Pass a Hair Drug Test With The Macujo Method: Does It Work?

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In most states, cannabis is legal. With it being considered as a herbal medicine, and also being used in hospitals for addiction treatment. Well, that does not mean that you are lucky, it depends with where you live and the rules and regulations pertaining the usage of marijuana.

Despite being legal, you realize that there are places you cannot be accommodated. By this I mean, there are work places that discourages usage of any kind of drug despite them being considered unharmful. Look at it this way, in department of transport (DOT), the drivers will not be guaranteed jobs in control of drugs even with the legal `green leaf’!

That said, you realize that drug tests are compulsory in most work places eve at the DOT. That’s the only way that employers use when it comes to enrolling new employees. By the way, a drug test is considered to be part of job application form whereby, you will have to present it during your interview. This may vary with organizations but whichever way, you will still be needed to administer your test results.

Note that, it is not only done to newbie employees but also to the current ones. Drug tests involve urinalysis, blood, sweat, saliva, and hair follicle test. The most common one is urine drug test and apparently, the rest are also being carried out so, being knowledgeable on all the tests is the key.

It is so interesting how passing each test can be achieved despite being on drugs There are ways one can use, from using synthetic urine a for a urine test to using particular shampoos and methods to clean up your hair for a hair test as discussed below. But hey! If you are to enroll on a driving career, my advice is simple, either do away with drugs completely or look for another job; otherwise you may risk lives!

What is a hair drug test?

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It involves picking hair strands from the head and screening it to detect any drugs in your system. The medics pick hairs from different parts of your head to avoid creating bald or hair deformity. Drugs enters in the body through the bloodstream. Since the blood flows to every part of the body, it is the same case the hair veins collect the drug metabolites from the blood stream, and spreading them to the hair.

A hair follicle test is different from other tests since it can detect the longest period you last consumed drugs, that is up to 90 days from the last you quitted drugs. So, with a hair test, you need to be more careful with it in terms of what you use to clean up the hair.

There are myths that goes along with hair tests, and they do not lead to negative results whatsoever! Dyeing the hair is one of the myths believed to work. This will not clear any toxins from the hair unless while accompanied by other procedures like it is found in the jerry g method.

The other point is shaving the hair. Shaving your hair for an upcoming test will not only raise suspicions but may even lender you jobless from trying to escape the test. In case one has less or no hair on the head, the medics pick hair from other parts of the body.

Lastly, others say that using styling products will clean out hair toxins. Don’t get fooled by these mere myths which will cause you your job. There is a specific method that you can use to have your hair clean and ready for the test; that is, using the Macujo Method and certain products which will save your day.

The macujo method

The macujo method is among the methods used by marijuana users to clean their hair leaving it squeaky clean, toxins free. There are two methods used for the process, macujo being one of them and Jerry g method filling the other position.

Macujo is quite simple but has its repercussions since it may lead to hair damage. You need several ingredients and not less than three days to flush out the toxins. Not forgetting that you should stop using any drugs during the method.

If possible, quit using any substances days before starting your cleanse program to have it done with ease since there will be lesser THC metabolites in the hair.

Learn more about marijuana detox kits here.

Ingredients for the process

  • Hair Shampoo

Use the clean and clear deep cleansing with salicylic acid. The chemical element is what you need to flush out the toxins from the hair, and should not be missing in your shampoo. You have the option of using other shampoos containing the salicylic acid but the clean and clear shampoo has the best results.

  • Heinz Vinegar

You can get this brand anywhere from the stores and at your nearby shop. Heinz vinegar has about 5% acetic content, good enough for the process. Again, you can opt for any vinegar with acetic in it.

  • Liquid Detergent

The detergent for the procedure is tide laundry detergent. It is as well available in any stores and groceries.

  • Shower Cap

Protect your wet hair using a shower cap to avoid contaminating the hair as you wait for the shampoo and the vinegar to play their roles.

  • Rubber Gloves

Gloves are crucial when it comes to handling chemicals. The same case with the process, use rubber gloves while applying the ingredients on the hair.

  • Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

When it comes to this particular product, make sure you don’t fall for the wrong brand. You need the old formula of aloe toxin shampoo and not the new brand. The new brand is total crap and do not work at all. Buy old style aloe shampoo from reliable sources and specifically from the manufacturer.

  • Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

Zydot shampoo is part of the process. The old-style shampoo needs another shampoo like zydot to perfectly complete the process and the same case zydot shampoo cannot work on its own. You will get the original brand of zydot shampoo from a reputable source or directly from the manufacturer.

Step by step guide on macujo method

It is a seven-step process, easy to carry on but you may freak out from a simple mistake.

1: After learning about your upcoming drug test, avoid smoking or consuming any illicit substance. This is one way to start the cleanse process, and making it easier when it comes to the process itself by using the ingredients. The earlier you abstain from drugs, the sooner the toxins will be flushed out from the hair.

2: Rinse your hair with warm water. Make sure the hair is completely soaked from tip to the root and make every hair strand wet. At this point, apply the Heinz vinegar in the hair and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. You may experience some stinging due to the vinegar, but stay still, it is normal.

3: With the vinegar in the hair, apply clean and clear shampoo into the scalp. Give it a good massage to enable the scalp tingle.  After that, use your shower cap to cover your hair and leave it for one hour so that the vinegar and the clean and clear shampoo can complete their role. You can decide to do house chores or watch an episode. The hair will not be contaminated with the cap on.

4: Once the one hour is over, use warm water to rinse off your hair.

5: Shampoo your hair with the old style aloe shampoo. The same way you do it with your ordinally shampoo in your normal wash routines. Wash the hair twice and make sure you massage your scalp throughout to the hair tips.

6: Use the tide detergent to wash the hair and have it well scrubbed. Give your hair a thorough clean until you feel satisfied with it.  During the process, prevent the ingredients from reacting with the eyes, you can use goggles for this and remember to clean under the goggles strap on the hair.

7: The final step is where the zydot shampoo comes in.  shampoo the hair with the zydot and after the wash, rinse the hair with warm water.

Repeat the process for at least 5 times within 3 days. Do it with intervals of 10 hours or however you feel available. You can even repeat the process 10 times, it all depends on how much time you have.

Does macujo method work?

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From online reviews, the claims say that the macujo works. With the appropriate ingredients for the process, then you will be in apposition to clean the drug metabolites from your hair. It may not end up well especially to the hair since what comes along is hair damage.

Besides, the process may damage the scalp and the eyes in case the chemicals come into contact with the eyes; and that’s why you are always advisable to use the goggles during the process.

That said, the macujo method comes second after the jerry g method that takes the first position. The only thing with jerry g method is that it is cumbersome since it requires 10 days while the macujo only needs 3 days and even a day could work.

  • Involves less days of 3 to 1 day
  • Uses the tried and tested shampoos
  • Doesn’t require dyeing or hair bleaching
  • There is no proven scientific study behind it

Final Verdict

Passing a hair follicle test may be hard, but again with the appropriate method, you can achieve. Shaving your hair should never run in your mind especially with an upcoming test, that only raises eyebrows that you are trying to cheat the test.

Jerry g method is a lengthy formula but if at all you have the time, it works better and may not cause hair damage as it is the case with macujo. Again, jerry g method has a scientific proof that it is a reliable method.

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