Can I Reheat Synthetic Urine? Best methods To Use.

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Having synthetic urine to pass a drug test comes with some careful measures. At some point, you can have your urine sample rejected for some reason such as; being diluted, at the wrong temperature or concluded as an adulterated specimen.

Not always, but it can happen. What brings along such is adding water or your urine to the fake pee, big mistake here. The results will come back as diluted and some drug toxins may be present especially if you added your unclean pee.

Besides, submitting urine sample at the wrong temperature will lead to test rejection and you may be suspected of using fake pee to pass the test as well.

Even though such methods can be alarming you can still avoid them, right? The issue with reheating your fake pee severally has been a common question in instances where you heat the pee and cools down before the test or maybe the screening could get postponed for some reasons. Let’s dive in and learn whether reheating fake pee is a good idea!

Heating synthetic urine

Heating fake pee for a drug test is an essential process, in fact, it is a must you submit a warm sample. Our bodies excrete warm urine and that what the lab medics expect for any urine screening. You now understand why it is necessarily to have the urine warm.

To some point, the pee may cool down and you will need to warm it again. Well, the good thing is that reheating the urine will not tamper with the chemical elements of the pee. It does not matter how many times you heat it; it still remains effective.

Quick fix synthetic urine claims that you can reheat it many times. I bet the formulation is well combined to provide room for reheating. For you to come out a winner even by having reheated the pee, ensure you have a quality kit like quick fix, other low-key brands may disappoint you.

How to properly heat synthetic urine


It is clear that you have to submit a warm pee, but how best can you warm it up without distorting the chemical formulation and have it retain the accuracy and effectiveness levels? Consider the below methods.

  1. Using a microwave

Among the quick ways of getting your urine sample to the required temperature is using a microwave. Heat the pee for 10 seconds and use the temperature strip to check the temperature readings. The required temperature ranges between 90-100F.

In case it is past that, allow it to cool as you monitor the temperature. If the temperature is not attained, toss it back in the microwave and heat it at intervals of 5 seconds.

Once the temperature is achieved, use a heating pad or handwarmers to avoid the pee from cooling and head for the test. Recheck the temperature before submitting the pee.

  1. Using hand warmers

Every kit of fake pee has hand warmers or heating pads. You don’t have to worry on how to get them although you can always get them at a smoke shop or online.

The need for the warmers is warming up the urine. It is not always necessary to use a microwave, hand warmers also play the same role but they take around 45 minutes to warm the sample.

In case you cannot access a microwave, use hand warmers. Activate the warmer early enough to give it time for heating like 1 hour before submitting the urine for testing.

  1. Body heat

Well, this is applicable but it is a slow method. You can place the bottle of fake urine underneath your clothing and the heat from the body heats up the sample. It takes longer but it is possible.

As long as you have the warmers or a microwave use them, it makes work easier not unless neither is available. Using body heat is of help after using a microwave or warmers then attach it to the body just in case the warmers fail.

Typically, using body heat sums up the whole process by acting as a lesser option. The good thing with placing the pee underneath your body is also a smart way of discreetly carrying the synthetic urine to the lab.

No microwave/warmer needed with this fake urine!

clear choice sub solution synthetic urine

You can skip the heating process like using a microwave by having a different kind of synthetic urine. The said brand is clear choice sub solution urine.

Sub solution is a dehydrated powdered fake urine. Apart from using quick fix urine, sub solution is another banger in the market today. Just like human pee, sub solution contains uric acid, urea, creatinine, specific gravity and certain pH level just to mention a few.

To prepare sub solution, mix the powder with 3 ounces of water to form a solution. Add the heating activator that is included in the kit which is also powdered. Add little by little until you achieve the temperature.

That’s how you escape incidences like having an overheated pee for using a microwave. With clear choice sub solution, no microwave is needed. You are free to add the heating activator even a few minutes before the test in case it cooled down.

Note that: the heating activator does not interfere with the urine elements.

How to store synthetic urine

For the fake pee to stay longer, certain measures are necessary. Upon purchasing your kit, store it using either of the below methods depending on when your test will take place.

  1. At room temperature

Storing urine at room temperature is one way to make sure it is not interfered with. Keep the urine far from direct sunlight and probably in a drawer.

Direct sunlight will have oxygen react with the urine elements causing oxidization which may lead to separation of ingredients.

For the product to stay longer, keep the lid tight closed and avoid regular opening of the bottle.

  1. Refrigeration

At some point, freezing urine is necessary especially when your urine drug test is in a few weeks/months away.

Only pre mixed urine require freezing, with powdered urine just keep it at room temperature. Keep note on when you store the urine in the freezer with lid tightly closed.

Remove the urine from the freezer on the test day and allow it to thaw before heating. With refrigeration, you can always store a kit of pee for emergency drug tests.

Final verdict

Reheating synthetic urine will not bring wonky results but submitting it at the wrong temperature will. Again, avoid reheating too many times as well by making use of warmers.

A quality fake urine kit is all you need to pass a urinalysis, get it from the manufacturer and avoid falling for imitated brands.

Not every kit will pass a drug test, others will be detected especially an imitated and a low quality brand which will not only lead to a test fail but also you may be suspected of trying to cheat the test using fake pee.

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