How To sneak in fake pee into a testing facility for a drug test

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It is a real struggle for anyone trying to do the unknown. With or without knowing the repercussions of the actions. In this case, upon realizing you have an upcoming drug test, all that clicks in your mind is how you are going to pass the test.

For one reason or the other, drug tests are done at given times to employees. Departments such are transportation sectors have this done to ensure the employees are drug free, and especially the drivers. Not only DOT (department of transport), but many other companies; it all depends on protocols of your work place.

In a nutshell, if at all your aim is being an employee for a living, then drug tests are not optional. However, it does not matter whether you consume drugs or otherwise, passing a test is easy peasy. You need fake pee to dodge the test, that’s all!

That said, the next thing is for you to come up with the best way of which you can get to the testing facility with a urine kit and walk out unnoticed, having used the synthetic urine for the test. It would be a turn off if at any case you are caught up with attempts to cheat a test; so, you have to be smart.

There are ways on how best you can sneak in synthetic urine and also pass the test.

What do I need for a drug test?

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The most key thing is knowing the basics. Anytime you have an upcoming drug test, think of the best synthetic urine kits. They contain elements found in real urine such as: creatinine, uric acid, urea, color and smell just to mention a few. Once you have the fake pee, you will need to prepare it and by this I mean, warming it before heading for the test.

The fastest way of doing so, is warming the urine in a microwave. By choosing the method, you need to be extra careful to avoid overheating the sample. Do it in intervals of 10 seconds as you monitor the temperature. Most synthetic urine comes with a temperature strip, that’s what you use to check the temperature. Real urine ranges between 90-100F and so should your sample read.

Another but slower method is using the head pads. Again, they are included in most of the fake pee packages. The urine sample will take around 45 minutes before getting to the required temperature. If you opt for this method, have enough time to avoid messing up by running late for you’re the test.

The best way is, if at all you have a microwave, use that, and once you attain the right temperature, activate the heat pads and attach your sample. That way, the heat pads will keep the urine warm up to 8 hours before cooling to room temperature.

At a glance, quick fix synthetic pee is our top urine brand when it comes to passing a drug test. With its 99.99% effectiveness, you can therefore rely on this brand without any hesitation. Get it from the manufacturer at an affordable price.

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The issue is not just sneaking in fake urine but smuggling in with the best brand all together. By the way, walking in a testing facility with fake urine sample is not always the hardest thing, actually, most of the times you just wake up, prepare your sample, put it in a bottle, and carry it in wherever way you find it comfortable.

But, in other situations, you may undergo security check by the security guides or even the lab technicians. Mostly, it is done by the security guides, the medics are at times so busy for that. You cannot just walk in with your fake pee in a bag or in your pockets, that’s so close to being caught. There are top notch ideas that you can apply and comfortably sneak in the urine at ease.

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How to hide the pee

It is straightforward, after preparing your sample, have it attached close to your body. This is an added advantage to the urine since it will stay at body temperature and avoid cooling down. You can also tuck it in your trousers, and women can have it padded in the bra.

Not only that, cutting a cloth from you old clothes and making a carrier can also work. Here, it will depend on how best you find it comfortable, it should not appear bulged out to avoid creating any suspicions. Optionally, you can always go for urination devices available for both men and women. These includes:

  1. Monkey whizz

Monkey whizz is one the best fake urine kit, reliable for drug tests. It is manufactured by the well-known serious monkey bizzness. The brand is regularly updated to be at par with the latest testing methods. Drug tests sometimes go an extra mile and test for substances such as preservatives. In the real sense, no human urine contains biocide which is used as preservative in most products. Luckily enough, monkey whizz has no preservatives, making it among the top brands.

Monkey whizz is a female made urination device. It comes with a sample of fake urine, of which you don’t have to replace it with another sample, but still there would be no harm replacing the fake pee with another sample.

The product is among the best kit you can use to sneak in your pee at ease. With the urination mechanism, and synthetic urine included, you will be in a position to pass a check-up and also pass the test.

Check the full monkey whizz review here.

  1. Monkey dong

Another smart method to sneak in a sample of fake pee is using a monkey dong, preferable for men. A monkey dong is a high quality strap on device in form of a prosthetic penis. It has a silent valve that enables you to easily dispense urine, through squeezing it. Simple as the real act!

Notably, monkey dong comes with a sample of fake pee, it is of high quality, and so, you can use it to pass a test. Has a waist belt that you can adjust to your waist size and have it discreetly sealed.

Check the full monkey dong review here.

  1. Synthetic urine belt

Unlike the above mentioned kits, synthetic belt do not include a sample of fake urine. It comes empty but it is a refillable kit that can be used with any fake pee. All you need is have your sample prepared, put it in a bottle and make use of the belt.

While warming the urine using a microwave, do not microwave the belt, warm the sample, and then attach it to the synthetic urine belt. The good part of the belt is that, it has a silent opening valve, hence you will not raise eyebrows for making unnecessary noises while switching the sample in case of a supervised test.

The urine belt is wrapped around the waist, and has a waist size for up to 40 inches. If at all you are beyond that, go for stash leg strap.

  1. Stash Leg Strap

The leg strap is suitable for sneaking in fake pee unnoticed. It fits at thigh size or other part of the leg since you can adjust it. You can as well use it for other methods like putting your accessories when traveling.

It does not come with fake pee included; so, if you are to use it to hide your sample, you need to purchase synthetic urine and use the leg strap for the said purpose. An added advantage is that, it keeps the urine warm longer as compared to carrying your sample in homemade device.

What if my test is supervised?

There are cases whereby, you may invent your own methods on how you can easily sneak the pee. Luckily enough, you manage and walk in unnoticed. That was just a gate pass acquired, how about in the testing labs?

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You realize that, there are times where one gets supervised doing the real thing! It doesn’t mean that the medic will directly look at your genitals to make sure that you are peeing, but you do it in the same room they are in.

To be on the safest side, I would advise you to go for urination devices like the monkey whizz (for females) and monkey dong (for males). That way, you will fake that you are peeing and comfortably transfer your sample to the laboratory container. The devices have silent valves, whereby, no sound is made while dispensing urine. Basically, it is only the natural urination sound that is made.

You are not always supervised, but you may not tell how things will unravel in there. So, always be ready for anything at any time. Not unless you are used to a testing lab and do not supervise but allow you pee from the washrooms, opt to always act smart.

Am I set?

You are ready for the test. Wait! After managing to the lab, for unsupervised test, take your time and re-check the temperature of your sample using a strip, make sure it is within the required range. Again, shake it before submitting for the test, this is only to give it the bubbling look of the real urine.

If at all you will undergo a supervised test, make sure that after heating and confirming the urine sample is at the right temperature, submit it as soon as possible to avoid giving the pee a chance to cool down.

Final Verdict

It is never complicated when it comes to passing a drug test, but again, it will not be easy if you do things your own way. It starts with having a quality fake urine kit, and ends up with submitting it in the right temperature.

If you decide to sneak the urine in other ways, think of the temperature. Will the method sustain the temperature until the time of submitting? What will happen in case of a supervised test? Some questions are best answered by doing the right things in the right manner!


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