I quit smoking why do I feel worse: See How I managed To End That

i quit smoking why do i feel worse

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Once you quit smoking, some sort of weird feelings come by. We call that withdrawal, and it is so disturbing and discomforting at the same time.

The reason for feeling worse after quitting smoking rather than things getting easier is because the body is trying to cope with the new habit.

Regardless of the bad feeling, things get better with time. I will guide you on the best method I used to curb that awful feeling after I stopped smoking, it worked well for me and it is still possible for you.

Reasons for the unpleasant feeling after quitting smoking

To be honest, it is a bit tasking trying to quit smoking and especially if you want it to happen abruptly. Our bodies react according to how we treat them, and if the body was used to a certain habit, and in this case smoking, it might take a handful responsibility to quit that. Let’s call it body habitual constraint.

Discipline, patience and consistence are the three key words that I adhered to in my journey of abstaining form puffing. Without them, things may not turn out as expected and you may end up taking longer and postponing the quit-on smoking.

Another key point as to why we may feel worse after quitting smoking is idleness. The moment you restrain your mind from being occupied, the more you think of drugs and to be certain, that may even lead to you going back to smoking within no time.

The best way to have your mind occupied is by finding something you like and put energy to it; it could be dancing, fishing, golfing, just to mention a few; and you can even workout as long as your mind is well occupied.

On my side, I like writing and so I decided to share in formation that will be helpful, isn’t that awesome? It must be!

Lack of enough sleep can also contribute to the discomfort that comes with quitting smoking. Enough sleep is a need for everyone whether on drugs or not; it prevents side effects like headache, dizziness and the body function at large.

Make sure you are having enough sleep, and you can boost that by avoiding too much coffee especially minutes before bedtime, late night movies, scrolling through social media during bedtime and anything else you find time consuming.

Lack of the usual hand to mouth habit; that is the act of smoking. It was normal that the mind could signal the hands that it is time to feed the mouth. You realize this is no more and in return the grouchy feeling follows as a result of trying to stabilize the body functionalism.

Good news here, despite the negative part of trying to quit smoking there is a better way to do it and avoid feeling upset, irritated and restless.

Below comes the answer and my own experience too; lets shine together best friend!!

This is what you need to avoid feeling worse after quitting smoking; from my usage experience

There are so many ways that illustrates what you can do after quitting smoking, that claims positive feedback.

Such includes; keeping the mind occupied, having enough sleep, taking a hobby, and so on. They actually work, but a lot of effort comes handy with them like being disciplined. For anyone including myself, who have tried quitting smoking or any drugs can tell how one can strain with it and how much draining this is. Unless one goes for a rehabilitation and a lot of counseling, self-discipline can be tasking!

Long story short, I came across a certain item called FUM Essential Oils inhaler. I have been using it to curb smoking since April 2022 and to be honest this is a gem on its own!

The smartest part of the item is the fact that you imitate the smoking habit of hand to mouth when it comes to using it. Generally, you breath essential oils in the Fum inhaler and breath out through the nose.

One major problem I experienced after quitting smoking is trying to stay without the act of smoking. So, one thing FUM helped me with is cheat on my nerves that I’m actually smoking but instead taking in essential oils. Genius!

With time, these essential oils will completely curb the urge to smoke and that is how you will stabilize everything and there will be no more restlessness.

Sneak peak of FUM Essential Oil Inhaler


Fum is a non-electronic, sustainable all natural essential oils inhaler. It comes with cores extracted from natural flavors like maple pepper, white cranberry and crisp mint. The cores are infused with natural plants that are non-additive, non-vapor and no harsh chemicals.

The good part of FUM essential oils inhaler is that, it improves the breathing and oral sensation from the menthol produced from crisp mint or commonly known as peppermint; just like the cooling sensation that comes from smoking.

Again, fum reduces the craving to smoke on a continued use. Once inhaled, you will experience a warmly and earthly feeling that cools the nerves.

Black pepper compelled in the cranberry flavor is proven to reduce smoking craving from the studies at the Duke University Medical Centre by a PdD.Jed E Rose and medical team after being tested as essential oil to reduce nicotine craving.

A very important role with fum is easing the quitting pain both psychologically and physically.

The struggle of coping with the physical and emotional torture of doing away with smoking is well sort and you will notice some great improvements and for sure even the smell of marijuana, cigarette and so on will start to irritate you and you might even get yourself distancing from a smoker close to you.

FUM is truly a gold brand that I have been using since April 2022 without any regrets, grab yours and make testimonies!

Benefits of quitting smoking

Apart from only basing on the unusual feelings that come with quitting smoking, there are much more and great benefits behind the quit.

Besides, the unusual feeling is not permanent, so by the end of the day the good part will win. First of all, smoking only does harm despite the influence of the so-called relaxation joint. Mostly, one may smoke to feel “relaxed”.

We all know that smoking will harm the lungs, kidneys and to some point the brain. In general, the whole body can be damaged especially the case where you are a smoker and at the same time having unbalanced diet.

The benefits of quitting smoking includes:

  1. Cardiovascular benefits

Aforementioned benefits include reduction of pre-mature death. Besides, body inflammation decreases as well as the tendency of developing blood clots.

Within the first 1-2 years of quitting smoking, the risk of heart attack decreases in a remarkable manner. With the use of health supplements and a kit like FUM, the risk of heart attack can reduce within the 6 months.

More advantages related to cardiovascular includes reduce of attack in stroke diseases and heart artery related diseases.

  1. Escaping Cancer

Different types of cancer can befall a smoker like throat cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and at large, any other body part associated with smoking habits.

Most prone areas are voice box, throat and mouth which by quitting smoking, the risk of diseases reduces to almost that who have never smoked their entire life.

  1. Reproductive health improves

Procreative benefits imply to both genders. For females, quitting smoking especially during pregnancy is the best thing you could do to the growing bundle of joy in your uterus.

It reduces the risk of birthing a low-weight baby, reduces preterm births caused by the effects of smoking and improves fetal growth.

For the males, it increases your bedroom game tremendously and without much Hassle! Not only that, you sire healthy babies with low chances of body defects.

Final verdict

What can we say is a better thing than good health? I will presume and say nothing beats a good health. underrated statement but very powerful. What has kept me going and having my health back is doing what suits me.

It is easy to do anything, the need is to get informed, help, advice, guidance and above all, do the necessary for amazing results.

If I have done it, you truly can!

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