The Jerry G Method To Help Ace The Hair Drug Test: Does It Work?

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Just like what it calls to pay taxes, pay loans with interests, it is exactly the same thing one will have to do when it comes to drug testing. These are the things that are inescapable not unless you avoid what comes with them. With drug tests, they are accompanied by determining whether you will pass for the chance to work with certain organization.

Such goes hand in hand, and all what matters is how smart you are especially with drug tests. In most states, drug tests are done to the pre-existing employees and anyone seeking for the job positions in the respective company.

Again, tests are done on occasional basis. The main reason is to maintain a drug free working zone. Long story short, in case you bump into a lucrative job and the next thing is a drug test, there are a myriad of ways on how you can pass the test regardless of whether you consume drugs or otherwise.

What are drug tests?

Drug tests are carried out using different methods. There is the urine drug test, saliva, sweat and hair drug test. Urinalysis is the most done test, and still, the rest are also carried out. A marijuana drug test can be carried out using any of the mentioned methods.

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With urine test, the most easy and affordable method is using synthetic urine. You will need to prepare the sample as instructed, and by the time you submit it for testing, it should have the right temperature or else cope with the repercussions of submitting a sample with incorrect temperature reading.

Most of fake pee comes ready for use directly from the box, like the quick fix urine is in premixed form and all that you are left with is warm it to the required urine temperature. In other instances where you have a few weeks to the test, you can go for a detoxing process and flush toxins from the body to enable you test negative.

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Apart from urine tests, hair drug tests are as well not exceptional! Well, rarely but one of the tests that you can fail if you do not heed to the steps on how to dodge that. The medics pick hair from your head at different parts of your head to avoid creating a bald.

Hair drug tests can detect the presence of toxins for up to 90 days of drug consumption. If you have not taken any illicit substance in the past 90 days, then chances of passing the test are high, but if you have, or not sure of maybe taking a puff or so, then you will have to be cautious when it comes to hair drug test.

That said, the best way is going for a hair cleanse to be on the safest side. This is not just washing the hair normally but using a particular method and certain products. Jerry G method is one of the most common ways that will help you achieve and get ready for the test.

The Jerry G method

It is a process that cleanses your hair of toxins, leaving it squeaky clean. Compounds such as THC from marijuana are completely cleared. Jerry G method was invented in the year 2008 by one of the cannabis user, went by the name “Jerry G”.

The main purpose of coming up with the process was to enable cannabis users or any other consumers have easy time detoxing. Jerry G method involves 8 steps that breaks down the cuticle which is the outer layer of the hair. With that, the drug toxins are then removed from the cortex which is the inner layer.

Having that said, you will need the following items, and make sure you have all as indicated.

  • Hair dye kit- the dye should be permanent and look for the one matching your hair color to avoid any suspicions during the test of having a different hair color. Not forgetting that the hair dye should contain ammonia or else the process will not work.
  • Zydot ultra Clean Shampoo
  • Powdered baking soda
  • A bottle containing bleach
  • Several new combs- the need for new combs is to avoid zero work since you might re-contaminate the hair for using the usual combs.
  • A detox shampoo- Commonly, while washing the hair, the shampoo is the main ingredient. You can opt to use a brand of your own, but I would recommend you go for old style aloe toxin shampoo (click here for full review) which is the best and reliable detox shampoos.

After having everything set, now follow the steps below. Before that, if at all you have thick and long hair like 6 inches and above, you will have to follow the steps severally for better results.

  1. Before your test day, quit using marijuana or any other drugs. Do this for 10 days or more before heading for the test.
  2. During your first day of not using drugs, bleach the hair and dye it with the kit containing ammonia. Remember to make use of a dye kit having the same color as your hair.
  3. After the process, leave the hair for five minutes and wash out with your old style aloe shampoo. Whether the hair shrinks after washing or not, do not use hair blower to avoid hair damage.
  4. Repeat the above steps; bleaching, dyeing and washing for the 10 days.
  5. On the day of the test, make a paste using the baking soda and apply it on your hair. Leave that for not less than 10 minutes.
  6. Wash out the paste using old style toxin rid shampoo and finish up with the zydot Ultra clean shampoo, and you are set to face the hair follicle test.

Get both the shampoos from TEST CLEAR.

If need be, you can opt to have a professional help out with the process like dyeing and such.

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Is Jerry G method the best method?

With the current views online, jerry g is an effective method and the cheapest as compared to the other method; macujo method. Jerry method has yielded successful results over the entire period since it was invented.

Some of the main ideas in making sure you pass the hair follicle test is replacing the hair combs, pillows, sleeping caps and the towel. In short, getting rid of all materials that have been, and will be in contact with the hair during the detoxing period. The idea is to avoid the metabolites from rebuilding back in the hair.

The only downside part of the process is that it may cause permanent hair damage. Despite being effective in cleansing drugs toxins, you may opt for shaving the hair after the test. The damage may come with the regular dyeing and bleaching.

Final Verdict

It is better to risk something that is replaceable, rather than regretting losing what is not easy replacing. What do I mean? You better end up shaving your hair and grow it afterwards after securing that job!

It might not be easy cutting off the hair. Well, it is not a must that you should shave it after the test, you can opt to source for quality hair products that can replenish the hair and give it a better texture and look. Despite whether it goes back to its original look or not, it may stand out better.

Using the Jerry G method comes solely on one’s decision. It all depends on how you weigh things. If that dream job is all that you want, then on the other hand, you will have to sacrifice your hair. There are things worth the risk!

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