The Best Detox Drinks for Drug Tests: The Prime 5 to Flush Out Marijuana

Once in a while, everyone needs a re-charge from daily routines. For leisure, travels and adventure. Others partying along and having a joint find it much better. This a no-news issue; some do it for own pleasure while others peer pressure. Well, it all depends on what makes you feel rejuvenated.

Everything has its own consequences, and not only smoking but anything you intend to do has results. With smoking, this would lead to losing a job title or being imprisoned. This is in the case whereby an employer calls for a drug testing and one ends up in a dark tunnel.

In most institutions, employers want a drug-free zone. Therefore, a smoker or consumer of any other kind of drug may end up in real trouble; in case a test comes out positive. 

 You can easily escape being sacked from a job buy just being smart sense-wise. Dodging a drug test is the ultimate goal. That way, you are in a position to test negative despite using any form of drugs.

There are two ways to apply; first, using the best synthetic urine for lab urinalysis, and secondly, detoxing to have a clean pee, toxins-free. In this article, you will get to know more on the detox formulas; what they are, and how to go about them.

 In most cases, our lifestyle affects our kidneys, liver and other body systems depending on what we feed our bodies. Like smoking marijuana, cocaine, heroin, name them. Even though marijuana is made legal in some states, most organizations do not encourage its use and thereby, still carry out drug tests-even for marijuana.

Despite that, there are ways to get rid of toxins from the body. Our bodies are created in a way they naturally cleanse overtime. It takes months or less to completely detox.

In other cases, natural detoxing becomes unreliable in instances where you do not have enough time especially when a drug test is due in a few days. Here a detox drink comes in as a supplement to fasten the process. 

What's found in a detox drink?

A detox drink is made from natural extracts and fortified with minerals and vitamins. It is like a normal fruit blend but with an improved formula to enable quick flushing of toxins.

 Some of the detox drinks I have expounded, cleanses the urinary system to provide a clean pee. Even though the urinary is cleansed, with some detox drinks, it is not permanent but only for a specific time and after that the toxins may rebuild again in the system. 

Since the main focus here is to be a drug test, most of these detox drinks mask the toxins and prevent them from being released in the urine stream to provide negative results.  This is achieved by having the toxins  flushed from the bladder and the whole urinary system.

That said, there is regular peeing that comes along with the detox formula.  They ensure most of the toxins are flushed out through urination, and by the time you submit your sample for testing, you hereby have a clean system.

Detox drinks contain diuretics to help get rid of drug metabolites. The formulation is a combination of scientific research and lab tests.

Can detox drink work on a frequent user? The Best Detox Drinks For Drug Tests have It all


For frequent and heavy users, it would be a sickening time to detox. The good thing with the best products, you can easily have your system clean within a short time. For instance detox drinks come in so well in terms of flushing out toxins from the body.

Optionally, you can opt for a second option to get to the bottom line of it by using synthetic urine. Regardless of whether you are a heavy or a light user, fake pee does not favor but equalize all.

At anytime you  decide to detox by adding a supplement on top of natural body detox like using the detox drinks, do the following;

  • Have enough sleep, not less than 8 hours a day. But again avoid oversleeping, stay on the lane of 8 hours.
  • Frequently drink a lot of water.
  • Abstain from fatty foods, enroll much on foods rich in fiber such as vegetables.
  • Avoid consuming any kinds of drugs, alcohol and/or caffeine.

Here, you are one step forward. On the day of your drug test, now improve your detox process by taking the detox drink of your choice.

What determines the results of a drug test?

A negative/positive test is determined by; how often you consume drugs, the fat percentage in your body and the kind of drugs consumed. Smoking marijuana is common, but it is the hardest to detox.

The issue concerning the fat levels in your body matters, the component found in marijuana Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is fat-soluble. The fat tissues absorb it and then released into the bloodstream. THC is easily detectable in urine system up to 30 days of smoking marijuana.

Compared to other kind of drugs, THC compound is not easy to flush out of the system but the action typically depends on your metabolism rate. Depending on the body weight, frequency of consumption or the amount consumed, it may take a longer period for heavy users.

Check below on the days at which drugs stay in the body.

  • Cocaine 3-4 days
  • LSD 1-3 days
  • Heroin 3-4 days
  • Methamphetamine 3-6 days
  • Barbiturates 2-4 days
  • Morphine 2-3 days
  • MDMA (ecstasy) 3-4 days

How Detox Drinks work for a drug test

Drug testing can be done in different ways. Our topic in question is all about how to pass a urine drug test. Other methods are blood, hair follicle and saliva. That said, urinalysis the most common so, stick along and get information on how to go about it using detox drinks

Most people have come to realize ways on how to beat a lab test. For instance using synthetic urine or using someone else’s pee. But unless you trust someone with their pee, don’t dare the risk. Things might turn around for failing a test.

A safer method is detoxing to avoid instances like being caught carrying a fake pee sample. 

When it comes to a blood test, there is no room to submit fake pee sample. The lab techs administer the test there and then. That differs with a urine test where you have 2 options; detox or use fake pee. 

Your drug usage will depend on when you stopped consuming it and natural detox methods you’ve been applying.

With hair drug test, if there are any drug traces for the past 90 days, then it would turn out regrettable. There is no difference to a blood test on how they do it. No room for cheating, the specialist picks hair strands from the head so you cannot present someone else’s hair.

Point to note, detox drinks only works for urine drug tests. Not anything else like blood tests, saliva or hair tests. If you are to undergo such tests, there are other guidelines on how to go about them.

Top Best Detox Drinks

There are different detox drinks in the market, below are the best reliable products. The top two products are more effective and easy to use. Detoxify mega clean with pre-cleanse pills and Rescue cleanse detox. With their rate of success, they are highly recommended.

Nonetheless, the manufacturers have a money-back guarantee in case the product failed to work. This a rare case with most sellers out there, so with such kind of confidence, this clearly shows that the products are tried and tested.

Buy the products directly from the manufacturer and avoid buying fake products. The prestigious thing with buying from the manufacturer is getting original and unaltered brands.

#1. Mega Clean Detox With Pre-Cleanse Pills

The mega clean drink is a top-notch detox to pin one’s hope on. It caters for all users where only 24 hours drugs free is required before starting the detox process.

You can even opt to abstain for more days for better effective results. It’s not just a drink by itself, it’s accompanied by pills to make it a strong combination.

You have a clean window of up to 5 hours after taking it. Beyond that, there is no eligibility for clean urine and you are prone to testing positive. Check on the duration to avoid a test failure.

With that in mind, you can consider having your test done within the first 2-3 hours. With that in place, the chances of getting the very best results are higher since the urine is squeaky clean within this period. If you miss that, still your urine will be clean up to 5 hours, and the results can still be negative.

After taking the drink, the urge for peeing rises, this is of significance since the toxins will be flushed out through urine. This will be a lead to producing clean pee ready for the test.

Mega clean is quite expensive as compared to other brands, but all in all, it’s worth every penny. The brand becomes more powerful with the pills. Taking the drink without the pills, will require you have more time abstaining from drugs for 72 hours and not the usual 24 hours. Notably, the pills have that advantage and so,mega clean together with the pills saves when the drug test is due in 1 day.

Step by step guide on how to use Mega Clean Detox

  1. A day before the drug test, abstain from any drugs. Take the precleanse pills each 4 hours apart, followed by a lot of water for each pill preferably 2 glasses.
  2. During the test day, for about four hours before the test, take the mega clean detox. After 15 minutes, refill the mega detox bottle with water, then drink it.
  3. You are likely to pee more frequently after taking all that intakes.
  4.  After 1 hour of taking the drink, you are ready for a test.


  • Precleanse pills add detox power
  • Five hours clean time period
  • Perfect for last time rush


  • Longer abstinence period without pills
  • Much expensive

#2.Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox

It’s from clear choice as the name prevails, a quality detox drink you can have confidence in for a urine drug test. Rescue cleanse comes in two different volumes, 17 Oz (watermelon flavor) and 32 Oz bottle (cranberry & apple flavor). Both have the same properties, only the quantity that differs.

To be on a better track, go for the 32 Oz since with the more amount you have, the greater the cleansing. The 17 Oz bottle still works, but it’s better with a light user.

Again, the 32 Oz detox drink is designed for those above 200lbs and 17 Oz for the ones below 200lbs. But that does not mean that you cannot use 32 Oz since you are below he said weight. The only way that is risky is using the 17 Oz while you are above 200lbs.

Unlike mega clean where you need 24 hours free from toxins, rescue cleanse requires 72 hours and that is not the limit, longer period would even be better. This the downside of rescue cleanse where it cannot be used with a predicament test.

After the 72 hours, you are ready to take the drink, 4 hours before taking it, avoid eating anything. Just like mega cleanse, drink it and expect much of urination to enhance the expelling of toxins. It has a time window of 5 hours, free from toxins guaranteed to pass a clean pee for the test.

Step by step guide on how to use rescue cleanse detox

  1. For 48-72 hours before your drug test, abstain from drugs.
  2. On the day of the test, drink the rescue cleanse before 1 hour of test, utmost 5 hours. After 15 minutes, refill the rescue bottle with water and drink it within 15 minutes.
  3.  Expect to urinate frequently within the next one hour, 3 times at least.
  4. You are ready for the test within the next 5 hours.


  • Cheaper than mega clean detox
  • Good and strong formula


  • Longer drugs abstinence period
  • Not readily available

#3. Xxtra Clean Detox

This brand is from the same company as mega clean, has the same bottle appearances. It has the same formula as mega clean. What’s the need of having both? Well, extra clean detox is formulated for light users only.

Mega clean is formulated for heavy, medium and light users as well but xxtra may not work for heavy users. That’s how they differ.

The procedure on how to go about xxtra /clean is the same as that of mega clean, you can review the above procedure. The xxtra clean also comes with pills, so the procedure is of no difference to mega.

Heavy users who tend to use xxtra detox, results come out positive a research from online reviews. Light users, have testimonials of passing through using xxtra detox.

Occasional user can pass with the drink alone without pills, but how much the body mass is, and the kind of drugs consumed matters. Avoid taking chances and take both the drink and the pills. 


  • Cheaper than mega clean.
  • Reliable with light users
  • Pills add detox power


  • Unsuitable for heavy users
  • Not readily available

Writers’ opinion

I would recommend Mega Clean for a sure test pass. It caters for heavy users and also light users, thereby being a sure bet that you will definitely pass the test. 

#4. Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

Eliminex is not a new product for a urine drug test. Their previous product was Q-Carbo which rather has a wide range of availability on the market.

The downside of Q-Carbo is that there were claims of the product’s failures more than passes. Despite their applied formula, it still didn’t work.

This didn’t make them lose faith with their product, Herbal clean has however tried their formula with ultra eliminex, as the name prevails. This a very strong masking formula meant to work like the other detox products.

The instructions are to be followed just like other brands, starting with days of abstinence from drugs, and 4 hours of eating nothing before taking the drink. The process is the same.

From its formulation, even a heavy user can use it without any detox preparation like, abstaining from drugs for some hours before taking the detox plan; and even end up passing the test. That how ultra eliminex is thriving. With that, it’s much expensive than other drinks discussed here, the higher the quality, the more costly it is.


  • The arising best formula in the market
  • No need for pretest detox


  • Expensive
  • Not readily available

#5. Quick Clear Detox Drink

Quick clear detox is made from the same company that manufactures quick fix synthetic urine. The company is a reputed and well known for manufacturing quality products.

Just like mega clean and xxtra detox, quick clear as well comes with pills. With quick clear, the pills are not taken before the drink, but along with the drink.

Before taking the drink, drink at least 20 ounces of water. After 15-20 minutes, it’s now time to take the drink alongside the pills. Use the detox drink to down the pills.

After 15 minutes, refill the bottle with water, drink it and as the norm, expect frequent urination. You have a clear window of 5 hours to submit urine sample for screening.

Mega Clean VS Rescue Cleanse Cleansing Drinks

  • Mega clean needs 24hours abstinence from any drugs while rescue needs 72 hours.
  • Mega clean comes with pre-cleanse pills while the rescue is only the drink.
  • If mega was to be taken without the pills, then you will need 72 hours drugs free.
  • Mega clean is the best for a test in 1 or 2 days.

Pre-test Cleansing tips

As mentioned, our bodies naturally cleanse the system even without the use of detox drinks or pills. Detox drinks are meant to fasten the cleansing process. Consider the detox drinks discussed, their purpose being the need for a urine drug test.

It’s much easier when you follow some natural way of detoxing before your testing day. To start with;

  • Taking a lot of water.

This a natural way to keep the body hydrated. Drink water often, this will too increase the peeing and it’s one way to detox. Remember, here you are off any drugs.

  •  Avoid fatty foods.

Too much fat in food will make the detox process nerve-racking. Go for foods rich in fiber like; vegetables, fruits such as oranges, and any other fruits rich in vitamin C. In addition to that, taking antioxidants such as dark chocolate will ease the detoxing process.

  • Exercise more often.

This will not only result to a fit body, but also help in draining the toxins from the body. Exercise burns fat, hence easing the flushing out of toxins like THC in weed.

On the day of the test, skip submitting your  first pee after the detox process. The first urine sample contains the most drug strains drawn from your system. And that’s why the need to urinate more to flush out toxins. Pee not less than 3 times before setting forth your urine for the test.


Q; Can I use mega clean without the pills?

Yes you can, but the drink is less effective without the pills. Also, if you choose not to take the pills, avoid any drugs not for 24 hours but 72 hours. Without the pills, it would somehow work for the light user. To be sure that the detox will work, take the combo pack; pills included.

Q; Does detox drinks work for all drugs?

Yes. With our top pick of detox drinks, the mechanism of flushing toxins is easy. Whatever the traces of drugs the lab technicians may be looking for, they are all flushed by the detox drink. For a heavy user, the choice of detox drinks matters.

Q; Can urine drug test detect a detox drink?

You might be wondering whether really a lab test can detect a detox drink, the answer is no. It’s not like synthetic urine, where you may have it in the wrong temperature hence being detected.

Q; How many times I’m I supposed to pee before the test?

Since you will have taken in too much water, you should urinate as many times as possible. At least 3 times would do. Peeing more often will be drawing out the toxins giving you a clean sample, ready for the test.

Final Verdict

You now have the ultimate guide on how to pass a urinalysis with the help of detox drinks. With the best detox drinks for drug tests, there is no reason as to why you should fail a test as long as you choose to follow instructions on how to use them.

For stoners, here is your rescue! Some detox drinks are stronger than others. Choose a detox drink that will not leave regrets.

Are you a damsel in distress? Relax. A quality detox drink will solve all and yield negative results.

Heavy users have detox drinks that suits them as well as light uses. Luckily enough, light users will always be fitting in almost all of them. Know your lane and go for that you need.

If detoxing happens to contradict you, opt for a synthetic urine kit like the Quick Fix synthetic urine which is the best fake pee you can rely on. Proper preparations of the same will always give you a pass.

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