Do Drug Tests Test For Synthetic urine? Learn on The Best Undetectable Fake Brands

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Drug screening have been in practice over decades. Just like any other lab tests, drug tests are among the most carried out tests. In most cases, they are done for specific reasons. You may not be tested for drugs while the aim is to deduce pregnancy or presence of infections in your system.

The specific reason for carrying out drug test to bring into light what kind of drugs an addict has been using with an aim to start a rehabilitation program for the victim. Another way under which drug screening is done is to have the idea of whether someone passes to be accrued a particular job.

Well, there are many reasons behind drug tests. The main reason is to maintain a drug free working zone in certain working fields. For instance, with department of transport, there’s no doubt that drug tests are rare, actually they are everyday cup of tea. The truck drivers are tested from time to time since these are some of the most dangerous careers.

When it comes to drug tests, you need to be smart on how you execute the procedure to enable you pass the test. You would be lucky enough if you have a clean system. By this I mean, your system is drug toxins free. In everyone’s life, there are times that one may involve in drugs, either for fun or as a habit. At this particular time, you can however, not trust your urine to test negative, that’s ultimately not happening.

Come to think about having a test in 2 weeks, and your tests results will determine if you will get employed or lose a job. The quickest method to go for is using synthetic urine since this can be used even on emergency tests. The other method but lengthy, is switching to detoxing procedure which requires at least 10 days to cleanse your system through the help of detox supplements. There are ways that may lead to the testing lab to detect that you used synthetic urine for the test, learn more below on the dos and don’ts!


What is synthetic urine? The Leading brands


Synthetic urine is man-made product that mimics the real human urine. It carries with it the color, smell and the foamy appearance of real urine. Not only that, synthetic urine is formulated to have all the elements found the real urine like the uric acid, urea, ammonia, specific gravity and balanced pH among other characteristics found in urine.

Fake pee comes in premixed and dehydrated form; both meant for the same purpose. With the premixed urine, it is easier to prepare it for the test since only heating is required. The powdered urine will require you to mix it with certain amount of water to have a solution.

Most of the fake pee manufacturers produce it with the notion that it should be used for fetish, pranks, animal repellent and urine therapy. True, those are some of the uses of the fake pee but in the real sense we all know it is also used to cheat in drug tests. So, there we go with it!

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For you to pass the test using synthetic urine, it must be in the right temperature range of 90-100F. The normal urine ranges around here, so should your sample of fake pee be. The aim is trying as much as possible to avoid being suspected of using fake urine.

The next thing is having enough amount for the test, most labs ask for at least 2 ounces of urine, it is always safe having extra sample after submitting the first one in case you are asked for another sample, just to avoid the inner-dramatic feeling for running out of urine.

Will the screening detect that I used fake pee?

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Depending on what you decide to use; synthetic urine or detoxing works as long as you follow the instructions. Using synthetic urine may bear different results depending on what brand you use, and what testing facility you go for the test.

In today’s world, the labs know that the influx in which people submit fake pee is high to the rate of submitting their real urine. So, they now test for any substances that could be in the fake pee and not in the real urine, that’s a trap!

It is not all about having fake pee, but having a quality synthetic urine kit is the only way out to outsmart the lab technicians. The lab equipment has been modernized and apart from testing the presence of elements found in urine, they have gone an extra mile and they are testing for any preservatives in the urine. This is the main method they are using to catch up with fake pee.

You now know better, the best fake pee brands do not have preservatives, just as the real urine. If you decide to use synthetic urine for the test, avoid the cheap and unreliable products, all for your own good.

With such, it does not call for cheap staking since most of the best kits are expensive to cheap products, otherwise be ready to fail the test, and you know what comes with test fail? No job for you, and you may face court orders when caught up cheating a drug test using fake urine.

I’m I all set for the test?

With the knowledge on what is synthetic urine and how it is easy to get caught up with a kit of fake pee, it is also easy to pass the test with the same fake urine. It is simple, purchase a quality urine kit, days prior your test to avoid last minutes rush.

Upon buying fake urine, if it is your fist time to tackle this, you can also opt to buy at home test kit, prepare your fake pee and use the testing kit from home to test your sample. This will build confidence on how to warm the urine.

You can opt to buy two brands of urine and use one for a home test. Optionally, you can use your own pee with the purpose of making sure you practice testing the sample within the required temperature.

Additionally, a home test maybe of great help to anyone who decides to detox, hence enabling you monitor your detox progress.

If you are used to tests, then you must be experienced on how the testing goes. You may necessarily not require a home testing kit but just buy what you need and prepare it for the test as usual without even using a home testing kit for a pre-test.

There are cases where you may go through a supervised test. Here, the medic may require you to pee there and then in their presence. It is rare since one is required to pee from the washrooms and submit the urine sample. It does not mean that you cannot be supervised peeing, it happens.

So, what’s best in case of a supervised test?

It is always better getting prepared for anything. You may go through a supervised test or otherwise. If this is to happen, there are urination devices; monkey whizz (for females) and monkey dong (for males). They are designed to discreetly enable you dispense your prepared fake pee without being noticed or raising eyebrows for creating unnecessary behaviors.

In fact, the devices come together with samples of synthetic urine. The included fake urine is reliable hence you will not have to replace it with any other urine for the test. Supervised tests are not always in practice especially with private facilities, it depends on what kind of facility you attend for a test.

In order to pass the test, make sure the urine is ranging in the right temperature, and you have the right product. After purchasing fake pee of your choice, check and recheck the shelf life of the product. Submitting an expired sample will lead to a test fail, despite whether you had a quality brand. It is always important to know how much time is left before it goes bad.

Learn more here on how you can store your fake pee for future use

Other alternative method to pass a drug test

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Another bang to pass a drug test is going for the detox program. As mentioned earlier, there are detox plans that fasten the detox process within days. Without the detox supplements, the body may take about weeks to a month before completely cleansing from drugs metabolites.

During the detox process, you need to avoid consumption of drugs including any caffeine drinks and alcohol. Not forgetting eating foods rich in fiber and avoiding fatty foods for easy detoxing.

The detox plans start from day 1 to a 10 day program. The longer the detox process, the more the detoxing and the better the results. If you have enough time before your test, you can opt for a detox program.

Detoxing calls for discipline and dedication. If you are not patience enough, the best way is purchasing synthetic urine, prepare it as instructed and walk out of the testing facility smiling with negative results.

Final verdict

A testing facility is a determinant of whether the screening will involve testing for synthetic urine in the submitted sample for the test. The type of fake pee that you hand over for the test will determine whether you have cheated the test or not.

All you need to avoid creating suspicions during a test is only doing the right thing, purchase a brand without any preservatives, and warm it to the right temperatures. This is the secret behind passing any test involving fake pee-usage-detection.

Among the best fake urine is quick fix synthetic urine which is my n umber one recommendation. It comes in premixed form, hence easy to prepare and also has the highest pass rates from the online views. I recommend quick fix since I passed a drug test using the brand and acquired my dream job, bravo! You too can pass using the product, it is a charm for everyone.

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