The Best Synthetic Urine Kits Review: Top 5 fake urine

Come to the idea of having a drug test using synthetic urine. Once in a while, you may need to carry out a drug test, no one likes that, but your workplace does.

It could be a Monday morning, and as a routine, report to work. Unfortunately, for one reason or the other, bumped with a drug test notice with no idea how to phrase an excuse in case of a positive result.

Do not even think of giving an excuse that zero chances. What will befall is losing your job, paying fines, and as well would face imprisonment. Do not panic; we got your back!

There are several ways to maneuver this controversial situation. To start with, you can decide to completely do away with smoking and allow the body to detox naturally.

This approximately would take a month or so, depending on what you consume. Apart from what you take, consistency in use and body mass also matters. Is natural detoxing worth the time before a test? Perhaps a yes and definitely a no!

So, in such a case, a smarter idea to gorge a test will impact. Despite all, you still need that job, and hereby that’s where the best synthetic urine kits for drug tests comes in.

Is this a new term? Well, synthetic urine or commonly known as fake pee, it is a substance made to mimic real human urine. It is composed of all the properties of normal human urine.

Just like real urine, fake pee elements include urea, creatinine, and ammonia and the list is not the limit. Again, the ph. and gravity level for fake pee is the same as that of real urine.

In every day to day routine, most people use a different kind of drugs. Here, drug tests would detect a drug in the system for up to around a week, even for first-time users. Even with the approximation, it is not that easy to detect when a drug can really stay in the system since this varies from one person to another.

Normally, drug tests for a regular user have high testing chances, hence being a concern for any regular user. Despite that, most marijuana consumers have turned to use synthetic urine for their tests, but sadly, it may be hard to get away with the test. Most drug testing companies have their tricks to catch up with any test involving synthetic urine.

However, the good news and super point to save your day and have a successful test are that nothing is ever impossible until you make it possible.

Carrying on a drug test using synthetic urine is still possible–all you need is to know how to handle that. Well, this the reason we have reviewed this and have your back!

Basically, synthetic urine is in liquid form or dehydrated, powdered form—all with the same objective.

What constitutes fake urine?

All properties used in fake urine are what the urinalysis tests or prove the real model of the sample through its smell and color. Consider the listed ingredients used.

Distilled water- Urine composes of utmost 95% of water. Therefore, water is of use while coming up with fake pee. It is not only a matter of having water, but the word is distilled water. So, leave aside tap water or any mineral water.

It is important to use the right amount of water or else get your test rejected or causing your life. Having much water may have the solution so much diluted, and with a lesser amount of water, the chemical rate will be too high. Hence this is definitely staging your test as fraudulent.

Creatinine-This is produced from creatinine phosphate, whereby the body muscles use that during metabolism. Therefore, creatinine is added to during fake urine preparation to make it appear real urine as yes that is what is required.

The correct amount is added to acquire that resemblance of normal urine by the end of preparation. Hence providing that day to day pee drug-free.

Sodium phosphate- Another main aim is to acquire the desired fake pee but mimicking normal urine. Having phosphate in synthetic urine will be ideal in showing that fake pee contains phosphate, as is the case with real urine.

Albumin power- This is the reason behind the bubbling of urine. Which urine does not produce bubbles anyway? So, you can imagine a drug test having a bubble- less solution. Albumin has its usefulness in providing for the same incidence during lab urinalysis tests.

Sodium chloride- This is commonly referred to as common table salt, and its concentration levels are found in urine. Salt concentration in the body is released through urine; hence this another ingredient for synthetic urine. It should range with the same amount as urine for a go through a test.

Potassium chloride- Definitely, a urinalysis will have to test for potassium chloride. This, too, should be included in your synthetic urine preparation.

Fake pee formulation factors

  • Color- definitely synthetic urine cannot have any other color apart from the normal urine color. With how it appears, scientists have tactfully managed to make it look exactly like human urine. Therefore, having a well-formed warm and yellow-ish product.
  • Temperature- To come up with actual temperature, scientists test the temperature of actual urine. With that, it is easy to have complete synthetic urine. The scientists add chemicals to their solution hence having look-alike urine. Real human urine has a temperature ranging from 90-100F. With fake pee, that’s exactly what it should also read. This is the case where you have to submit it for testing.
  • pH level- This again has to be measured from the original urine. Remember, we are making synthetic urine to give it an authentic look. Here several components are diluted, giving it an original look.
  • Creatinine level- Certain amount of solution is added to the fake urine to appear as if straight from the body system. It is significantly important that urinalysis will not come out positive with the presence of minimal creatinine levels.

The Best Synthetic Urine Kits


As mentioned earlier, in everyone’s life, one cannot deny indulging in any form of the drug. If not marijuana, probably chances are you have indulged in cocaine and such.

Here the word drug refers not only to any illegal drug but also to a legal drug such as painkillers. Therefore, anybody at any time has used drugs.

Drug tests are there, but it would feel unfair carrying out one, but luckily enough, having synthetic methods to carry out would save the day. All that is required is a fake urine. Below is a description of the above synthetic urine kits.

1. Quick fix 6.2 solution

To any drug test, this is a guaranteed pure result. It is free from any toxins; hence it is fresh and very clean. Also, quick-fix has the same characteristics as real urine.

It is regarded as high quality from well-known spectrum labs, one of the top manufacturing companies of synthetic urine in the United States.

Note that the manufacturing company is authorized hence having the pure guts to provide the clients with good packaging and convenient services. It is formulated overtime to stay at par with the developing state of most testing facilities.

Bearing in mind that most labs nowadays, besides testing for compliments in urine, also test for any preservatives to distinguish between a fake pee and real human urine. Fortunately, quick-fix has no preservatives hence no chances of fake pee tracing.

The good part of quick fix urine is that it is cheaper than most products, and it is reliable. You may spend more on any other synthetic urine, but the results are the same you would have received from using quick-fix.

  • Long shelf line
  • Can be frozen for future use
  • Accurately resembles real urine
  • Temperature strips included
  • Has a lab graded formula to give the best results

2. Clear Choice Sub solution

clear choice sub solution synthetic urine

This being a synthetic urine sample, it, however, does not come in a liquid form, unlike most of the products in the market. It’s in powder form, where you will be required to mix it with water to have a liquid solution.

During the drug test day, mix it with water and have a solution guaranteed that it will not separate. It can last longer without any worries of expiring or be ineffective with it being in powder form. Sub solution is more expensive to quick-fix, but its effectiveness is of no doubt.

  • Long shelf life
  • Temperature strip included
  • Minimal contamination chances during preparation
  • Packed in powder form

3. Quick Luck

Besides having fake pee products with over 15 years of record, quick luck is different. It has not been in the market for so long, but its reliability is on another level. New to the market but with positive reviews.

It is formulated just like the sub-solution; in other words, it is a version of a sub solution. These products are regularly upgraded and tested to ensure perfect results overtime. With that, maintaining their transcendence in terms of quality.

Quick luck comes with a heat activator and also heat pads; you can decide what you want to use; all are applicable. What is best? Depending on the situation you are in.

At first, you can decide to use heat pads; the heat activator can be used after arriving at the testing facility and realize that the heat pads did not work.

The heat pads are responsible for keeping the solution warm and to the required temperature. And so, the case with the heat activator.

The product has a quite good shelf life for at least 6 months before it goes bad. In case it’s to be used at a future date, freezing it can be an option as a way of storing it. Well, this is not encouraged. Just as heating it over and over again harms, then the same case with freezing it.

Now, this is where the pocket feels emptied, quick luck is more expensive to sub solution and the mentioned fake pees. But is that expensive as compared to cheap unreliable products? Your job matters; go for quick luck!

Method on how to use quick luck is well illustrated on the instructions in the package. Just like any other synthetic urine, the temperature should range between 90-100F.

  • Long shelf life
  • Uses heat activator powder and heat pads (use either)
  • Quite expensive (worth the risk)

4. Monkey Whizz

This synthetic urine is well known from a company by the name serious monkey business. It’s a dehydrated product whereby you are required to add water to it during for preparations. Simply, it’s in powder form.

Again it comes in a premixed form where no preparations are required to use it directly from the box. The only difference between the two is that the premixed one is sterilized; otherwise, the chemical composition is the same.

It’s cheaper as compared to a quick-fix solution.

Monkey whizz comes with two heating pads that will keep the sample warm. This is a form of an urination device. It comes with its fake pee package, which is ready for use, and no need to replace it with another fake pee.

You actually don’t have to buy the urination device and again purchase aside fake pee.

  • Cheaper compared to above products
  • Temperature strip included
  • Has a lab graded formula to give the best results
  • Accessories-outfitted

5. TestClear Powdered Urine

This another bang for drug tests. Test clear urine is not actually fake urine; it is dehydrated human urine. With its even so much better to synthetic urine, considering some fake pee has biocide as a preservative.

Just in case your tech tests for any preservative, test clear is always the best choice.

But fake pees such as sub solution, quick fix, and quick luck do not consist of preservatives, so they range the same level with testclear urine.

Just like most synthetic urine packages, testsclear too has heat pads. They evenly distribute heat in the sample and preventing it from cooling down for about 8 hours after activating the heat pads.

The package comes with a vial of the urine in powder form, a temperature strip, and two heating pads.

The temperature strip is attached to the vial, not forgetting the heating pads to heat the sample; for you to monitor the sample’s temperature, you will use temperature strips.

You will only pass the test when you provide a sample with the correct temperature reading. Be discreet and do what is right.

Considering that the fake pee is powdered, it has a longer shelf life. After purchasing it, always check on the expiry date and how much time is left before it goes bad.

The medical vial is not that large, and you may wonder whether it holds enough sample. Actually, the medical test requires about 30 ml of urine, the testclear vials on the other holds 50ml. You are sort and good to go.

There is a claim that you can still dilute the testclear sample with additional 25ml and still work. Well, that’s a side view; if at all the 50 ml is enough for you, do not risk adding anything more water in it; there; there is always the risk of over diluting.

Where quality outdoes quantity, it is not just having synthetic urine with you but consider having a quality brand. Several factors should be considered while coming up with your choice of brand. Learn about the ideas that will enable you to beat your odds.

Factors to consider while selecting the best synthetic urine

In most cases, issue on what to choose becomes a nightmare. From wrongly reviewed articles to purchasing unreliable products.

First of all, whenever a drug test is due, and need for a synthetic urine arises, the option is purchasing fake pee from a manufacture. This is the first step of passing a test. Buying from a manufacture assures having the best product at hand.

The other idea, is buying a quality product that will not leave you in regrets due to a test failure. Another crucial point to note, learn about where your drug test will take place.

There are developed testing labs that not only tests for elements in a urine but also test for presence of any preservatives. From a point of view, no human urine consist of preservatives.

Testing labs like the LabCorp may catch up with a fake pee so easily. That said, consider going for fake pee without preservatives, such as quick fix 6.2 and clear choice are among the best fake pee without preservatives. Below are other things to be considered.

Shelf Life

In most cases, drug tests are done randomly. Say at a work place, the employer at a time may not give an alert on when to carry out a drug test. What if this happens at random? You end up panicking.

Always be in a position to secure the job. It is simple, have in place a fake pee product. You can purchase your synthetic urine and store it for your future use. Fake pee can be stored longer compared to normal pee. It can last for months, and others designed to last for up to three years.

Remember to read instructions carefully on how to store the synthetic urine. Store it at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Another option is that you can freeze it.

Temperature Rate

Despite being lucky enough to acquire the best fake pee, do not forget to have it at the right temperature. You may be in a position to have a microwave with you to heat the urine.

This can as well work for you, but the need to be careful. Normal urine heating ranges between 90-100 degrees.

However, man is to error. the sample may overheat, which will automatically contaminate the components used to prepare the brand. Heat it as required and avoid overheating.

First, heat it for about 10 seconds and monitor the temperature until the required temperature is acquired.

What is not possible anyway? Have the best fake urine, which comes along with a heating pad. Attach your ready sample against the body. The heating pad should be close to your body.

Here, the urine sample will warm up to your body temperature. Consider this method to avoid any mistakes while heating the fake pee.

Presence of uric acid

Normal urine contains uric acid. So, during lab tests, uric acid has to be tested. As you purchase synthetic urine, make sure uric acid is present. You can confirm that by reading through the sample just to confirm that it is present.

Unfortunately, not all synthetic urine contains uric acid. Cheap is expensive. Don’t just purchase a product since you feel it will cost lesser dollars; in the end, it will cost you by being caught up for faking a test. Go for the best synthetic urine discussed above, they have all the elements tested for urinalysis.

The Seller

Everyone wants a better life. Most people are out there looking for greener pastures, some legal, others fraudulent. In that case,most people fall for fake products. Fake sellers have emerged.

 Most of the resellers sell products at a lower price compared to the normal price.

This is definitely to attract customers since everyone would want to save a dollar for any other use.

Do not be too quick to purchase such a brand; take your time, read the label carefully, and ensure the product’s  make is right. Consider also going through user feed-backs and do some research on the product.

So, what is best?

Nothing should cost your time that could have been used for other ways. In most cases, with poor preparations for a drug test, this would easily lead to a test failure.

I hope you would be lucky enough to have a lenient employer, probably not to necessarily fire you but allow you take a break and follow some guidelines to clean up your system of toxins.

Still, you have your time consumed, be careful with the preparations. However, some drug tests will have you jailed at some point, or the law slaps you in case the test resulted positive. All these scandals are avoidable when you have the best fake pee. Follow instructions on preparing the fake pee as listed below.

Quick procedure on how to prepare your fake urine

Step 1

The test day is here; feel comfortable and firm. Have the urine kit, and prepare the fake urine. Keeping in mind that the fake urine has to range within the acceptable temperatures of 90-100F. Pointing it out, two methods are applicable, but certainly not equal.

If you decide to heat the sample in a microwave, it would take 10seconds, and 45minutes for the heating pad. It costs nothing to be wise; mistakes can happen while using a microwave to a heating pad. The urine’s components would separate in case of a mistake and overheated the product.

Step 2

In case you used a microwave to heat the sample, with the time required, check the solution’s temperature. If the temperature is below 90degress, reheat again for not more than 5seconds. At times, there may be no readings; your solution could have surpassed the room temperature. Allow it to cool back to room temperature.

Oops! Sounds tedious. Using a heating pad, the temperature will probably be ranging the required temperature as your body temperature.

Step 3

Time to submit your sample for testing. Check the temperature strip;  shake the solution to have a real urine foam. If you used a heating pad to warm it up, this lasts for up to 8 hours before it cools down.

Else, for one reason or the other, it could be as well cool. To keep it warm, place it underneath your clothes and have it attached intact with your body.

In case you used a microwave, have your test ASAP before the solutions cool back again. But to avoid the cooling, after heating it with a microwave, place it underneath your clothing and intact with the body. That way, it will not cool down as such.

Follow steps keenly and have your day in order.


What about supervised drug tests?

Lab technicians are in the light that most people fake drug tests by using fake pee. It unfortunate when you have the right urine and in the right conditions but then fails a test from being caught handling a fake pee.

This is never an issue! Make use of urination devices to enable you hide the fake pee, and dispense it at ease in case of a test supervision. These devices are designed to have the physique of a female and a male reproductive system. The males make use monkey dong while females use monkey whizz.

These devices are always a charm whenever one is having a supervised test. Despite having a supervised test, the medics however do not look directly to your genitals, it is way awkward. Even though that the case, it is much safer with the device since without it, it is hard to fake the urination process.

They come with waist belt, temperature strip, heating pad and a syringe. Has a reservoir of fake pee. It’s an all in one kit.

Give yourself enough time before the test, prepare the urine as per the instructions. With the heat pad intact with your body, attach the belt holding the urine on the waist. Check for the temperature reading and ensure it reads as required.

When it’s time for the test, dispense the urine into the testing container. Be composed and comfortably open the valve. Be still to avoid arousing suspicions, and squeeze out the fake pee. The urination devices comes in different colors. Choosing that fits our complexion if optional.

Other uses of synthetic urine


  1. Pranks

Pranks are fun. It all depends on how best you unwrap everything. Fake pee are used in this. To start with, real pee can be nasty, use a fake pee and prank your buddies.

  1. Scientific research

Fake pee can be of waste if no recycling properties in it. Here, scientists look for ways on how fake pee can be used in ways such as generating energy.

  1. Calibrating lab equipment

Before the idea that fake pee could be used for faking a test. It was first use to calibrate urinalysis tests. With that, most fake pee have been in use to pass drug test. With their calibration feature, they have become reliable for drug tests. Straining on how to cheat a test using someone else’s pee is no longer a choice.

  1. Animal Repellent

Used by gardeners as well as hunters.  Both animal and human pee are used for this purpose. For instance the farmers use it to keep away the rodents and insects from attaching the plants. Hunters on the other hand use the deer synthetic urine bucks repellent.


Q: Can you substitute urine with someone?

This one of the ideas most people would consider. Having a relative, a friend or anyone who would give out their urine to replace your test. Well, it could work, but who is willing to donate, are they available, how sure could you be convinced that they do not consume drugs?

Do not be dismayed. A urine drug test needs you to be responsible, and also, you should be keen enough. In most cases, people consume drugs so, it is hard to deduce whose urine is pure. At some point, a child’s urine would be pure, but you need a larger amount for your test.

What if you took a child’s urine for a test and they realize what you did to them? They probably learn the negative side by bearing in mind that illegal practices are not bad, say taking drugs to look for a child in the future for their test also.

This would not be convenient since if the test is urgent, the child might not be available, i.e., distance restrictions. There are pure urine donors that donate their urine whereby it is stored and frozen. This may be much expensive than most synthetic urine.

You may not be in a position to know whether the donor was in drugs and decide to be corrupt while donating their urine. It is possible, anyway. Moreover, this donated urine is not that much effective as you may perceive. Therefore, what is the best way to do, meanwhile, go for the best synthetic urine!


Q: Can one reheat the urine in case the test was postponed?

It is possible to reheat your product again. At times, a test can be postponed for one reason or another. You could probably have prepared your fake pee and ready for testing. You can as well reheat it again on the mentioned day for your test and have it done.

Eventually, you will have to follow our said procedure for the same. Here you will be required to replace the disposable heating pad and carry on with your preparations. Reheating will not compromise the sample; keep your sample in the said urine temperature (90-100) degrees.


Q: Powdered or liquid urine?

Synthetic urine comes in different forms, liquid and dehydrated powder form. Now, most people get puzzled on which is the best to go for. We have a well detailed on both reasons for their make in that form. The ball is on your side to play it right.

Liquid synthetic pee

This entails distilled water and chemicals that lab tests look for during a test. It’s also a resemblance to normal urine and having the same smell like real urine.

On matters regarding its storage, these affect its shelf life. Most need to be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Another option is to freeze it. Poor storage will lead to its contamination.

The product’s Pro side is that it’s ready-made, and you don’t require additional substances apart from heating it. Therefore, contaminations that may be caused by adding more water to the product have zero chances. Hence easy to prepare.


Powdered urine

It’s of no chemically different from liquid urine. The properties are the same just as with the powdered urine, you will need to add the prescribed amount of distilled water to make a solution for testing. As it’s the case with liquid urine, powdered urine has a longer shelf life as well.

To mention, once you add distilled water to form a mixture, then you don’t have a long time before using it; otherwise, you will have it spoiled. Preparing this requires accuracy; some powdered urine comes with a packed amount of water you need to prepare others will not have it, hence relying on you to add your water and expected to measure the required amount.



Final Verdict

Having synthetic urine is an excellent idea for your faking urinalysis. This would greatly help the heavy user, especially if your working environment calls for regular drug testing. This is a way of securing your job if you use drugs like marijuana. (more on how to pass a marijuana drug test).

On the other hand, some drugs come with inevitable consequences like dizziness. Some careers do not call for you are indulging in any drugs. For instance, drivers, it could be trucks or taxi drivers, to mention a few.

With such, you would be at risk of causing your life, your loved ones or anyone else. If you get yourself a heavy user and feel you still need the job and at the same time smoking a joint or so, my due advice would be, do away with the career.

There are many ways to kill a rat. There are careers you can handle and still party along; with the help of synthetic urine, you will always have your butt saved!

We recommend you go for the best synthetic urine for drug tests. We value you, and that’s why we will always give you the best information.

Not all tests are meant for urinalysis. Others will tests for any drug from the hair or blood. A hair drug test will not work with a fake pee, but with hair follicle shampoos.

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