Does Synthetic Urine Work for DOT Physical? The Best Answer You Need.

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Every Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) driver must have gone through DOT physical before being approved and issued with DOT Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The license permits you to use public streets, highways and county roads, not only that but also drive trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds.

The motorists are protected by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) through undergoing dot physical for their safety and for the safety of any other motorist and passengers too.

During a dot physical, you will undergo several tests of which the drug test is not the main test not unless your medic asks for the test or the company you are employed in. Remember, department of transport does not employ you but only license you.

What is DOT physical?


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Simply, it involves a head to the toe testing. Not to be done by anybody but specifically by a certified medical practitioner. Any authorized medic must have been certified to carry out the activity by FMCSA.

The test involves hands on activity and you will have your vision, ears, blood pressure checked and many more.

Besides, you will also undergo a urine drug test but at this point they usually test for blood sugar, protein and check for kidney functionalism. They are not after checking for any drug strains in your urine.

Unfortunately, depending on the results they get from the urinalysis, they might go a step further and test for any drugs in your urine or ask you for two separate urine samples, one for DOT physical and the other one for a drug test.

The common test is a 5-panel drug test to test for;

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamine

Generally, you are likely to be tested for drugs during DOT physical!

Using synthetic urine for a drug test

Now you know that the probability of being tested for drugs during DOT physical is high. So, plan better and be in a position to pass both DOT physical and urine drug test.

First and foremost, if you are planning to be a commercial driver especially with very heavy vehicles, do away with drugs which are prone to tampering with your physical function like sleep apnea. This is the only way to live longer in the career.

There are different drug tests you can undergo apart from urine drug test like hair follicle test, blood test and mouth swab drug test. Even though that’s the case, most commercial drivers undergo urine test during the DOT physical or the mouth swab tests done by the road side.

Mouth swab drug screening do not necessarily require a medic since even the traffic officers are trained on how to do them. Sometimes a road officer can be testing motorists and that can be so unexpected, the fastest way to pass a saliva test is having a detox gum  like the oral clear gum. It flushes out the drug toxins within the first 30 seconds of chewing it of which I bet is a nice idea to know and practice in case of such a test.

Quality matters! using synthetic urine for a drug test requires you to have a top-notch kit. Every high-end urine kit is undetectable, toxin free, replicates real human pee and contains elements found in the real urine.

The Big Question; Does synthetic urine work for DOT physical? 

Synthetic urine works for any drug test involving urine screening, DOT physical drug test inclusively. Fake pee will fail to work if at all you are not well prepared or you have the wrong brand.

To start with, you need to have the best kit and have it well prepared. Among the best ones is Quick Fix synthetic urine. It has the same color as real urine, odor and produces foam when shaken. Apart from that, it has uric acid, creatinine, specific Ph, certain gravity and all elements in real urine.

How to prepare it for the test is easy peasy, just toast it in a microwave for 10 seconds until you achieve the required temperature of 90-100F.

Another banger is the sub solution synthetic urine. It is in dehydrated powdered form. How to prepare it, add around 3 Oz of water to form a solution. Warming this brand is way simplified since you do not need any microwave to heat it.

Sub solution come with a heating activator also in powder form and that is what you add to the urine mixed with water.

How to pass a urine drug test during DOT physical

There are 3 ways to pass a urine test for DOT physical or any other test.


  1. Abstaining from drugs

The best and proven way is abstaining from any kinds of drugs and staying clean. It is automatic that you will have no traces of drugs. If you are planning to quit drugs, know that you may test negative after some months since different drug tests have different detection periods.

Urine drug test will detect up to 30 days, hair follicle tests up to 90 days and mouth swab 1-3 days. The period may take longer depending on factors like amount taken, how often you smoke and your weight.

  1. Using synthetic urine

With fake pee, make sure you submit it in the right temperature else, that might create suspicion that you are trying to cheat the test. In case the test is unsupervised, you can freely switch your sample from the washroom without anyone noticing.

For supervised test, you can opt to use a urinator like monkey dong (for men) and monkey whizz (for women) to dispense your pee to the laboratory cup. Both kits well explained in this website. Most of DOT physical urine tests are rarely supervised.

  1. Using detox formulas

Could you be freaked out using fake pee? Then you have an option of detoxing your system. There are detox pills and detox drinks that supplements the natural detoxing and help you flush out drug toxins faster.

 Rescue cleanse detox drink is the best when it comes to detoxing. These detox plan only masks the toxins and after sometime they will form back in your system. So, note that they do not permanently remove the drug strains.

You will need to abstain from drug at least 2 days before using it, and the longer the abstinence days the better.

Final verdict

It is not necessarily that you have to go through a urine drug test during DOT physical but again it’s still possible. Always be prepared for whatever come your way. To be on the safest side you can shield yourself with fake pee just incase a drug test comes through.

Quitting drugs to always pass the urine test during a DOT physical has never been a bad idea too. Failing a drug test can lead you to many problems like loosing the driver job in case it is not your first time to undergo Dot physical or a first timer.

Besides, it is a risky job going for if you cannot do without puffing, it is better to do away with the career or quit drugs.

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