Dr Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine: How Best To Pass A Drug Test Using This Brand

dr greens agent x synthetic urine

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It is not a strange thing to have a drug test, neither is it rare. It could be self-test with the aim to monitor your detoxing process using at home test kit. At most times, drug tests are credential in most work places.

For careers such as truck drivers, drug tests are unavoidable since they are carried out regularly. No one is safe with this; any organization can carry out drug tests to the employees to maintain a drug free zone for all.

The idea is, you will be going through drug test as long as it is a norm in your work place. Whether you engage in illicit substances like marijuana or any other kind of drugs, you honestly can’t afford to lose your job, right? There are ways to avoid getting sucked from positive drug test results.

Who in place would even afford running bankrupt, and end up mortgaging properties to place food on the table for the family? That’s why, here you learn on the best synthetic urine brands which you will need to present it during your test, with Dr Greens X Agent being one of them.


What is Dr Greens Agent X?

Dr Greens Agent X is fake urine that can be used to beat a urinalysis. It is exactly like the real urine, mimicking every component found in the normal urine. Dr Greens urine is a 3-oz solution enough to dodge that drug test!

If you are on any drugs then passing your drug test is easy peasy. Dr Greens pee is in two forms, powdered form which requires you to add certain amount of water to form a solution, and in a premixed solution preferably for first time users of fake pee.

The package also comes with a temperature strip to monitor he temperature readings. A 3.5-ounce bottle is also in the package, where you put your sample after preparation ready for the test.

It’s always a wise decision to consider purchasing the original product, honestly you may not lack one or two preys out there trying to make money from manufacturing fake products. The real Greens Agent urine will have certain qualities that will make you differentiate it from the fake –made urine. Several properties found in Dr Greens includes:

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  1. Unisex-this shows that the product is suitable for use by both males and females. Some products are only meant for one sex but with Dr Greens Agent X, all are catered for.
  2. Fully sterile- just as it’s the case with the normal urine, this brand too should be of no difference. Real urine has no germs neither organisms, and so should b the case with our brand in question.
  3. Fetish- this is also included in the product assuring a chance to beat any drug test with the use of this brand. Dr greens is covered on one side with a giant red X mark. That’s what you looking for.

Check on Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Pee, the best brand to-date! It is 99.99% effective, undetectable and toxin free. Get it here.

Does Dr Greens Agent X Work?

Yes. Dr Greens Agent X works.  It contains uric acid and urea which are as well present in real urine. These elements are tested in lab urinalysis and with their presence that definitely gives a test pass, unless you made mistakes with the temperature reading or tampered with the urine sample.

Other components include nitrite, sodium chloride just to mention a few, are also included in the synthetic urine. Generally, all the elements in real urine are included in the Dr Greens Agent X. The pH level, specific gravity, and temperature also matters.

PH levels for both males and females are different, but the product is well designed to cater for both pH levels; Hence both are legible to pass the test regardless of pH differences. To pass the test, the brand must have the properties found in the real urine.

This product comes with a heating pad, you need this during your test day. The temperature for real urine ranges between 90-100 degrees so while heating your product the temperature should range here. Otherwise with a different temperature rate, that will be regarded as fake urine and that’s how you will end up being caught cheating in a drug test.


How long does it last and how much does it cost?

The shelf life of synthetic urine products differs. Dr Greens Agent X has a shelf life of 18 months and could go up to 2 years. You have the room to buy and store it to curb future last minute rush. Another option, you can purchase it and use it on the same day or after a few days, it will depend you’re your decision.

Unfortunately, the shelf life of this brand may be cut short and go bad before it’s expiry date. this would depend on how you store the product. Store it in a cool, dry room or else you can opt to freeze if it is not urgently needed.

Comparing it to most of synthetic urine, Dr Greens Agent is much affordable. It is a quality product and affordable! You can buy it online, ranges around USD 29.95. The value may vary due to inclusion of shipping and taxes.


Shipping Limitation!

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You definitely need the product, but the downside part of it is that the shipping is limited. Note that it won’t be delivered in certain states with reasons not clear. If it was to be delivered then a 50% processing fee would be charged.

List of states that shipping is limited for shipping; Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Dakota, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nebraska, Louisiana, Kentucky, Lowa, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas.

Not all fake pee has limited shipping, check on monkey whizz and monkey dong for the same purpose.



Q; Can you buy Dr Greens Agent X In different stores?

Unfortunately, you can only get it from the manufacturer. You cannot acquire it anywhere in the stores. This is a limitation but all in all you are guaranteed of getting a quality product since it’s from the manufacture himself.

Even with the situation, there are several reputable resellers, you can acquire it from. If you trust the retailers then you can buy it from them. You can hereby get it directly from the manufacturer.

Q; Can you reheat the product?

Yes you can. But this should not be done regularly; reheat once if the solution gets cold before testing. You can always have it heated 30 minutes before the actual testing, and use warmers to keep it warm. Reheating will cause water to evaporate which will tamper with the quantity levels.

Again, reheating it will breakdown the elements hence contaminating it. This is straightforward test fail and the lab professionals will catch up with your trick of using fake pee.

Q; Can you freeze Dr Greens Agent X?

Yes. You can freeze this brand. This is well applicable where you actually will make use of it at the future. Again you should avoid freezing and defrosting it, to avoid water loss of the product. Such activity will contaminate the product, and hence becoming unreliable for a drug test.


  • Can be used by both genders
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket friendly
  • Limited Shipping

Final Verdict

You finally have the right information concerning the product. This will always be a go through process for your lab urinalysis. You have no doubts if whether you will pass or fail the test. Consider following the right procedures when it comes to using the fake pee.

It’s a day saving idea and you actually don’t have to use your real urine when you cannot trust your own pee for a test pass. So, you have Dr Greens Agent X.

Not every product is suitable for everyone especially when it comes to the testing facility you will be showing up for a test. If you want the best brand in the market, go for Quick fix synthetic urine! It is easy to prepare since only heating is needed, has the highest pass rates, it is undetectable and cheaper than most fake pee products.

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