Whizz kit 2023 Review: Does it Work for Drug Tests?

whizz kit

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Drug tests are nothing close to being luscious. They can be sucking especially if you involves in drugs. Passing a drug test is easy, but all you need is your real urine; it is not even possible to trust your own urine for a urinalysis.

Taking a joint or so, perks one up; well, not to everyone. Drug tests are mandatory in most working organizations, in order to monitor and maintain a drug free zone.

You need to get wiser on how to maneuver through a drug test. Upon realizing that submitting your pee could be calling for positive results, then other methods have to be kept in place to ensure you pass a test.

This is the point, you will need a urinator and this time a whizz kit. This will fool the medic and you will comfortably draw your urine from its reservoir without being noticed despite being supervised.


What is a whizz kit?

Another name for whizz kit is female whizzinator. Whizz kit is the first refillable urine kit in the market with unisex synthetic urine. Both males and females can use the urine and the kit all together.

But there’s one downfall, men would find it difficult using the whizzinator. It’s designed for use by women, so despite it having a unisex sample, men are disadvantaged when it comes to switching the urine while under supervision.

However, they are neither left out, men can use monkey dong, which has a reliable urine and comes with a prosthetic penis.

Whizzinator comes in different colors, giving you an option to go with the color matching your complexion. It comes ready for use and you don’t need to have another synthetic urine pack in this case. The pre-mixed urine is modified to look exactly like the real human urine.

Whizzinator is refillable, if at all there’s need, you can still replace the synthetic urine with your choice of fake pee (here are the best synthetic urine kits).

Replacing the whizzinator fake pee may have resulted to situations such as experiencing some accidental occurrences, like exposing it to the air, leaving it open or spillage. However, you can still use the premixed urine that’s comes with the kit.

Just like many other synthetic urine, whizz kit urine has the elements found in real urine. As mentioned earlier, creatine and uric acid are part of whizz urine; not forgetting certain ph level and specific gravity.

Whizz kit delivers! With its foamy structure like that of real urine, smell and having it in the required temperature is way forward to passing a drug test.

Whizz kit comes with a belt included, making it easy for use. For the urine to maintain its’ efficacy, avoid opening it until it’s time for transferring it in the testing container.

Opening it now and then will have it oxidized, thereby rendering it ineffective for the test in a spur of time. Moreover, bacteria may build up and the end results is fully contaminating the pee.

About a Joint

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In most cases, one indulges in drugs like marijuana for health purpose or for fun and especially over the weekends; and since you are not an indoor person partying and hanging around with friends never goes unrecognized.

Of course all this does not pass by without a puff! In any case, you are to go through a drug test, panicking is absolutely not the solution. There are a myriad of ways to pass a drug test.

Detoxing is one of the means or submitting a synthetic urine for a test. What is detoxing? This is where you allow your body to naturally detox all toxins from your system. This sounds easy, but all depends on what and how often you smoke or consume drugs.

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If you opt for this option, you will have to wait for at least a month or more for you to have a clean system of toxins. In most cases, this method rarely works especially when your test is in a few days’ time.

The pro method you are left with is use of synthetic urine. Fake pee is formulated and graded to mimic all the characteristics of real urine, like: creatinine, uric acid, urea, certain gravity and ph level_ and the list is not the limit.

Well, you have yourself sorted, but how will you go ahead and submit a fake urine to the facility, and without being caught or else raising any suspicions? It’s tricky, but nothing is impossible, you only need the knowledge.

At times you may be lucky enough where you may have no difficulties in submitting your fake pee. By this I mean, having your space as you pee without the medics around to supervise you.

Again, not every day is a bright day, you may get yourself strapped and you will get supervised while passing your urine for a test.

The medic may not directly look at your private part as you pee, but even though you had a ready and the best quality fake pee, you would find it hard transferring it to the testing container.

Using the Whizz kit-Let’s unwrap 

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  • Bladder bag containing the pre-mixed synthetic urine.
  • 2 organic heat pads
  • 1 Temperature strip
  • Cotton belt
  • 2 adjustable clips
  • 60 ml syringe
  • Set of instructions

The bladder bag contains over 3 Oz sample of the premixed and toxin free fake urine. Well enough for amount required during testing. The cotton belt is adjustable, extending up to 48 inches waist. This makes it easier for anyone below and to that extent.

Ware it under your clothes to avoid exposing it. Otherwise you will lose it (failing the test for being caught with fake pee). For easy use of the kit, there’s the adjustable clips that enables pinching off tubing to easily dispense the urine from the reservoir.


Step by step guide on how to use the whizz kit

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For you to pass a drug test, just follow the instructions to T. This is the only secret for success during a test.  Reading the instructions should be the first thing before putting it into practice.

The same case you cannot attend a random assessment test in a class you never attended. Long story short! Below is a simple procedural method.

  1. On the day of the test, close the adjustable clips on the tubing. Now, cut the hose to your desired length.
  2. Take one heating pad and attach it opposite to the temperature label.
  3. The temperature strip will start reading, temperature between 90-100F is the required range. It takes around 45 minutes to attain the required temperature. In order to ensure the fake pee remains warm, attach it close to your body; this makes the urine stay at the body temperature without cooling down. The heating pads keeps the urine up to 8 hours before it cools.
  4. Once the correct temperature is attained, you are ready to submit your sample.
  5. Rinse the kit after use

Points to remember

  • Always avoid opening the cap of the bag before the day of use.

After it’s opened you only have 24hours to make use of it; else, it will get ineffective. Open it only on the test day. That way, it’s highly effective and success rate is high.

  • With the temperature strip, it should be sandwiched between the belt and the bladder bag.

That the state in which it should read the temperature. Once it’s unwrapped and exposed to the air, it’s activated and will start reading the temperature.

  • For safer and best way to hide your kit, you can opt to wear it around your waist, thigh or the rib cage area.

For a supervised test, placing it on the thigh close to your waist would be safer than around the rib cage. That’s my point of view, you have options, and whichever suits you, as long as you are smart with the idea.

  • Since using the heat pads and placing it intact your body may take longer to heat, you can opt to first microwave the sample.

If you have lesser time to your test, you will need to microwave your sample and use a temperature strip to monitor the temperature.

Heat the pee for 10 seconds, and if the right temperature is not acquired, re-heat for about 5 seconds. The temperature strip will guide you on temperature range. After heating it and it’s at the required temperature, now use the heating pads and place it intact your body. It will retain the heat for the said hours.


The Pre-mixed Golden Shower Urine

Whizz kit comes with this premixed sample of fake pee, packed in a fluid pouch. Refills of the same are in dehydrated form.

The dehydrated form has a shelf life of one year, with proper storage at room temperature away from sunrays, this can as well serve its purpose even after a long period of storage.

All you need to do is keep it sealed until it’s needed for use.

During preparation, you need to add 3 ounces of water, shake well until all is dissolved. Then using a syringe, transfer it into the fluid pouch. Using the above preparation method, you will have it ready for testing.


Does whizzinator work?

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Whizz kit work. Despite having different views online, for the sample to test positive, you probably could be the problem. Either you prepared it wrongly or the temperature was wrong. But even if that’s the case, our aim is to have you in the right position, by giving you the best information.

Unfortunately the Whizz kit has its downfall, the pouch is said to leak and the heating pads are unreliable. That could be a minor problem, and maybe you could have acquired a fake kit. Always buy directly from the manufacturer for 100% guarantee of the original product.

In other cases, you may fall under modernized testing facility such as the labcorp, apart from testing for elements present in real urine, they are also testing for any preservative for them to deduce whether the sample administered is synthetic urine.

Unless otherwise, you can opt to replace the whizz urine with another sample. I recommend quick fix synthetic urine as the best fake pee.

It has all the components a lab would be testing for, and has no preservatives like biocide. Its formula is updated over time to stay at par with the developing lab equipment.


Q: How can I wash the kit after use?

Since the kit can be used severally, before refilling with any other synthetic urine, you need to wash it clean. Avoid using detergents but only plain water. If there is need for a thorough cleaning, you can use hydrogen peroxide and water, then rinse it with water.

Q: Can it be shipped in any state?

Unfortunately no. Whizz kit has a limited shipping. Its unavailable for purchase in FL,NC,NJ,NE,LA,KY,IN,IL,PA,SC,TX,TN,VA,AR,FL.

Q: Can whizz kit be used by both males and females?

Yes. The premixed urine is unisex. But men will however need a better urination tool such as prosthetic penis. This will be easier to dispense the sample in a supervised test.


Final Verdict

A supervised test has it sorted. You know what’s good for you, whether you are to face modernized laboratories, and if there’s the need to replace the whizz urine. Whizz kit is not the only female urination kit, there’s the monkey whizz.

I earnestly recommend monkey whizz over whizz kit. They are the same in featuring, belt, reservoir are both found in them. But monkey whizz has a better quality to the whizzinator. There are more positive reviews for monkey whizz than whizz kit, much of negative reviews for the same.

Not leaving anyone out, men can have the same urination kit known as monkey dong. The same case women would find it hard using monkey dong to dispense the urine, men are also trapped to using whizz kit. All comes in different colors for different body colors. Always go for the best option, just to be on the safest side.

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