Can You Reuse Synthetic Urine? Best Fake Pee For Reuse

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Having a kit of synthetic urine is one way to pass a drug test especially in the case where you cannot trust you own pee for a pass.

Regardless of whether you are an occasional smoker or did it sometime back, it might be hard to tell if you will be clean during the test.

Any synthetic urine has a shelf life and using a brand past that will only lead to a test fail, so the need to always check on the best before date prior purchasing the product. In one way or the other, you may be forced to reuse synthetic urine, lets dive in to the agenda and find out if it is good idea or not!

What is synthetic urine?

can i keep synthetic urine in my car

Synthetic urine commonly known as fake pee is typically a replicate of real human urine. When I say replicate, I mean looking exactly as the real thing from appearance, the color, smell and the chemically formulated elements.

Fake pee will also produce foam when shaken just like real urine. Besides, it contains uric acid, creatinine, urea, specific Ph and certain gravity.

Most of these fake pee kits are produced for several roles like animal husbandry, pranks, laboratory equipment and the ultimate role that many will not say which is for dodging urine drug tests!

You need to realize that not all fake urine kits will pass a drug test. Only a few like quick fix urine and sub solution that can be used in lab facilities like LabCorp, Concentra among others and come out undetected.

With the other urine brands, I would recommend you use them for other uses but not for drug test or else you will be falling from a frying pan to the fire.

how long does fake pee last?

In terms of how long urine will last depends on several factors like how you store it, how often you open it and the shelf life.

Once the urine is opened, it is recommended you use it within 24 hours. The reason being, it can get ineffective and your drug test may get flagged or even alert suspicion that you are trying to cheat the test. If you happen to open it, do not leave it open for too long.

The other obvious one is the shelf life. Once the urine reaches its sell-by date, you will have no other option but discard it. Whether the urine had remained closed the entire time and still stored properly, the chemical make will have deteriorated upon expiring.

Can you reuse synthetic urine? Best synthetic urine kits you need

The answer is YES. Fake urine is reusable but under conditions. The sample must be uncontaminated, be to date and be a quality kit for it to be reused.

A kit like xstream synthetic urine is a single use brand so it cannot be reused whatsoever. It is even not recommendable for drug tests but for fetish play only.

Synthetic pee can be reused in the cases where a test got postponed for various reasons. At this point you had prepared you kit well, the temperature required reached and right amount also achieved and then it happens that your test date has been shifted to a later date.

In such a case you can opt to keep the pee and use it later. For the sample to be effective, your next test should not be past 1 week and past that, the best way to make it with fake pee is getting a new brand, just to be on the safest side.

Testing facilities uses 2-3oZ of urine for screening. You realize most of urine brands have 3Oz premixed urine while others can even have more depending on the size of the bottle. So, there is no need of submitting too much of urine of which you can preserve some for the next test.

There are cases where a lab medic can ask for another sample, and mind you if you didn’t have another sample. It is rare to have the specimen retested but it can happen from a laboratory test error or in case you offered insufficient amount.

Storing synthetic urine

One major thing you should heed to is having proper storage methods after purchase. It is always safer having a urine kit before the test day to avoid last minute rush and late deliveries, that’s an obvious thing.

How you store it matters in terms of maintaining its efficacy. The common method is leaving it at room temperature with lid tightly closed. Keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid the elements from separating which may tamper with the product.

Freezing the urine is the other very useful method for storage. Whenever you have extra fake urine and your test is not anytime close, you can just freeze the urine and label the cans with the time and day stored in case you have different samples.

While placing it in the freezer, make sure the lid is tight closed and again avoid often removing of the sample until the test day.

During the day of the test, allow the urine to thaw to room temperature and then heat it in a microwave until you attain a temperature of 90-100F which is the required range.

Heating synthetic urine sample for the drug test

It is necessary to heat your urine before submitting it for the test. No cold urine will pass a drug test despite having the very best brand in the market. So, lets see how best to heat fake pee and attain the required temperature.

  1. Using a microwave

The most common and fast way to heat urine is using a microwave. The instructions are clear and simple to follow, toast the sample in the microwave for 10 seconds and check the temperature using a temperature strip. Urine kits come along with the strip too.

In case you didn’t acquire the range, heat it again until you get to the temperature required. If the sample surpassed that, allow it cool down as you monitor the temperature.

No microwave? No worries!

There are other applicable methods you can use to heat your urine as discussed below.

  1. Using a heating activator

It is not a must that you have to use a microwave to get there, you can opt to go for dehydrated powdered urine like sub solution which is the best for drug test. All you need is 3 Oz water and add to the powered forming a solution.

Sub solution urine do not require any microwaving, you only add a heating activator also in powder form and the sample will heat up. Add bit by bit as you use a temperature strip to check the temperature reading.

Note that the heating activator do not interfere with the chemical make of the urine. Sub solution is the real deal especially when you do not have to go back home to warm it up, you can even heat it minutes to the test and submit it for screening.

  1. Hand warmers

There are kits with hand warmers in their package while for others, you will be required to purchased the warmers separately.

Using handwarmers to heat the urine is a slow method since it takes around 45 minutes. The best way to use hand warmers is by first heating the urine using a microwave/ heat activator and then use the warmers to prevent the urine from cooling down.

In other words, hand warmers are just a supplement in keeping the urine warm. It is unfortunate that some warmers make fail so the need to be on the look.

  1. Using body heat

A very simple but helpful hack is placing your heated pee underneath your clothing to avoid cooling down.

It is advantageous in that; you will be concealing your fake pee and no one will notice. You can be heavily dressed on the test day or place it in between the thighs, most trick for ladies or wear buggy shirt and heavy pajamas.

Whichever way you find smart, let the urine bottle be intact to your body.

Final verdict

Reusing synthetic urine is common all you need is proper storage and heating process to ensure it is in the right condition as expected.

You now know that not all fake pee can be reused reason for their low-end chemical make. Quality will always win and passing a drug test requires the best.

People fail for lack of knowledge; it is better to spend extra bucks on something that will pay back big later by you getting the job rather that spending little on cheap brands and end up jobless and going through paying court fines.

Information is power, here you get it right!

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