10 Tips On How to Naturally Stop Smoking: With a Bonus Tip!

how to stop smoking naturally

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Trying to go cold turkey? It is not late. Quitting a habit and especially that does not really yield pleasing results is the best thing to do for the soul and mind.

Perhaps you are wondering how quitting smoking is possible, but it is doable and can be achieved with discipline, patience and consistence all together.

Let’s desist smoking in 10 best ways right here! Point 10 will surprise you.

Tips on how to naturally stop smoking fast

1.Have a reason why you need to quit

Before even throwing away your joint, have a specific or several reasons as to why you need to quit and see the likelihood benefits you will gain after quitting.

It could be for the sake of your family. In most cases, when one smoke beside another person, the latter individual will experience a secondary smoking and they will be of no big different with the primary smoker. So, you can decide to quit smoking for the sake of your loved ones.

Another thing, you can decide to quit smoking to save your health. Probably you may notice your health is deteriorating and smoking will cause occurrence of diseases in your body of which some of them are long term like throat cancer, lung disease and many more.

Prioritize body health.

For the sake of your job. Considering this reason where quitting drugs will always have you test negative for drugs is heading into the right direction.

You will realize that drug tests are common in most work places and only a negative drug test result can guarantee you employment.

If at all you are out of school and ready for employment, start preparing for drug tests and the best way to always pass is stop smoking. Pass a drug test in style!

2.Prepare in advance before quitting

A lot can come along with abrupt quitting like withdrawals. The reason is because your body will be trying to adapt to another routine that it was not used to. Besides, quitting smoking is different from ceasing other things like working out.

Effects of quitting smoking can escalate real quick and you can easily crawl back to smoking habit within no time if nothing is done.

The best way to avoid withdrawal is talking to your doctor for medication, go for counselling, or get a rehabilitation center.

3.Engage yourself in an activity

They say an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, that was right! If at all you are in the verge of quitting smoking, then having an activity idea that will distract your mind is necessary.

You cannot decide to quit smoking and sit back expecting things to get to normal as before, get something to do like a hobby you like, start workout sessions, go on a self-date or with a friend, watch an episode, walk you dog; just anything to keep your mind occupied.

4.Change your friend’s circle

It may sound uncouth but you will agree that most of our failures in life are caused by our friends. It doesn’t have to be always, but mostly.

You want to quit smoking, right? Then who are your friends? That is enough food for thought. Its time to be a ‘fake friend’ lol.

Shall we move on to point number 5?

Must be a yes! so, good.

5.Abstain from other drugs including alcohol

Instead, substitute that with taking something healthy like a smoothie or Grab your FUM essential oils inhaler and let the essential oils do their thing. Apart from that, you can chew a gum for a few minutes or use stop smoking patches.

You should quash any drugs that’s triggers the mind to get back to smoking mode or anything reviving the urge to smoke.

6.Clearing the smoke smell from your surroundings

Quit smoking in a swift manner. A weed or cigarette smoking environment will only attract you back to the smoking routine.

Clean up the house, carpets, upholstery, clothes, bedding and anything that could have the smoke smell on them. See who is becoming a clean freak, it is becoming interesting.

Also, make use of air fresheners or diffusers to clean up the air. That way, no smell will be reminding you of anything good with smoking.

7.Push and push harder

Nothing good comes easy so, quitting smoking totally will also require some efforts as well. People try many times before completely quitting while others keep postponing the date to begin the process.

See the below conversation on how postponing happens.

Me: who are we?

Them: smokers

Me: what do we want?

Them: to quit smoking

Me: when are we starting?

Them: On Monday

And then Monday comes

Me: We are starting the journey today!

Them: let’s do it next Monday, kind of busy today.

You see, it’s so clear the Monday will never come, just write down the date and do it even if you feel not yet ready. You can only get ready when ready!

8.Stay motivated

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Start the quitting journey with small achievements like having a calendar where you tick the days that passed without smoking for motivational purposes. You will come to stop smoking fully until you will need no more calendar ticks.

Another idea, start making educational videos on how you want to quit smoking, this will give you the motivation and most people will be on the look to see your progress.

Educate them on the process, and continue the same with the challenges you may be experiencing and how to tackle them.

To say motivated, listen to people’s successful stories and how they managed. Basically, have a base line of information that motivates; some sad testimonials of smoking can give you a warning and thereby, you will want to stop smoking even more.

9.Introduce a savings regime

Have an applicable savings program, which will only run any money that could be used on smoking. Calculate the approximate amount that you use on smoking and take it to the savings account.

Do this over and over again and within some time you will understand how much money could have gone in the inappropriate direction.

While saving, do it to invest and after a while, use it to buy a juicer or a blender or anything that you will be using for healthy benefits.

10.Using FUM essential oils inhaler

Are you surprised?

What is easy like quitting smoking in the easiest way ever!

FUM essential oils inhaler is a device that is used to curb the smoking habit within some time. It is a hollow like tube and using it involves the normal act of hand to mouth just the same way you hold a cigarette.


It satisfies the hand to mouth cravings and it is good while quitting smoking where you might miss back the smoking act.

No chemicals with essential oils, they are extracted from natural plants. We are going natural.

You take in the essential oils through the mouth and breath out through the nose. The good thing with FUM inhaler, it has no withdrawals and works so well in improving the metabolism rate and you will notice healthy improvement the sooner you start using it.

Benefits of quitting smoking

Smoking can limit a lot in one’s life and the best thing to achieve them all is making a firm decision and stop smoking as early as today.

Good health is truly an achievement, longer life to be certain and embracing a healthy family comes second to none.

Financial stability is another advantage and this can bring improvements in the homestead and in self-development.

Saving bucks spent on smoking can be understated but imagine purchasing a new vacuum cleaner with all the money you will have saved instead of using it on puffing.

Stop smoking today and a cleaner lifestyle will find its way to you. Get rid of that smell you emit from smoking. Someone might be thinking that a nice deodorant or wearing a nice perfume will cover the smell, but that will only do it partially.

What of the foal smell from the mouth? it can be unbearable for sure. Upon quitting, you will acquire a better body scent and fresh exhales and people will feel comfortable around you.

Final verdict

Healthy life, healthy smile, healthy lungs, longer life is a desire you would not want to miss.

Its easy-peasy, quit smoking and any other drugs with the help of the best methods.

We are fixing lives, voila!                                                                                                   

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