P Sure Synthetic Urine: Does It Work For Drug Test?

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Being on a leave from your workplace is every moment every employee awaits. Counting days to off days just to replenish from the daily routines. Well, being off from your work for a period of a month or two would have you engage in several activities. Of course, you need to gain a second wind from that busy week!

The weekend is here and you can’t afford being left out from a scheduled `party after party moment’. Since you are on a leave, you know very well you will not be reporting to work in the coming week. You become that sycophant in the party to attract that good looking-sexy-lady. You take drinks, the cloying snacks, maybe a puff of something illegal, all in the name of gaining attention.

Everything that has a beginning has the end. It is time to return to work and as the agreement was; you will need to report to your working station after the stated time. Will your employer trust you to be drug free? After arriving at your work place, well dressed and in that sheen scent. On your table is a requirement that you have to submit your drug test results in a few days.

That’s when you feel kind of malaise feeling. You start flashing back how you spent your holiday, it was lively but you remember you engaged in whatever drugs and unacceptable at your work place. At this point the only idea that comes in your mind is how you will flimflam your employer and get away with the test, but this will not come to reality without you handing in the test results.

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How will I beat the test?

Order that synthetic urine! Synthetic urine is a fake pee with a reminiscent of a real human urine. It is modified in order have the same elements found in the real urine and tested in the lab. You don’t have to panic if you have an upcoming drug test, this is your solution.

People have tried some bamboozle ways to pass any drug test. In most cases, you may decide to use someone’s else pee to finagle that test. This may work out; but do you really trust your friend or family member to be free from drugs? Most people take drugs secretly so it’s hard to tell whose pee is clean to be trusted to pass a urinalysis.

Other ways in which you can pass your drug test is through detoxing. This however takes days to weeks and even to months to flush of the toxins. Some people decide to take a lot of water or supplements to make them pee regularly for a quicker detox process. While on detox, you need to watch your dieting since some drugs like marijuana are fat soluble, making it harder to detox it quickly.

Learn how to detox marijuana here.

Unfortunately, this will require your ample time for the detox to work. With your emergency drug test, this won’t really be the best solution. With that, you will need the best option to beat the test, and that can only be achieved by going for a synthetic urine kit.

how to sneak synthetic urine for a drug test

After partying and a drug test is the next thing, going for synthetic urine is a viable option. There are different kinds of fake pee in the market, there are a number of the best synthetic urine brands that you need for your test. Some may be expensive but with their amazing results, they are worth every penny. To ensure you have a quality brand, buy directly from the manufacturer to escape falling for fake products from unreliable resellers.


What is P-sure synthetic urine?

P-sure is an adult novelty brand, ready to use unisex fake pee. It’s formulated to mimic the real human urine, with elements found in real urine.  Just as real urine, p-sure contains creatinine, urea, albumin powder, sodium phosphate and sodium chloride. More of that, p-sure has the same color to real pee, scent and also if shaken produces foam. It creates bacteria if left exposed to oxygen for a long period, the same character in real urine.

It follows that, p-sure also contains uric acid. This is tested in the labs and lack of it will lead to a test fail. This element is of key since most lab tests have to check on the concentration of uric acid.  P-sure comes with warmers to warm the sample. Also, in the package is a temperature strip to help you monitor the temperature rate of the sample.

P-sure synthetic urine package contain;

  • A temperature strip
  • Hand warmer
  • 5 Oz of synthetic urine

Step by step guide on how to use p-sure urine

  1. Warm the sample first. You can use a microwave to warm it, all you need is being careful to avoid overheating it. Heat the sample in intervals of 5 to 10 seconds.
  2. After warming it, use the temperature strip to check the temperature rate. Ensure it is within the real urine normal range of 90-100F.
  3. Once it’s at the right temperature, take your sample with you to the testing facility. Carry it next to the hand warmer to keep it warm.
  4. Before submitting your sample for the test, re-check whether your sample is at the right temperature.

Check in points

P-sure urine is reusable. It’s common to have your test postponed for one reason or another. You can fortunately use this product again for the next test. You need to store is well at a room temperature away from sunlight. You really don’t have to freeze it, with the right room temperatures, it will maintain its efficacy.

While heating it in a microwave, be keen to ensure that it don’t overheat or under heat. Avoid reheating it severally since this will only reduce its efficacy and accuracy levels. Reheating disrupts its chemical formula and causes water in the sample to evaporate.

To avoid inconvenienced circumstances, you can decide to warm your sample by keeping it intact with your body. It will warm to body temperature, but this requires you to dress heavily for quick warming.

In case you are short of temperature strips, you can as well use a digital thermometer to check for your samples’ temperature. You need to do it diligently to avoid the lab techs from catching up with you, and not necessarily for having the digital thermometer, but in the act of trying to submit a sample of a fake urine.


Does p-sure work?

man, thinking, doubt

The product works, you need to make it a gem, follow the instructions to T and you will have it done. You will pass your test if and only if you make sure that the temperature is at the right range, and the sample is not spoilt. Have your product in the right conditions and you will have answered the question if it really works.

Rarely are there report cases of a failure of the product, in case there are a few, then it’s either the sample was not in the correct temperature or cases where instructions not followed. For you to counter this, it’s advisable you purchase a few kits and practice at home on warming up criteria and how to maintain the temperature using at home test kit. This way, you will be at par on how to go about it during your test day.

Avoid buying the product anywhere in the streets. Fake brands are so common and it may be difficult to identify the original and the fake one. Always buy your product from a trusted site and mostly directly from a manufacturer, that way you are way sure of having the real brand. Fake cartels will even sell the product half the price to attract you, others would have the guts to sell it costing an arm and a leg. Don’t be deceived by such preys.


Final Verdict

For your upcoming drug test, you know better what is good for you. P-sure will save your day and at that point secure your job. Follow each and every guideline given on how to go about it.  You have no reason to why you should fail a drug test, all you need is well stated.

There’s is always the first and the last position, quick fix synthetic urine takes the first position. I would recommend quick fix synthetic urine over p-sure urine. Quick fix is a reliable an excellent product to beat drug tests at ease. For this reason, it has the most pass rates and easy to prepare. It comes in a premixed from hence, only heating is required.

what’s left for you is to know when due is your drug test, have with you a synthetic urine, follow directions given and wait for a pass in your drug test.

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