FUM Cores Review: Unveiling The Secrets!

FUM cores review

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Breaking free from the grasp of smoking is no small game, but what if the secret to kicking the habit lies in the captivating world of aromatherapy?

The path to quitting bad habits like smoking, can be hidden in many ways as we find it in the sweet promises and the soothing embrace of FUM essential oils inhaler.

Embark on a journey where the power of scent and flavors meet the determination to quit – because quitting smoking has never smelled so good!

Get to learn more about FUM cores as you start/continue  your  journey towards a smoke-free life.

What Are Fum Cores?


FUM cores are naturally infused with natural plants to aid in smoking cessation.

Essential oils extracted from plants such as peppermint and cranberry unveil aromas that not only tickle the senses but also help alleviate stress and cravings.

Inhaling the pure essence of the essential oils replaces the hand to mouth habit from bad habits to healthier habits.

With these cores, there is no vapor,toxins neither smoke. Besides, no batteries are needed in its use, making it available for use at any time any day.


How To Use FUM Cores

As you purchase your FUM kit, it will come with 3 packs of cores, either the original cores or the citrus cores. However, if you already have your FUM, you can always purchase the cores separately.

This is how you insert your cores into the FUM barrel;

  • Pick a core of your choice
  • Detach the barrel from the FUM mouthpiece
  • Insert the core into the mouthpiece
  • Attach back the barrel to the mouthpiece
  • Adjust the airflow
  • Breath in through your mouth and exhale through the nose

FUM Cores Review

FUM cores come in different flavors, spoiling you with varieties to choose from.

FUM cores are formulated in a way that incorporates flavors that have three notes.

The High note, which is the first note you taste at the front of your mouth.

The next flavor you taste is basically the Base note, which you taste more in the exhale.

The Mid note is rarely very noticeable, but it fills that middle ground between the high and base notes, acting as a bridging flavor.

Get to learn about cores taste,what they contain and their sensory characteristics.

Original cores

  • Crisp mint
  • White cranberry
  • maple pepper

Citrus cores

  • Orange vanilla
  • Sparkling grapefruit
  • Raspberry lemon

Think refreshing! Think earthy sweetness!

1) Original Cores

1a) Crisp mint 

Taste – Crisp mint cores are refreshingly cool with a clear minty taste. They have a cooling peppermint with a hint of lime, for a breath of extra fresh air.

Its refreshingly cool inhibits a feeling of renewal and a burst of energy, bringing a sense of coolness and clarity. If we can term it as a splash of cool water on a warm day, then we could be right!

The minty taste specifically refers to the flavor profile of the crisp mint cores. It is clean, and often associated with a slight menthol sensation. Mint flavor also provides a sense of coolness.

Crisp mint has been my favorite core. I was a menthol smoker and its menthol flavor has given me a cooling effect that I really like in my journey to adapting good habits. You too will like it!

Crisp mint cores blend contains:

  • Peppermint
  • Lime
  • Lemon

Sensory characteristics

Crisp mint has a high note of cooling mint and a middle sense of zesty citrus. The high cooling sensation makes it ideal for those who seek an extra-refreshing experience.

On the other hand, zesty citrus refers to a combination of vibrant and tangy citrus flavors.  Zesty citrus typically refers to the outer portion of the peel of citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and limes.


 1b) White Cranberry

Taste – White cranberry has a tangy fruity, sweet and spicy notes and also the earthy, woodsy flavors.

To start with, the tangy fruity taste comes from the grapefruit, davana, orange and juniper berry plant extracts.

Cinnamon and cassia, contributes to the sweet and spicy taste while the earth woodsy flavors are from the black pepper and black spruce.

Just like other cores, white cranberry cores are meant to aid you shift to positive habits and quit smoking.

White cranberry cores blend contains:

  • Grapefruit
  • Orange
  • Davana
  • Juniper berry
  • Cinnamon
  • Cassia
  • Black pepper
  • Black spruce

Sensory Characteristics

White cranberry has a high notes of fruity zest and a middle sense of spicy cinnamon.

The fruity zest basically is a combination of vibrant and juicy fruits with the aromatic essence found in fruits peels, such as the tangerine and oranges.

With the spicy cinnamon essence, it characterizes the sensation of warmth and flavor, hence providing a gentle intensity. Besides, the cinnamon taste offers a combination of sweetness and warmth, with subtle notes of woodiness and earthiness.


1c) Marple pepper


Taste – Maple Pepper Cores which were formerly known as Conquer, have a deep earthy flavors, cooling menthol sensation and some sweetness and spice.

Black pepper and clove plant extracts contribute to the strong, deep earthy flavors. The cooling, menthol sensation comes as a result of eucalyptus and peppermint.

Lastly, the sweetness and spice is as a result of cinnamon, ylang ylang, and cassia. All together, there is a tiny bit of lime taste to seal the whole thing.

Marple pepper cores blend contain:

  • Black pepper
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Ylang ylang
  • Cassia
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Lime

Sensory Characteristics

Marple pepper has high notes of sweet cinnamon and middle notes of earthy clove.

Sweet cinnamon has a gentle and subtle sweet flavor which adds a pleasant element to the cores. The natural sweetness complements the core’s warm, spicy notes.

Talking about the tasting notes of earthly clove, this describes the deep, rich, and grounded qualities of clove, a spice derived from the dried flower buds of the clove tree, Syzygium aromaticum.

Marple pepper cores are generally peppery just as the name reveals. Thereby, offering a satisfying culinary experience in your smoking cessation  journey.

2) Citrus Cores

2a) Orange Vanilla

Taste- Orange vanilla cores have a sweet and citrusy, with a touch of classic vanilla.

The flavor of orange vanilla cores comes from the plant extracts of sweet orange, blood orange, bergamot, lime and vanilla.

The flavors are smooth and light. Besides, they have a slightly lower intensity than some of the other cores flavors, like crisp mint or sparkling grapefruit.

Orange vanilla cores blend contains:

  • Sweet orange
  • Bergamot
  • Vanilla
  • Blood orange
  • Lime

Sensory characteristics

High- Citrus

Middle- Bergamot and Lime

Base- Vanilla

Orange vanilla cores citrus characteristics are particularly noticeable and dominate the overall sensory experience of the cores. Besides, Orange vanilla cores have a strong aroma of orange fruit.

This indicates that the sensory experience of bergamot falls somewhere between being subtle. It suggests that while bergamot contributes significantly to the overall flavor of the cores but doesn’t dominate it entirely.

2b) Raspberry Lemon Cores

Taste – Bold lemonade with a light hint of berries

The main plant extract making up raspberry lemon cores is lemon. Lemon grass is also added to add that zesty lemon flavor.

Davana and ylang ylang make up the berry elements while its sweetness comes from cassia cinnamon.

Lastly, raspberry lemon cores have slight minty notes from spearmint and peppermint.

Raspberry lemon cores blend contains:

  • Lemon
  • Davana
  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Ylang ylang
  • Cassia

Sensory Characteristics

High- Lemon

Middle- Fruity berries

Base- Dusky cinnamon

Raspberry lemon cores have high notes of lemon, generally referred to as tangy and refreshing flavor. Lemon taste is the most prominent in raspberry lemon cores, amazing way to stimulate the taste buds.

With the middle notes of fruity berries, raspberry cores have a natural sweet taste that comes from the berries used in the formulation of the cores.

The sweet base notes provide a pleasant and indulgent aspect to the overall flavor of raspberry lemon cores as the dusky cinnamon implies a slightly shadowed quality, suggesting that the cinnamon flavor is not overly intense but rather has a subdued, atmospheric quality.

2c) Sparkling Grapefruit Cores

Taste – Bright, fresh and cooling fruity grapefruit.

If at all you like the juicy fruity gum, then you definitely gonna love sparkling grapefruit cores. Just like other cores, this one too is made from all natural plants.

The fruit flavor comes from pink grapefruit, davanna, and ylang ylang. The tangy flavor comes from lime. Minty tastes come from classic Peppermint while the cooling, menthol sensation comes from three varieties of Eucalyptus.

Sparkling grapefruit cores blend contains:

  • Davana
  • Eucalyptus globulus
  • Eucalyptus radiata
  • Eucalyptus blue mallee
  • Pink grapefruit
  • Key lime
  • Lime
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang ylang

Sensory Characteristics

High- Citrus grapefruit

Middle- Tangy fruit

Base- Minty menthol

The high notes of citrus grapefruit is the immediate and most prominent flavor that you experience once in contact with the sparkling grapefruit cores. It is tangy and refreshing and provides a zesty flavor that automatically awakens the taste buds.

The tangy fruit taste is the secondary flavor of these cores. The tanginess in the cores are acidic and enhance a sensory experience. While grapefruit itself is a citrus fruit, its middle note includes nuances of other tangy fruits such as pineapple.

The base note of sparkling grapefruit, which is the minty menthol, is the foundational taste that provides depth and cooling sensation to the cores. Menthol is commonly associated with mint leaves and is known for its distinctive cooling effect, which is felt in the cores as well.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils offer a wide range of benefits due to their natural chemical composition and aromatic properties.

Let’s dive into the common benefits of essential oils:

  • Aromatherapy

Oils are widely used in aromatherapy as we also see it in our FUM cores.

They help in smoking cessation,  promote relaxation, uplift mood and also reduce stress.

All you need, right?

  • Respiratory Support

Essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus,  are known for their ability to clear congestion, soothe coughs, and promote easier breathing.

These oils are well incorporated in FUM cores, hence the improved breathing once you kick start your journey with FUM.

Besides, you experience a satisfying relief from respiratory discomfort.

  • Digestive Aid

Certain essential oils, such as peppermint, ginger, and lemon, which are also found in cores such as mint crisp, support the digestive health by reducing bloating, easing nausea, and improving overall digestion.

  • Mental Clarity and Focus

Some essential oils enhance the mental alertness, concentration, and memory.

To mention; rosemary and lemon are used in FUM cores as aromatherapy blends to promote cognitive function and improve productivity.

  • Emotional Support

Quitting smoking using essential oils extracts is full of amazing benefits. They have profound effects on emotions and mood due to their ability to influence brain chemistry.

For instance,  bergamot and ylang ylang have a calming, uplifting, or grounding properties.


What Are Cores Made Of?

Each fum Core fiber is medically graded.They are infused with essential oils extracted from natural plants. No chemicals added whatsoever.

How Long Do Cores Last?

1 Core can last you 2-3 days of repeated use and each Core pack comes with 3 flavored cores. The Complete Core Bundle Journey Pack comes with enough Core packs to last you approximately 1 month of repeated use.

Final Verdict

FUM Cores it is! one breath can change your life around. Quit smoking in aromatherapy world.

What’s more to add? its time for change buddy!

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