FUM Essential Oil Inhaler: Quit Smoking & Vaping Naturally

FUM inhaler review

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Goodbye, bad habit! Welcome positive habit! No vapor, No toxins, No nicotine. Let’s find out how!

Starting a habit is easy but trying to quit becomes quite hard. The reason sums all from the fact that the body is used to such activity and it calls for the action once it is not delivered. Vaping and smoking are among the top habits hard to quit and unless something is done, this may cause poor health and can even lead to death.

Smoking is the top leading cause of preventable deaths in the whole world. An addict ends up spending weeks, months and even years in a rehabilitation center as others go through medical therapies.

Every problem has a solution, and in it comes a decision to jump in, then progress and later on a successful story. When it comes to stopping smoking, vaping you will need to utilize essential oils for a breakthrough to overcome nicotine, weed, tobacco or whatever you consume.

Using FUM essential oil inhaler has been in practice and it is a simple way to try quitting smoking by mimicking the real act of smoking but in the real sense you are taking essential oils to help you curb the smoking habit and also the urge to smoke.

Through that, you are able to satisfy the hand to mouth cravings in a natural way.

What is FUM?


It is a non-electronic, sustainable all natural essential oils inhaler. Wise idea to cope with the body physical and emotional habit of smoking. Fum allows you to passively inhale the essential oils and acquire the benefits without heating or vaporizing them.

Fum is made from plants so, it is just plants and their natural benefits; no chemicals added.

The idea is to have something in your hand and not abruptly stop smoking but bring up something that you will hold as a replacement for cigarette and in return gain body health and help you stop smoking.

Fum Cores Flavors

The Journey Pack


FUM have had various cores flavors which you can choose from. These flavors have comparable effects and taste, which is well discussed right here.

From the original cores, which were the first cores to come to be, to the current and upcoming amazing flavors.

<click here for full review on each fum cores>

Original FUM cores

  • Crisp mint
  • White cranberry
  • maple pepper

Citrus FUM cores

  • Orange vanilla
  • Sparkling grapefruit
  • Raspberry lemon

NB: There are other FUM cores that are only compatible with Fum Version 1. They include: Peppermint and Conquer. Original and citrus cores are compatible with version 2 of FUM.


For anyone willing to stop smoking naturally, this is a turn to brand. Its main role is to enhance improved breathing and oral sensation from menthol produced from this flavor. Same as the cooling menthol sensation smokers are used to.

Here, the peppermint is used to replace the smoking craving and also open the airways through decongesting to restrain the smoking effects.

Black pepper

Trying to stop smoking and with a high craving can take forever to achieve. With black pepper flavor, the craving is reduced and the urge to smoke no longer becomes the major thing hindering quitting smoking. Black pepper has that big role of reducing the smoking craving when inhaled.

When inhaled, you will experience a warmly and earthly feeling that replicates the smoking sensation. Black pepper came to certify that it can reduce smoking craving from the studies at the Duke University Medical Centre by a PdD.Jed E Rose and medical team after being tested as essential oil to reduce nicotine craving.


The role categorized by lavender flavor is making sure it beat the inflammatory property. By this, is eases the pain of quitting vaping. The moment you stop doing something, there is that feeling of quitting knowing you will not have to do it again. Same way lavender offers by easing the quitting pain both psychologically and physically.

How to use FUM essential oil inhaler (version 1)

Let’s first unwrap the package:

The kit comes with:

  • Pack of cores. They contain the oils to enhance the quitting smoking naturally.
  • Fum wooden hollow-like tube. This is where you insert the fum containing the essential oils for inhaling.

Basically, using the FUM essential oil inhaler involves:

  1. Opening the core.
  2. Fraying either end of the core and insert the none frayed end into the front of the FUM.
  3. Inhale in through the FUM  and exhale through your nose.

The need to fray the core is to ensure it does not fall off after inserting in to the fum tube. After opening the core, there is a zip like sealing inside so you can always seal it back to keep it safe from contamination.

Pop a core into the tube and enjoy. It feels natural using fum, being a solid construction just like the normal cigarette make things easier and that’s how smart you become in trying to quit smoking.

When it comes to the cores, each pack has 3 individual cores and each core will last you 1 day of repeated use before the beneficial properties of the natural extracts get absorbed in the body.

No vapor or smoke produced while using the fum.

The Revolution of FUM From Version 1 to Version 2

Both the kits serves the same purpose only that features have changed. Besides, more flavors have come in with the launch of version 2. Using either of the FUM kit will help you kick the habit!


How to use FUM (Version 2)

Using FUM is easy peasy. Before we dwell on how to use the kit, first things first, unwrapping the package!

When you buy the whole kit, commonly referred to as the journey pack, This is what you find in the package;

  • FUM with a maple barrel –  You have a chance to customize with a  Rosewood or Olive wood barrel.
  • Cores – Pack of your choice of either 3 Citrus cores, 3 Original cores, or all 6 cores.
  • Cleaning Kit – 1 microfiber cloth, 1 pipe cleaner.
  • 30-day Habit Tracker 
  • Instructions guide –  to guide you on how to use the FUM
  • Detailed guide – explains how your device looks like
  • QR Code – to join a Facebook group. Besides, it indicates how to use FUM, just below the QR code.

Here comes the easy guide on how to use FUM:

  1. Pull the barrel away from the mouthpiece
  2. Insert the core towards the mouthpiece
  3. Put the barrel back
  4. Adjust the airflow
  5. Breath in through the mouth and exhale through the nose

That’s it, Fun and easy!

Pro Tip: When your FUM is not in use, make sure you close the airflow by rotating the barrel until you feel a click sound. The benefits behind this is to make sure your FUM remains fresh and prevents any dirt buildups.

Cleaning FUM

FÜM Clean Kit

Make use of the pipe cleaner and the microfiber cloth included in the package to clean the FUM.

  • Fold the pipe cleaner into half and insert into the open barrel of the FUM.
  • Clean inside the mouthpiece using one end of the pipe cleaner.
  • Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the body of the FUM and outside part of the barrel.

Note That; You an always buy FUM products separately, that is the cores, FUM barrel, and the cleaning kit. However, getting the journey together pack is more saving compared to buying each product separately. Besides, you will have all the necessary essentials to kick-start your journey!

Flavor, Fidget and Fixation Concept of FUM

FUM is designed to outlook three common elements of habit formation that we fail to notice, that is; Flavor, Fidget and Fixation.

One Of the most common reasons as to why this happens is as a result of our needs not being met. What does it mean? We tend to rely on bad habits as a way to cope with stress, bad days, and to make us refocus.

Smoking being one of them, and thereafter it becomes addictive. That’s where FUM comes in handy; to break the rhythm,  give something positive to enjoy, cope with the fidgeting need and of all completely fix the fixation of hand to mouth smoking routine.


An amazing way to curb the smoking addiction is incorporating FUM cores, which are non-addictive and are extracted from natural plants. Fum has rich and interesting flavors, natural alternatives for transitioning to the new positive habit. 


In one way or the other, fidgeting becomes part of the poor habits. It becomes hard to focus and decongest stress, giving rise to fidgeting habits.

Fum is incorporated in a natural fidgeting design as you create the positive habit. This feature includes a turning and siding barrel, magnetic closure and clicking airflow adjustment, which gives a perfect drag. 


The hand to  mouth smoking habit is addictive and doing away with the habit will require a close look habit to be in a position to transform. With FUM, you will be in a position to quit the hand to mouth fixation habit and adopt better habits which in this case is smoking cessation.

In the process of habit transition, you may feel missing the flavor factor, fidgeting manner or the hand to mouth habit. I assure you that this is completely normal but it is possible to toss out the habit with consistent use of FUM and determination.

With continued research and as it has been used for quite some time, essential oils have been of helpful when it comes to support allergies, fitness, mood and now for quitting smoking through inhalation and topical application.

How to use FUM

Version 1: Fray, insert, breath

Version 2: Simply take a core of your taste, and have it inserted into the core chamber. Then, slide the close the barrel and there you have it. NO FRAYING!

Physical Features of FUM

Version 1: Non adjustable air flow

Version 2: Adjustable air flow and you can easily customize the amount of air drawn through the device. This even allows you to completely close the opening to keep it preserved when not in use.

How long Does FUM Cores last?

Version 1: Lasts 1 day of repeated use

Version 2: Lasts 2-3 days of repeated use. Each core pack contains 9 cores total, which will last you approximately 1 month of repeated use.

Everything you need in FUM version 2

It is a beautiful box after opening it says your journey begins on a little piece sitting over the FUM pack itself.

The mouthpiece is stainless steel and there is natural wood and opens up. Meaning, it is totally cleanable, that’s super good! There is indeed a cleaning kit inclusive, pipe cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

In the box, there are some cores which are infused with natural plants that are non-additive, no vapor and no harsh chemicals whatsoever.

Pro Tip: Both FUM version 1 and 2 works the same and have the same effect, you are free to use either of the them at any day, anytime.


How often should I use FUM

Use fum as much as cravings for it arises.

How long will the FUM kit last me?

Typically, A V1 Core lasts 1 full day of repeated use and a V2 Core lasts 2-3 days of repeated use. FUM recommend you change your V1 Core at least every 2-3 days and your V2 Core every 3-4 days to ensure that your FUM stays clean and fresh.

Do you inhale it?

Yes. The recommended method is breath in through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

Who can use fum?

Any adult whether male or females can use fum. Children are not allowed to use and also not all fumes are good with pregnant women.

Final verdict

Using fum seems a simple idea but a genius brand to depend for naturally quitting smoking. It is absolutely a safe way to enjoy essential oils and at the same time improve physical performance, body relaxation and the ultimate goal to quit smoking.

Quitting doesn’t have to be complicated any longer, with fum, you have a day to day need for cutting vaping and smoking and eventually quit smoking. What a life savior!

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