The Urinator Review: Learn on the Comprehensive Guide on How it Works

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Having to go through a drug test is so common. At the same time, passing a drug test is easy since all matters is the bamboozling method you apply. In most cases, you get that only few people in certain organization would be drugs free. But honestly, you wouldn’t wait until you fail a drug test for you to end up losing your job.

In most cases, people tend to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test, or else detox products. With the best synthetic urine products, you will get assured for a drug test. You only need to follow instructions keenly to the end. The urinator is only applicable in synthetic urine only or any urine sample. With detox drinks and pills, this is nowhere to be applied.


What kind of synthetic urine do I need?

It’s clear that a high-quality product yields the best of results. To use the urinator, you need to have a quality synthetic urine kit. Synthetic urine brands come in a pre-mixed form and also in dehydrated form.

With your upcoming drug test, you really need to be very careful and ask yourself if you can rely on your urine for a drug test, and yield negative results. You may opt to use someone else’s urine with attempts of trying to finagle the test.

The method might work but I don’t know how much you can trust your kin with their urine pee for a test that will determine whether you will qualify for a job or not. To avoid making mistakes, the only guaranteed and safe method is using fake pee, the rest might work but the chance of failure is higher.

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Well, you may have the right synthetic urine and well prepared; but, is it in the right temperature? Real urine ranges between 90-100 degrees and so should you sample of fake pee read. It’s normal for a well-prepared synthetic urine to cool even below the estimated range. This should not be your worry, that’s why we have reviewed a method on how to keep the urine at the right temperature to testing time.

The urinator is what you need! This will save you from getting caught up by the techs having using a fake pee for submitting urine with inaccurate temperature. This device keeps the urine warm to the required temperature.


What is a Urinator?

It’s an electronic device that maintains the temperature of urine to a maximum of 4 hours. The device is reusable, you can lend a friend, keep it for future use, or decide to keep it under hire. Well, this depends on how you want it, the idea is that it’s a reliable device.

For you to have a quality device, you need a more quality one, that’s only the urinator in this case. It doesn’t matter whether the test is being supervised or not, this device substantiates that all is possible. It is easy to use since you can easily hide it in your pants even in case of a supervised test. It’s discreetly formed and you can easily fool the medics and come out unnoticed.

It’s not always that you have to be supervised while passing your pee, but in case you come across such an incidence, then you can do it without fear.

This device is a more advanced to whizzinator which uses a fake penis. With urinator, there’s no usage of fake penis, hence chances of getting caught are low to using whizzinator. The urinator has a tube which you pass the fake pee through.


What does the urinator consists of?

  1. A stainless steel sensor rod- this contains a sensor with the accurate temperature which helps in regulating the temperature of the sample.
  2. A digital controller – this is computerized in order to maintain the required temperature. It’s sealed to prevent any electrical shorting.
  3. A dual port vinyl IV bag- this is a 100ml pack. It has an attached liquid crystal thermometer filled with the sample using a 60ml syringe, also in the package.
  4. Silicon heater- there’s a controller where this flexible heater is connected. The heater is placed underneath the IV bag so that it can heat the contents.
  5. Volt batteries- these are meant to supply the power to the device. However, you may not get them in the package, you need to purchase 9-volt batteries.
  6. A mini blanket and IV bag- the blanket is thermal insulator. Designed with the IV bag to contain the heat and prevent you from skin burns. Also, the pack makes you comfortable even by having it underneath your pants.

The heater will regulate the temperature of the sample, maintaining it to the required temperature range. Once you have the set ready, you don’t need any alterations of the device. The sample is stored in the IV bag where there’s a flexible tube that is connected to stretch from the bag. Through the tube is where your sample flows.


Step by step guide on how to use the urinator

To use the urinator is as simple as filling the urinator bag with the fake pee, going to the lab for testing and emptying your sample. It is easy as ABC, with appropriate preparations, you will have no doubts with the device.

For you to have an easy time doing this, it’s advisable that you try at home with water, several tries will have you do it perfectly. Practice until you feel you have perfected the act.  While going for the test, have your pants on since the pants makes it easy to hold the device. Below is a quick method on how to go about it.

  1. With the provided syringe, fill the bag with water (for home testing) /synthetic urine (lab urinalysis) at around 75-85ml.
  2. Remove any air from the bag to avoid impeding the heating rate of the urine. Now, have the cap back on the tube end.
  3. Connect the 9-volt batteries and then fold the insulating blanket.
  4. Later on, the liquid crystal temperature will read the temperature, the correct one should range between 98-100 degrees. Now you are ready to administer your sample for testing.

The urinator can as well be used by both males and females. It does not have a fake penis making it easy for both. It has a tube where it’s easy for men to hide it underneath their penis, and women can as well seal it in their tights.

Whatever way you opt to carry it, let it be easy for when it comes to switching the urine. You may as well opt for tight trousers and have a long shirt to have it well hidden. You can deduce your own way to go about it as long as you achieve. The urinator is concealable so less chances of any suspicions.



Q; How do I clean the urinator?

After your test is done, you need to rinse your urinator for your next usage. Rinse it with clean water and keep the tube sealed after rinsing. Don not at any point use any cleaning detergent. This is because you may leave the detergent traces which may interfere with your next urine sample.

Q; Where do I place the urinator in my body?

In most cases with men, they place it underneath their pants. The urinator do not have anything to attach to the body. It depends on how and where you want it placed. But the common area is underneath the pants since even with a supervised peeing, the tech may not notice you drawing pee from the urinator.

For women, it may be tricky, but as well placing it underneath pants it’s possible, you need tight pants and a long shirt to hide it. Else, you can hide it in your bra, if you are not having a supervised peeing session. Whenever you decide to place it, it is all your choice as long as you are not caught up.

Q; What are the preferred batteries for use?

You need to use good quality batteries for proper power supply. You may choose to use the Duracell batteries. These are said to be of good quality and will maintain the sample’s temperature up to the testing time. The urinator needs high power and Duracell 9-volt batteries works best with this.

Q; How long does it take for the urinator to get to the correct temperature?

Once you have your fake pee in the urinator at room temperature, it will take for about 15-20 minutes for it to read the required temperature. You can opt to first warm your sample before placing it in the urinator, this is for the sake of saving the batteries.

But to avoid incidences like overheating, with your Duracell batteries, just have your sample in the urinator at room temperature and wait for a maximum of 20 minutes. The urinator will keep your sample warm and at the right temperatures.

Q; Can the urinator overheat the urine sample?

No, the urinator cannot overheat the sample since it’s electronically designed. The device maintains the heating temperature for at least 4 hours before cooling down. It’s a reliable device as compared to hand warmers with the risk of overheating the sample.

Final Verdict

If you are a `party animal’, then you have a solution on how to go about your drug test. Go for the tested and reliable synthetic urine products, and remember the sample’s temperature will henceforth be maintained using a urinator.

The good part of the urinator is that you can use it over and over again you only need to take good care of it. After any test, clean your components such as the syringe for the sake of your next testing.

If at all you are in a dilemma on which is the best fake urine brand, quick fix synthetic urine is the best brand so far, with the most positive reviews and pass rates. As you heed to using it, make sure you check the shelf life since an expired one will not work.

With the urinator, make a point of ensuring the batteries are well working to avoid any inconvenience during the process.

All in all, it will only take you nothing following the instructions given. The package also comes with a set of instructions. Follow each step keenly, otherwise you will only have yourself to blame.


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