How Good Is Xstream Synthetic Urine: Know This Before Using It

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One of the hardest things is deciding what to buy and from who especially with first time buyers. Same case applies to synthetic urine that one need for a drug test. Coming up to a conclusion must have taken you from one site to another.

There are key issues to look for in order to come up with the right product like availability, is the brand regularly updated and is it a tried and tested product that you can truly rely on? just to mention a few.

When it comes to xstream synthetic urine, there are key features that should prevail for it to qualify for a drug test. Here is the full information you need to know concerning xstream synthetic urine and whether it is the right product you really need for a urine drug test.

What does the best synthetic urine comprise of?

Anytime you have to choose a fake pee kit for a drug test, you need to check on several factors to approve it. The aim here is to pass the test and this comes with keenness to avoid disappointments from a test fail.

That said, a quality synthetic urine replicates the real human pee. It has the same color, smell and should produce foam when shaken. Appearance is the first thing that catches the eye and fake pee has that. Besides, a top-notch urine brand contains elements found in human urine like creatinine, uric acid, urea and that’s not the limit.

Another important factor and this is a main one! A good fake urine is undetectable. Anytime you submit your sample for screening, in case you fell for counterfeit product, it may get suspected to be fake pee. Every quality kit is undetected since most of these companies like quick fix are at par with updating their products.

Nowadays, you realize that some labs go a step further and apart from testing the presence of drugs in the urine, they check for preservatives. As a matter of fact, human urine has no preservatives.

Some fake urine kits have biocide used as preservative and that is how a lab will detect a fake kit. Good news for you if you focus on the best kits since they have zero preservatives!

On top of all that, there is a money back guarantee with synthetic urine kits, well not all. Having such an offer for any product is proof enough that the product is reliable. That is an added advantage in case you need a refund for unsatisfactory reasons.

What is xstream synthetic urine

Xstream urine is a premixed pee, unisex and ready for use. It has the same appearance as that of real urine and will produce foam when shaken.

The main role of xstream urine is termed to be used for fetish play. This statement clearly indicates using xstream for drug test is not the leading role.

The downside part of xstream urine is that it is a single use only brand. In case you happen to open it, you have 24 hours to use since past that it may get spoilt and the effectiveness will degrade.

How Good Is xstream Synthetic urine? Can I Use It for a drug test?

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Let’s call a spade a spade that anything looking exactly as the original product does not guarantee offering the same service, right?

Even though xstream looks like real urine there are chances that the product can be detected. The product insists of using it for fetish play and not drug testing. Well, most urine kits indicate the same but a few of them do well with drug tests.

From my experience with xstream, I would not recommend it for a test whatsoever. I happened that the hand warmer failed me terribly. I had to test on them prior the test to ensure am in the right path only to get disappointed.

Apart from the handwarmers failing, I was misguided by the bottles’ temperature indicator which I realized was inaccurate! I gave that a 2-star rating since the chances of submitting a sample in the wrong temperature are high with xstream. The right urine temperature ranges between 90-100F.

To sum it all, xstream is not the real deal when it comes to drug test. Use it for pranks, animal husbandry and so on.

Substitute for xstream urine

To pass a urine drug test, give yourself the best. For sure no one is ready to fail a drug test because that will only risk losing a job. The task is always trying to come up with the right product, here you get all the information you need and your doubts cleared.

Among the best synthetic urine is quick fix synthetic urine. A product everyone can recommend any day any time! Quick fix is a premixed kit containing all the elements in real urine. Surprisingly, it has no preservative in it so cannot be detected.

Quick fix urine goes for less than 40 USD. See that? So affordable and you secure yourself your dream job. The quick fix company is always upgrading their product over time to ensure they offer exactly what you need.

To have the urine ready, toast it in a microwave for 10 seconds, check the temperature reading using a temperature strip. If the temperature is not attained, toast it back for 5 seconds and keep checking the temperature until you attain the required temperature of 90-100F. The kit has the strip included.

Another brand that is so effective is sub solution urine. It is in dehydrated powdered form. All you need is some water around 3 oz to add to the powder to make a solution.

The good thing with sub solution, you can have it prepared anywhere at any time, you do not necessarily have to be at home to use a microwave since no heating is needed with sub-solution urine. It comes with a heating activator also in powder form and that is what you add to the formed urine to warm it.

clear choice sub solution synthetic urine

NB: The heat activator does not affect the effectiveness of the urine.

Easy to prepare and you can have it prepared minutes to your test anywhere you could be and especially with impromptu drug tests. You can always have sub solution in case of emergency drug test have to be done as long as it is up to date.

Sub solution is a bit expensive to quick fix but is it is a game changer. It is better to spend on it and save your job for the longest period ever than fall for imitated products to save a few bucks and lead you to more problems.

Final verdict

If there is something you should curb is trying to do things your own ways. I mean; not following instructions, and having to regret afterwards. Before wring down a review I make sure I test a product and collect reviews from users to come up with a complete guide.

When it comes to drug test, for sure you have no options but go for the best for you to pass the test. A big mistake people make is getting these products from stores of which they are not certified to sell them.

Get them directly from the manufacturer and you will have assurance that you are getting the original brand.

Like quick fix, they clearly state that they do not have resellers on amazon, e-Bay or any other store, you can check that from their page. Just order online from them and there you have it.

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