Does synthetic urine work at Concentra? Full Guide and Some Bonus Tips On How To Pass a Drug Test.

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Synthetic urine can be used at any place for drug testing, Concentra inclusive. Besides, fake pee is not detected at Concentra whatsoever and neither does the test tell whether it is for a male or female.

That said, you will need to fully prepare for the test by securing a top-notch urine kit and make sure it is in the right temperature of 90-100F.There you have it!

Things to keep in mind about Concentra are like the types of tests they carry out, how they do it and what happens after the results and especially with positive results.

By the end of it all, you will have some bonus tips on how you can pass a drug test regardless of being on drugs from my own experience. You will benefit too; so, ride with me!

Drug testing at Concentra


Just like most of drug screening facilities, Concentra carries out tests like: random drug tests, pre-employment drug tests, after accident tests and suspicious tests which require to be secured reasonably.

Drug tests here involves a 5- panel and 10-panel drug screening. With 5- panel, the most and common tested drugs are:

  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Amphetamines

10-panel drug tests involve 10 abused drugs which includes the following except for Opioids or Synthetic opiates.

  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Barbiturates
  • Methadone
  • Propoxyphene
  • Methaqualone

The samples collected for the tests are collected from saliva, urine, blood, nails or hair follicle. Urine drug test is the most common of all.

how to keep synthetic urine warm

At Concentra, the tests are done using FDA approved and automated technology for accuracy of the test, quick procedure and have your results delivered in a secured manner without alterations.

Something to note; you might be required to fill a form prior the test. The form is online and downloadable, which involves filling some of your bio information. It requires signing by your employer before submitting it.

Why are drug tests carried out?

The obvious answer is trying to control the intake of illegal substances, but there is much more to that.

First, for you to get employed in certain industries, you must go through a drug test. So, you realize that it is law that one has to go through a drug test before employment. As said, this is common with Department of Transport (DOT).

For you to qualify as a truck driver you must test negative for any illicit drug. The best way to make it in this industry is being free from drugs or else you know the worst that can happen driving under the control of a substance.

Ensuring there is safety at workplace. There is no employer who would be ready to work with an addict expecting growth of their company.

Not everyone is an addict but some of us take puffs once in a while and mind you we can work confidentially and deliver, but employers have no time to listen to such excuses.

Employers will have you drug tested whether you are a newbie or a current employee, and regular drug tests can be carried out.

Types of drug tests at Concentra

Several drug tests are carried out here all with an aim of detecting any usage of drugs.

  1. Urine drug test

laboratory, medical, lab

Urinalysis is the most common drug test at Concentra and any other testing facility. It involves screening your pee where you are provided with a lab cup and expected to submit it back with your urine sample.

Toxins in urine can be detected from 3 to 30 days depending on the frequency of consumption, amount taken and body mass. Heavy users can go up to 30 days unclean while light users can vary in between 3 to 30 days.

During a urine test, you can either be supervised where a medic will watch you pee or unsupervised where you will have your privacy and pee from the washroom.

A supervised test? Yes, you heard me right; supervised. In case a medic suspects some fishy behaviour in you, they might need to supervise you peeing to make sure you are not trying to cheat the test.

Ultimate guide here on how you can pass a supervised drug test, always keeping you informed.

  1. Hair follicle drug test

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Hair drug test can be hectic and annoying and I don’t think anyone should wish for one. This kind of a test is hard to pass unless you have no hair at all or use skimpy methods to not attend the test.

Toxins in the hair can be detected up to 90 days. So, I am not sure which drug testing will give you a notice of 90 days to prepare anyway.

Let me give you an experience, well not my experience but my brothers’ who has gone through a hair follicle test and it took us the whole day trying to find out a way out. Luckily, we were enlightened by a friend on how we could flash out the toxins from the hair using a shampoo.

It sounded easy but again we realized it was a process that needed discipline. Long story short, we did the process and he passed the hair test even for the first time; so lucky for sure. We used Old Style Hair Follicle Shampoo and Zydot Ultra Clean to compel the whole process.

  1. Mouth swab saliva drug test

If drug testing facilities gave options on what king of a drug test one wanted to be tested, I would always choose a saliva test, it is the easiest to pass.

Drugs can be detected for utmost 3 days. Such kind of a test is not only common in Concentra but even at roadside bearing I mind it is not a complicated procedure and a traffic officer is also trained to do so.

The personnel assigned to carry out the test uses an ear bud or a specified testing kit to collect saliva and the results are instant.

Best part of saliva test is that, you can chew an Oral Clear Gum and within 30 seconds of chewing you are free from toxins, see how easy that is. The gum works so well and especially with instant tests.

In case where you are informed of drug screening few days to the test, you can opt to use a mouth wash with hydrogen peroxide to clean your mouth before the test. Brush your teeth and the tongue thoroughly and more often than usual and you will be good to go.

Pass a mouth swab drug test easily right here!

Drug Test Aftermath

Now the drug testing is over and what you will be waiting for is the results. Some test results maybe instant while others will require some patience and wait for a number of days. You can be notified on when the results will be ready but most of them are released between 3 to 5 working days.

Waiting for drug test results can be exiting especially if you are expecting negative results and, in some cases, could be horrifying especially where you did not play your cards well while trying to pass the test.

There are times where in case the test come out positive, it is sent to SAMHSA; a federal certified lab. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) maybe required for a follow up and a confirmational test is then done.

Misfortunes like: losing a job, court fines and to some extent imprisonment may follow up where drug toxins are detected in your test and results come out positive.

How You can Avoid Testing Positive for a drug test (from personal experience)

I will advise accordingly according to my own experience and what I have used severally to pass urine drug tests.

  1. Abstaining from drugs

The most efficient method to pass any drug test is by not taking any illicit substance. It can be challenging to quit smoking especially where you are a heavy user. Regardless, it is doable.

Most convenient method to do so is having a habit that you can venture into to help you stop smoking or having to take any illicit drugs.

FUM ESSENTIAL OIL INHALERI will introduce you to a method that imitates the smoking habit but instead, you breath in essential oils that in return help you curb the smoking of drugs. Does is it appear weird? First of all, the item is called FUM essential oils inhaler.

It is designed in a way that you will hold it in the same manner you hold a cigar and breathe in essential oils through the mouth and breath out through the nose. The essential oils will not only help you stop smoking but also improve your immunity, and help you cope with the psychological torture of trying to quit smoking.


  1. Using synthetic urine

This kind of a method only applies in a urine drug test, other methods like hair, saliva and blood have their applicable methods.

From my experience, and what I use in case of a urine drug test is Quick-fix synthetic urine or Sub-solution synthetic urine. These are among the best fake pee I can recommend for a drug test despite the many types of fake pee in the market.

Quick fix comes in a pre-mixed form, ready for use. All that you need is warm it to the required temperature of 90-100F.

The other brand (my best kit) is sub-solution urine. It is different from most of fake urine kits where, it is in dehydrated powdered form. Just make a solution from it by adding 3 Oz of water. Instructions leaflet explains every detail on how to prepare it.

With sub solution urine, you do not need any heat to warm it; it comes with a heating activator also in powder form which you add to the urine until you achieve the temperature.

Note that the heat activator does not affect the composition or efficiency of the urine.

  1. Detox Drinks to pass a drug test

If at all you can freak out using synthetic urine to pass the test, then using a detox drink is another choice.

Most of detox drinks for passing a drug test only mask the toxins and prevent them from being detected in a test. Afterwards, they may show up in your urine after around 5 to 8 hours of intake.

A detox kit with massive strength in masking is Clear Choice Detox Drink. It is packed in 17Oz (for light users) and 32Oz (for heavy users), both with different flavours.

Detox drinks are perfect in case of a supervised drug test where you are not ready to use any urinator to dispense your urine.

Before heading for the test and after detoxing, you can test your pee first using At Home Drug test kit that will guide you on the possible outcome of the test.

So, generally what do I need to pass a drug test?

Sub solution synthetic urine.

Or Quick fix urine.

Clear choice rescue cleanse detox drink.

At home drug test kit.

Frequently asked questions

 What type of drug a test is done at Concentra?

The most commonly done is urinalysis for pre-employment.

How long does it take to get results?

Around 3 to 5 working days and sometimes within hours depending on the type of the test.

Can I get drug tested on Saturday?

It will depend with the Concentra location you are having the test. Some open from Monday to Friday and other Monday to Saturday.

Does synthetic urine work at Concentra?

YES. They do not test for fake pee neither for gender but only any illegal substances.

Final verdict

It is easy to pass a drug test in whatever location you are in. While using synthetic urine, you need to be sober and with confidence while switching your urine samples. Always check the temperature before submitting.

Another lucrative point I almost missed is, whenever you are carrying your pee for the test, conceal it underneath your clothing and avoid putting it in your pockets just in case you are asked to empty your pockets.

Place it at your belt area, between thighs, or anywhere you feel like a genius for concealing it. Buggy clothing for the day is an added advantage, consider that.

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