, alfalfa leaf extract. The list is not the limit.

 Detox liquid –ingredients includes; potassium, sodium, boron, lithium and the list is not the limit.

 Dietary Fiber– this can be optional, but the best thing is to include it for better detox results. It’s made from psyllium husk powder.

2. Rescue 5-Day Full Body Detox

This is one of the fastest working mechanism brands. It comes with 4 pills that you take for a specific time and 8 other stronger pills that you take after the 4 pills.

This a test kit to save you in case your upcoming test is in less than a week.

It’s a full-body detox formula, quite impressive!

The pills should be taken according to the instructions given, don’t beat around the bush and try to overdose expecting a quick cleanse; in fact, you will be making things worse! That should not linger in your mind whatsoever.

 Abstain from any drugs while on a cleansing program, have that well incorporated.

After the 5 days of detoxing, you are now ready for a test having followed the consumption procedures. If you are a light user or medium user, it’s much easier to get rid of toxins than is the case with a heavy user, who of course should not panic since toxin rid 10 day has the capability.

For a heavy user, the 5 days might really not be enough. You can, however, buy a detox drink that you will take on the day of testing. After taking the ICE capsules, you now drink the drink. This will help mask the toxins hence having a cleaner sample. It would be a bit expensive for any heavy user but worth going down in flames through a test fail.

Rescue 5 day is formulated and made from natural extracts to enable the body detox leaving the system squeaky clean, toxins-free. Ingredients includes;

  • Beet Root
  • Mangosteen
  • Hibiscus Flower
  • Goji Berries
  • Blueberries
  • Acai Berries
  • Pomegranate

3. Stat Flush

This another substantial brand for a pass in a drug-test. Unlike other detox pills, stat flush has an effective time for the utmost 4 hours. It doesn’t require days to have you cleansed; rather, it’s formulated to save the last minute rushers. The process to undertake is so much easier than other preparation programs.

Stat flush contains 5 pills, to be taken simultaneously and with a lot of water. The brand flushes out the toxins from your pee, giving clean urine, and then you have the 4 hours clean window. 

After that, the toxins may rebuild back, and the urine can show traces of toxins if tested past the time frame.

One and a half hours before your test, take the pills and down them with a lot of water. Within the 90 minutes, you should urinate at least 3 times to flash out the toxins. For the next 4 hours, your urine is clean and can test negative.

So, be wise; you can consider not just going for the test in your last hour, at least within 2-3 hours, you can get yourself tested.

4. Herbal Clean Super QCaps

Another impressive product for THC detox is herbal clean. This another king of an `emergency pill’ since you only require about 1 to 2 days before your test.

This works well for light, and heavy users as well since your urine stays clean for quite some time after taking the pills.

Herbal clean contains 4 pills, requiring you to take them forty-five minutes to one hour prior the test, giving you a 5 hours window of clean urine.

It would help if you avoid smoking during the process, and you are free to do so after your test.

How does detox pills work?

Detox pills work for any kind of drugs. Detox pills are fortified with minerals and vitamins that boost your immune system. Making it easier for the system to break down the toxins.

These detox pills are of no harm, only benefits; provision of essential nutrients in the body is one of them.

Detox pills as well cleanse the bloodstream, boosting the metabolism. Besides, the body fats are reduced from the body, and also strengthening the immunity.

During the cleansing process, you expect to urinate severally. This is because detox pills regulate the liver and the kidneys as well.

Final Verdict

You now have a well-elucidated review! You really have no excuse as to why you should fail a urine drug test.

The good thing with detox pills, they will have your immune boosted and toxins flushed out the system.

You can also check on synthetic urine kits, which as well can be used for a drug test and especially when you are short of time to detox.

With the quality products, you don’t have to worry over any test awaiting you. You have all the information on how the detox pills go by. Choosing the right product is the beginning of a test pass, Toxin Rid is the best!

Make reading and following instructions a piece of cake! With that, expect to always pass your drug tests. Voila!

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