how to pass a drug test blood: Use This Trick

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In most cases, blood drug tests are carried out whenever there is no any other option. It is rarely done with an approximate probability of 20%.

However, you may still get yourself wrapped in dilemmas on how to pass a blood drug test. It is expensive and can detect a good number of drugs in your system.

The good thing with a blood drug test, you can pass the test with at least 5 days of drugs abstinence even without having to detox!

Drugs detected in a blood test and the detection period

Drugs can be detected within minutes to hours and sometimes up to days. In this case, the detection period is less as compared to other drug tests which goes up to months.

Alcohol – 12 hours

Amphetamines – 12 hours

Methamphetamine – 24 to 72 hours

Barbiturates – 1 to 2 days

Benzodiazepines – 6 to 48 hours

Cannabis – 6 to 24 hours

Cocaine – 12 to 48 hours

Opioids – 6 to 24 hours

LCD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) – 3 hours

PCP – 12 to 24 hours

How to pass a blood drug test (The Natural way)

The most common method of passing a blood drug test is through detoxing. Our bodies naturally start detoxing after quitting drugs.

mega clean detox

The moment you quit drugs and start eating healthy, you will realize a change in your body and the metabolism rate increases. Healthy eating includes taking a balanced diet and extra vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli.

Physical exercise is another significant way of trying to pass a drug test. Anything involving sweating is a win since that way, you will be reducing fat in your body. It may get challenging with passing a drug test for overweight persons.

Drinking a lot of water can never be left out. The more the water you drink, the more the drug toxins are flushed out of the body system through peeing. This method is so efficient and especially when you start it a few days to your drug test.

Make sure you are having enough sleep. Good sleep balances the metabolism rate and allow the body adapt with any changes you may adhere towards passing the test.

The easier way to pass a blood test (Time Saver)

Finding a less cumbersome method is the best way to save time and resources and above all be in a position that promises success when it comes to drug tests.

With the natural body detox process, you can supplement that with a well formulated detox drink to fasten the process and have zero traces of any toxins. It is the easiest way that you will get things in order and into the right state.

The best detox drink is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink. It is packaged in 17 oz and 32 oz bottles; light users use the 17Oz and the heavy users are well sorted with the 32 oz pack.


For you to pass a blood test with detox drink, you will need to abstain from drugs for at least 24 hours before taking the drink. Rescue cleanse detox drink works for blood tests and also urine drug tests, a great saver for both.

Optionally, you can prepare homemade detox drink by combining several ingredients like lemon, vegetables, garlic, ginger, turmeric and other detox substances of your choice.

I usually go for a ready-made detox drink to save me all the hassle of preparing the detox plan at home. You too can make things easier for yourself with Rescue cleanse drink. Besides, the rescue cleanse is more intent with flushing out the toxins.

Factors determining the results of a drug test

For you to achieve something, along comes with the determinants of the results. Same case with a drug test.

  1. Age

The older the person, the difficult it gets with passing a drug test. However, this is not always the case, the diet you take plays a role. Some older people can easily pass a drug test as long as they eat healthy.

Aged group has a slower metabolism rate and so the process of detoxing may be slower as compared to younger people. But age is just a number, just eat healthy and use a detox supplement drink to boost the detox process.

  1. Body mass

People with heavy mass experience rough time with passing drug tests. When it comes to flushing out cannabis, it may be a hell of a time for people with more mass.

Marijuana has a compound called THC which is fat soluble. Once you consume weed, THC sticks on to the body fat and stored there. This is the main reason as to why heavier people find it hard passing a drug test for cannabis.

  1. Frequency of usage

Daily/heavy smoker can experience a challenge trying to pass a drug test as compared to a regular /light smoker.

Besides, for a heavy user to pass the test, he will require a more powerful plan to flush out the toxins of the system.

Uh Oh! I am affected by the above factors, what do I do?

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Relax, whether your body mass is high, older or even a heavy user, worry not there is a way out that is going to work out for you.

A well formulated detox drink is all you need, it does not matter what impediments you have, you will definitely pull through.

Rescue cleanse is the banger!

Other types of drug tests

Apart from blood drug test, there are other drug tests that are carried out and you can still fall for either. All drug tests have the same goal, which is to detect the usage of drugs. That said, it’s good to know that some drug tests are hard to pass as compared to others.

  1. Urine drug test

how to sneak synthetic urine for a drug test

It is commonly known as urinalysis, the most prevalent type of a drug test administered. Urine drug test involves submitting urine sample for screening.

Detection time: up to 30 days

How to pass urine drug test: Using the best synthetic urine kit or a detox drink.

  1. Hair follicle drug test

the best hair follicle shampoo for drug tests

Hair test is the most complicated method with the longest drugs detection period. Medics take strands from your hair or even from any other body part for testing.

The good thing is that you can easily pass a hair drug test through following the Macujo method to detox the hair and using the recommended hair drug test shampoo.

Detection time: up to 90 days

How to pass hair follicle drug test: Using Old style aloe toxin shampoo with the help of Macujo method.

  1. Saliva drug test/ mouth swab test

According to my experience, mouth swab saliva test is the easiest of all. You can use a mouth wash a day before your drug test and still pass but you will be required to abstain from drugs for at least 3 days prior the test.

Leave that alone, have you heard of passing a drug test within 30 seconds of detoxing? It is the case with a saliva test, you can chew a detox gum and within 30 seconds you are free of any drug traces.

The drug testing procedure involves swirling an ear bud or a swab in your mouth to collect saliva and later screened. Saliva test have instant results.

Detection time: 3 to 5 days

How to pass a saliva drug test: Chewing an oral clear detox gum

Tips to always pass any drug test

art, composition, desk

What is more special like passing a drug test? Bearing in mind the benefits that comes with it like acquisition of a new job.

Things only appear impossible since you have not tried them, nothing is hard to achieve. You can always pass your drug tests as long as you are willing to do the right thing!

  1. Abstinence form drugs

The most sufficient way to pass a drug test is by abstaining from any kind of drugs including alcohol where alcohol testing is done. There is no way you will test positive for something that is not in your body.

  1. Using top-notch products for a drug test

quality, seal, value

You have somehow disagreed with point number 1, right? Well, here is your aid. For any incoming drug test, always choose to do what will make you pass the test like for instance going for the best drug test products.

For sure there are so many brands in the market that will claim to help you pass the test but always dig deeper and ask yourself which one works? how is it used? are there any side effects? Where can I get it? can it be detected in a drug test?

That way you will be in a position to know what exactly you will need for the day.

Something important, before the test day, carry out at home drug test using various test kits for various drug tests. You will be in a position to predict what the lab results will be.

Hair drug test kit

Urine drug test kits for various drugs

Saliva drug test kit

Bonus Tip: Keep in touch with us for everyday informational content to keep you informed together with personal experiences from encounter with drug tests.

Final verdict

You can pass a drug test at ease without compromising things. Take your time and check what you need for your incoming drug test and make use of it appropriately.

Sometimes we just fail drug tests for not following the instructions, do not be a victim.

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