The Best Hair Follicle Shampoo for Drug Tests: Top 5 Brands and Ultimate Guide

The Best Hair Follicle Shampoo for Drug Tests. Does it really involve a lot carrying out a drug test?Well, consider going through a test. This may sound unusual but the fact remains that drug tests are mandatory in most organizations. However, a feel of relief is still achievable with the right detox kits for a drug test.

In this case, drug tests are of different categories. For instance, a urine drug test is far much different from a hair or blood drug test. Now, most people may not have the right idea on how to go about different tests.

With the doubts of whether they really work as expected, we have your doubts cleared, learn more on our top-notch follicle shampoos.

Before having in place the best detox shampoos, we have had several testimonials from several people who have overtime used them. This has actually been of great help since we’ve got super ideas on which works best.


#1. Clear Choice Shampoo

A common shampoo is clear choice follicle shampoo. It is responsible for ultra-cleaning. It does not involve using any form of conditioner, but the shampoo and also a purifier.

Clear choice do not tamper with the hair like causing breakages on it. It’s soft on the hair and leaves it rejuvenated.

The good part of it is that, it’s effective on any type of hair. For instance, when you dye your hair that will not affect the effectiveness of the shampoo.

This shampoo penetrates through the strip and cuticles for great effectiveness in washing out any drug stains.

How can I use this shampoo?

There are important points to note before using the shampoo.

  • Make sure the hair brushes are clean before use.
  • Your hair should not be blow-dried.

This is a question for most people. Worry not below is a quick method!

Step 1

Apply the shampoo on the hair. Empty all the content of the shampoo as you apply it on the hair. NB; the hair should be wet before applying the shampoo. Then, massage the shampoo thoroughly into the hair for about 5-10 minutes.

Leave it for about fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water. Again dry your hair with a clean towel.

Step 2

With the purifier, you can as well consider emptying the whole content of the purifier. Then proceed and apply it on the hair. Do it thoroughly for a good result. Again leave it for fifteen minutes and finally, rinse it with warm water and dry it using a clean towel.

At this point, the hair is squeaky clean, avoid using any other hair products after washing. This product’s efficacy is an 8 hours guarantee off the toxins. In conjunction with that, the hair should not come into contact with other surfaces that may contain toxins.

Besides, read the instructions and precautions prescribed and put into practice the steps listed above.

Comparing with toxin rid, clear choice shampoo is less strong. Therefore, during its test, its application is supplemented. If used on its own, this would apply to the light users. It’s much better having toxin rid to aid it along.


  • Readily available
  • Has a good strength level and good formulation
  • Effective


  • Weak while used alone


#2. Zydot Ultra Clear Detox Shampoo

This is another hair brand readily available in the market. Several items are made and serve the same purpose; to get rid of toxins.

It’s a cleaning remedy to remove chemical build ups and all unwanted substances.

It’s in three packages, where each package contains a packet of shampoo, conditioner, and purifier. Here, the conditioner is not a must; use the packed one. Optionally, you can decide to use conditioner of own choice.

Key uses of the three packages

  • In case you discard the conditioner, consider its significance. It is responsible for adding sheen to the hair, controlling tangles, and improving the hair’s manageability levels.
  • With the shampoo, the outer barriers are removed, such as hair sprays, gel, and other hair products, hence having the inner hairs well exposed.
  • Finally, with the purifier; it removes the impurities from the hair, by penetrating through the hair shaft.

Zydot Ultra Clean Detox Shampoo contains useful ingredients such as aloe Vera. This aids in protecting the hair and maintaining the scalp. Hence, keeping it strong. Zydot shampoo serves better when applied on the test day. 

How to use zydot shampoo

  • First, ensure the hair is rinsed of.
  • Let the hair remain moisturized and, apply the shampoo first. Apply an amount half the packet.
  • Then apply the purifier. Work it through the hair and the scalp; leave it for about 5 minutes.
  • Rinse it out with warm water.
  • Again apply the remaining half of the shampoo, and condition the hair as usual.
  • Let it sit for about 5 minutes, rinse with warm water, and use a clean towel to dry the hair.

An important point to note.

Zydot Ultra Clean works best as a supplement with old style shampoo. Considering it a supplement makes it works better as compared to using the detox method by itself. Zydot Ultra Clean, therefore, finely shines as an ingredient of the Jerry G method as applied on the day of the drug hair test.

Use it together with aloe toxin shampoo for better results.


  • Perfect supplementary option
  • Achieves its toxins removal feature


  • Weak when solely used
  • Three packaged method a bit tedious

#3. Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid

This shampoo was known as nexxus aloe shampoo. But claims came up that it was having side effects on the hair. It was re-branded to a better formula and now named as Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid.

It is among the transcendent, top-notch brand and 99% reliable shampoo.

It’s designed to remove the unwanted substances from the hair. Such include chlorine, impurities, or any hair products on the hair.

It’s different from the other two listed above shampoos. One can literally use it during the normal shower routines. After rinsing the normal shampoo, you can now apply Old Style shampoo. Soak and rinse your hair, and later apply conditioner.

Listing how different it is from the other two above, it’s strong enough to be used alone without any supplement. But, this would not really favor the heavy users.

If you are a heavy user, there are ways you can apply to achieve. Use this shampoo, and on the day of test, use the zydot ultra clean shampoo. That’s give better results and leaves the hair clean from toxins.


  • Can be used without the supplements
  • Has good formulation and good strength
  • Most superior hair detox


  • Higher price

#4. Dr. Greens Shampoo

This another detox shampoo. It is a well-known product in the market and works perfectly as other listed brands.

Dr Greens shampoo is gentle on the hair and do not cause any hair breakages.

Method on how to use; first, use half the amount of the product and gently massage it on the hair for 5-10 minutes. For ease in doing this, first ensure you moisturize the hair with water. Leave it on the hair for another 5 minutes and rinse it with warm water.

Repeat the process with the other half. After this whole process, use a well tangled comb and comb your hair. Dry the hair with a clean towel.

In case of a last minute rush, this product solves all. It has an effectiveness of up to 8 hours.

The downside of this is that, it comes in small sizes of 1 Oz per bottle. That may not be enough especially if you have thick hair. Therefore, buying multiple bottles or going for another brand would be the only option.

#5. Sarken Nutrition Stat Hair Shampoo

Stat shampoo comes in two bottle on order. A hair rinse and a hair cleanser. It do not cause any harm and it’s made from natural extracts.

This shampoo requires heat for the process.

Apply half amount of the cleanser on wet hair and gently massage it and ensure a uniformity application. Cover the hair with a shower cap or a head wrap. Then, use a hair dryer and apply heat on the hair for about 10-15 minutes. Now, thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water.

With the hair rinse, use half the amount, apply it on the hair again for about 10-15. After that, rinse it with warm water.

This seems tedious, but nothing good comes easy. Achieving this is easy, follow instructions and escape any regrets. 

Whenever you want to but these hair shampoo products, buy them directly from manufactures. This is always an assurance that you are getting original products. Stores like Amazon and eBay are prone to storing fake products.

How To Dodge a Hair Follicle Test

To pass a hair drug test may, at times, get annoying or rather disappointing. You may come across some discouraging testimonials on test fails. Anyone with a test fail would ensure they make it public.

Despite all this, we are here to let you know it is possible to have a successful hair drug test and have a successful result. With this assurance, keep calm and consider the below ideas for your test.

3 Best ways to pass the hair test

  1. Shave off your hair
  2. Loophole Testing
  3. Detox Shampoo

1. Shave it all

Typically, it will take the utmost 7 days for drugs to get consumed into the hair. Hence, this can be the key to comfortably shaving your hair and then having about 5-7 days of drug-free hair. It’s well clear that our bodies react in accordance to whatever we consume.

Let’s say smoking; this enters the body and specifically the bloodstream. This may spread even in other parts of the body, and the hair is not exceptional.

Occasionally, toxins in the urine are removed from the body through peeing. Blood carries drug toxins through the body all the way to the hair.

Not unless the hair is cut off, it grows with the toxins in it.

But there is a warning! Cutting off the hair is not always the best idea. The reason being, it might create suspicions as to why you had to cut it days before the test. With that, own opinion- do not shave the hair, find another option. 

2. Loophole Testing

In the case of a light user, this is the solution. Let’s say for smoking, and within the last 2-3 months, you only smoke once. Typically, it was one puff, which is a small amount. Then, chances of passing a test are higher.

What does this mean? While carrying out a hair drug test, a prolonged user would require a more technical method, meaning, you being a lesser user, results will be outstanding with this type of a test.

In instances where you tend to consume higher amounts, fail chances are higher despite having used once. Assume you smoked the amount a person consuming a little by little for four days is consuming, and you did it once within 3 months; you aren’t doing yourself any favor.

 It’s clear there is no difference between both, since the amount taken is the same.

3. Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Detox shampoo

This is a far way much reliable method. On a lighter note, most shampoos will likely let you down.

Falling on misleading information can cause a fortune. Probably you would have heard a lot of failed tests from people’s testimonies.

But the good thing is that, there’s this one detox shampoo that works miraculously. This a perfect reliable shampoo that you can’t cease using.

I have personally used old style  shampoo and passed a test, I recommend it since it worked for me. It can still work for you. Consider using Aloe Shampoo for your test; the results are amazing. (Here is old style full review)

However, this detox shampoo is not really pocket friendly. But bearing in mind that you really need to have a hair test, spending an extra penny is worth it. Go for it!


When and why is it necessary to carry a drug test?

Passing a drug test is accompanied by several reasons. They are mostly done for medical or legal purposes, as this is the case in the United States of America. Moreover, in the employment sectors, it is regularly done to employees and newbie employees as well.

At times, the employee is asked as a credential to be included in their job application. Applicable mostly to jobs that may involve injuries or much workload jobs, like the trucks drivers and such.

Occupationally, a drug test is important as long as you have the urge to work with the company in question.

With the current employees, they may have scheduled or regular lab tests they undergo as they progress with their daily routines.

For instance, after an accident, an employee has to undergo a drug test, and this has to be the same case for other employees.

Where legal testing is to be done, a court order has to accompany that. Anyone involved in any child custody, adoption, or even domestic violence. A drug test is crucial and mandatory.

How can you rate a drug test's accuracy?

man, thinking, doubt

A drug test’s accuracy can well be determined through whether the person has used illicit drugs for the past three months. The results will then clearly be determined when the person [say, smoking] used it whatsoever.

Passing a hair drug test at times creates doubts for most people. But honestly, they are as well reliable as a urine test. Significantly, a hair test can detect any used illicit substance’s long-term use, unlike the urine test.

In the hair, the metabolites involved will determine the accuracy of the test carried out. The concentration of these metabolites is affected by factors such as;

  • How frequently one consumes the drug
  • The structural form of a drug compound
  • Dark hair concentration –here, some drugs binds more to dark hair than others

What are the types of drugs?

Even as we set off in passing drug tests, there’s a need to know some of the consumed drugs. Hair follicles as well carry drugs as is the case with urine and blood. Namely;

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin, codeine [name them opiates]
  • Methamphetamine, ecstasy [name them amphetamines]
  • Phencyclidine [PCP]

There is a myth whereby, people believe that hair follicle drug tests could detect drug test products, believing to get the names of the drugs the person could have used for the three months.

Unfortunately, this cannot happen; as you pass a test, you need to check the presence of a specific drug to detect the drugs one after the other.


Most people ask how drugs get into the hair. The Best Hair Follicle Shampoo for Drug Tests Comes in

This is clear that whenever you take an illicit substance, outcomes have to persist. Anytime you consume drugs, the body’s functioning will break toxins into metabolites. Metabolites will attach to the hair through the bloodstream.

Since the hair will continue growing, metabolites shift from follicles to the hair shafts. Again, the body can excrete metabolites through the body parts such as the kidneys or sweat glands from the bloodstream.

You may be wondering how these toxins are broken down. Take, for instance, consuming heroin. Even though it does not last long in the body, we can’t exclude it from the list. It’s metabolized into morphine and is well known as 6-Acetylmorphine.

The morphine acts on the brain and may have side effects such as drowsiness.

With the mechanism and hair being part of the body, metabolites grow through the hair.

Another example is smoking marijuana. Here, the cannabinoid substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is metabolized, forming nor-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. The formed substance stays longer in the body as compared to THC.

Likewise, the metabolites attach to the hair through the bloodstream, as it is the same with any other drug.

Let's have a look at how THC stays in the hair.

Commonly with a hair drug test, THC is one of the leading tests carried out. The need for this hair drug test, as mentioned earlier, is to determine the level of THC in the bloodstream, whether you are an occasional user or a chronic user.

Note that THC metabolites stay in the hair for days to utmost a few months. Taking the fact that you are an occasional smoker, and you are ready for a test in two months or so, chances are, you will pass the test.

Check here on THC detox kits you need!

To accomplish the test, do away with certain practices, like smoking, and put in place healthy exercises. Not forgetting to consume a good amount of water, 8 glasses of water as medics prescribes. Learn the below factors that determine THC level in the hair

  • The level at which you exercise
  • Amount of marijuana you consume
  • Your way of dieting
  • The amount of sweat glands produces sweat

Final Verdict

Hair drug tests are inevitable, especially in places where you have to. With this point directing it to employees whose drug test is of need. Failing a test would be of a high chance of losing your job or even leading to imprisonment.

You have no excuse as to why things should fall apart. Going through a drug test has been in practice; many have passed, and so should you. Our #1.Top best shampoo is old style toxin rid.

In case of a urinalysis, synthetic urine kits and detox drinks will work.

Remember to put in place and use the best hair follicle shampoo for drug tests as listed to ensure the test is in moderation.

As we wind up, void false information from wrong reviews, do a thorough research on what product you need. This a well elucidated comprehensive for guidance on what’s best. 

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