Can I Keep Synthetic Urine In My Car? Is It A Good Idea?

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So, on this day talk of being unlucky or should I say caught off-guard? I was heading to work as usual listening to some cool music in my car ready to kick start my duties.

Well, to my surprise I bumped to an impromptu urine drug test at my work place. This was a confused moment as anytime a drug test has to be done, a mail has to circulate with full information concerning the test or maybe I didn’t see the mail? I’m pretty sure no mail was sent since it was the same case with other employees.

I am the kind of a guy of “puff puff pass!” but luckily, I passed the test. Weird right? I realized that I didn’t have any back up synthetic urine neither was I in any detox program. But looking back at things, I had not smoked for about 2 months reason being it was during lockdown time due to Covid-19 pandemic and I was working from home.

With my knowledge, a urine drug test will detect drug toxins in the system up to 30 days and I was past that. Besides, I am not a heavy smoker and I smoke once per week. From the test experience I had to come up with an idea on how to handle an extempore drug test by always having a kit of fake pee in my car just in case.

What is synthetic urine?

Fake pee is exactly as the name reveals. Chemically formulated product with all the chemical makes of human urine like uric acid, creatinine, urea, specific gravity and balanced pH level just to mention a few.

Typically, it is made for several factors like using it for pranks, animal repellent, calibrating lab equipment and so on. The major role that nobody is going to tell you is using fake pee to pass a urine drug test.

Synthetic urine kits are of different types with varying chemical strength so you cannot use any brand for a drug test unless it’s for other uses. For a urinalysis, you need to have a quality kit and of date.

How I store urine in my car

By going through a spontaneous drug test, I learnt a lesson the hard way and I always have a kit of fake pee in my car especially during work days to be on the safest side. I use two types of synthetic pee of which are the best in the market today when it comes to passing a urine drug test. The clear choice sub-solution urine and Quick Fix synthetic urine respectively.

Both the kits are top notch and, in my case, I have never experienced any problems with them. The only thig that can make you fail a urine drug test is submitting the urine sample at the wrong temperature, and that will automatically lead to a test fail.

Even though the idea of keeping synthetic urine in the car is so legit, it cannot always work with certain temperature conditions especially during summer the car can be so hot from the inside and can tamper with the urine formulation making it less effective for the test.

During winter, the urine may get too cold but the temperature is more favorable to hot weather since when cold, you can always warm it up before the test using hand warmers. We are assuming you are keeping it in the car since you are at work place or far away from home otherwise storing it at room temperature is the best and you can warm it using a microwave.

Best synthetic urine to store in the car

To start with, if you are always notified of a drug test, then there is no need of carrying the pee all over, just have it at home and carry it on the test day. Among the best fake pee you can have in the car is;

Clear choice sub solution urine.

clear choice sub solution synthetic urine This particular kind of fake pee is in dehydrated powder form. To prepare it, you will need to add some water and preferably some warm water into it to form a solution.

Sub solution is so accommodating especially if you do not have a microwave to warm your urine or have less time to your test and you need the urine warm.

As a matter of fact, sub solution needs no microwaving whatsoever since it comes with a heating activator, also in powder form. Instead of using a microwave to warm the solution, add the heat activator to the solution to warm it up.

Remember to use a temperature strip to monitor the temperature readings. The required urine temperature range should be 90-100F.

On the edge, sub solution can last longer in the car without having the elements distort regardless of the weather condition than with the pre-mixed fake urine. So, sub solution wins when it comes to keeping the fake urine in the car.

Quick fix synthetic urine

 Another tried and tested brand is quick fix urine. It is in pre mixed form and all that you need is warm it to the right temperature and submit it.

Well, the only thing that could make you fail the test with this brand is submitting it at the wrong temperature or having tampered with it before the test. Other cases like the sample being detected during screening are unheard of. In fact, it is undetectable, toxin free, 100% effective and above all money guarantee.

Bonus tip for quick fix urine; get it directly from the manufacturer, that way you are sure enough that it is not an imitation so you will have confidence and trust in the product.

I have used sub solution the most and quick fix a few times for drug tests without failure and that exactly what you need for the same, grab yours!

Other synthetic urine storage means

Apart rom storing your pee in the car, there are other storage means that can even have the brand last longer and be in a safer condition. If you are always informed of when your drug test will happen, just store using the below methods.

1. At room temperature

The most common method of storing anything is leaving it at room temperature. Products like fake pee can as well go with the method but certain precautions should be taken to keep it effective.

It should be kept away from direct sunlight and tight lid to avoid any oxygen reacting with the sample. Leaving it open will have the elements oxidize hence meddling with the brand. The out-run of a tampered sample can lead to a test failure since the accuracy and effectiveness of the fake urine sample will have dwindled.

Instead of placing it anywhere so open, keep it in a shelve until its due for use. You can always purchase a kit and store it as long as it is up to date and avoid last minute rush.

2. Through Freezing

Storing fake urine in a freezer is another way to keep it and retain the chemical formulation. The best way of ensuring that it is well maintained is by labelling the container and keeping the lid tight closed

Let it seat unaltered by avoiding opening it now and then or removing it from the freezer. With this process, not all fake pee requires freezing. For instance, sub solution which is powdered only need storing it at room temperature. So, if a freezer is the problem, then sub solution can be the kit of your choice.

Premixed fake pee can be frozen without deterring the product. On the test day, remove the sample from the freezer and allow it thaw at room temperature before warming it in any of the following methods.

How to warm synthetic urine for drug test

No cold pee neither too hot sample will pass a drug test. Apart from having a very quality kit, you must submit it at the required temperature of 90-100F for a pass.

Each synthetic urine comes with items that you will require for the test like heating pads/ hand warmers, temperature strip, the fake urine sample and a set of instructions. It is not complicated; the instructions are easy to follow.

  1. Using a microwave

Fast and applicable method is using a microwave to have your urine sample warm. You need to be cautious while using the method to avoid overheating the sample, although you can always let the sample cool back.

Toss your sample in the microwave and warm for 10 seconds and use a temperature strip to monitor the temperature. The required temperature range should be between 90-100F so in case it is below that, toss it back in the microwave and warm at intervals of 5 seconds.

Upon achieving the right temperature, now use a heating pad or a hand warmer to keep it warm. The need for using a microwave is to save time rather than waiting it to warm using a heating pad which takes longer.

  1. Using handwarmers

Another way of heating a urine sample is using handwarmers or heating pads. Most of synthetic urine packages have heating pads of which have the same role as handwarmers.

In case it is a drug test day and there’s no way you will have to go back home to use a microwave, always make use of the heating pads. The only thing you need to do is activate the pad early enough before the test since it takes about 45 minutes for the urine to get to the required temperature.

  1. Heat Activator

No microwave/ heating pad? No problem! Heat activator still will get the pee to the required temperature but you will not get it in every kit of fake pee. Only clear choice sub solution comes with a heat activator and therefore no microwave nor heating pads needed. This brand is a life savior by itself!

To warm sub solution, add the activator after mixing the sub solution with water little by little until you attain the temperature needed. The good thing is that you can add the activator to the pee even a few minutes to the test and there you have it.

Sub solution is my recommendation to have it in your car for moments when you have to attend a drug test so quick.

Note that, the activator does not tamper with the chemical formulation of the pee.

  1. Using body heat

Using body heat for perfect urine temperature reading will require you to first use a microwave before attaching it to the body.

Not only that, after using a microwave it is advised to use heating pads to avoid the sample from cooling down. Using body heat after all that is an added advantage, not necessary but important when it comes to discreetly carrying your sample.

Using body heat will not only keep the sample warm but also help you walk in the testing facility lab unnoticed. Remember, you cannot walk around with fake pee in your hands especially when it comes to drug tests.

Ultimate guide on how you can warm synthetic urine here

Final verdict

Drug test don’t have to be complicated; it only appears complicating when you are un-informed. Besides, drug tests have been there and will always be and as long as you cannot escape that, then here you learn everything you need concerning any king of a drug test.

Why do you have to miss that job opportunity just from a random drug test? You owe yourself a test pass and that can be fulfilled by following instructions on how to go about it.

Have the right kit, of course from the manufacture, submit it in the right temperature and sit back for negative drug test results!

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