Does Magnum Synthetic Urine Work For Drug Tests? Let’s unravel the dilemma

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Does your state allow for drug use? It all depends on what drugs. Marijuana is legal to some states and others is a turnoff. But despite the fact, you still get people smoking weed even though considered illegal.

Actually, most people consume the illicit substances, be it students or anyone in that case.  In one way or the other, you could be in a party, friends involving tete-a-tete, and probably that could be your day of getting a taste of your medicine or just for fun!

You will be perturbed and bewildered. This the case where you have to go through a drug test, but whatever you have been indulging in could really be a problematic situation. Drug tests are common in work places, schools, wardens just to mention a few.

If your test comes out positive, then you won’t escape facing the law. You may end up losing your job, facing imprisonment, unless your employee is lenient and maybe decides to give you a last chance. But what of your next test, a last chance? Definitely a NO!

What if you took a loan to finance your family and you end up losing a job from using drugs, that’s a thunder, especially if you depends on your job to pay off your loan within the estimated time.

On the other hand, you don’t feel like doing without a puff or two, during the weekends with the `boys’. Fun is good, but every action comes with repercussions, and of which you may not like.

There are several ways in which you can use to dodge a drug test. You could have heard of synthetic urine or detox formulas, and if not, then this is where you belong for knowledge. These methods are both useful depending on how close your test day is.

For synthetic urine, you can use it at any day but with detox processes, you need days to weeks to cleanse your system clean. In a nutshell, here you will learn specifically on synthetic urine; magnum detox synthetic urine.

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Magnum detox synthetic urine

The word magnum detox might be puzzling, but before going into details let’s clear that here, the focus is on the fake pee and not the detox drink. Just like other fake urine products, magnum detox also plays the role of beating any upcoming drug test; tension free.

It’s formulated to mimic the real human urine to avoid any suspicions in the testing facilities. Well, this comes true by administering it in the right conditions, and using trickery means to sneak it in.

Magnum contains creatinine, urea, vitamins, minerals, uric acid and these are not the limited ingredients. In short, it contains the elements that the facility will be testing for, and found in real urine.

What’s in the package?

Magnum detox comes with;

  • Vial of uric acid– this comes separate and all you need is to add it to the container with the fake urine. Uric acid is a crucial element tested in the lab, and not including it then you expect nothing but a test fail.
  • Heating pad- This is to warm up the sample. You cannot at all cost handle in a cold sample, no matter what choice of synthetic urine you have. You don’t pee a cold pee right? So should your fake be. Real urine ranges at a temperature ranging between 90-100F. Your fake sample should not be beyond or below that.
  • Fake pee container- This has the synthetic urine formula. This of course is the main thing that we need. A package of warmers alone will be of negative help. You should always ensure the sample is present in all your orders you make. But with the right sources, every component is included, avoid frauds.
  • Rubber band- You need to keep the sample warm longer before passing it in for testing. Attaching it nest to your body would be of help in maintaining the temperature of the sample. More so, reduce the cooling rate. That’s why you have the rubber band to keep it attached to the body. You can as well opt to use a waist belt either.
  • A set of instructions- you need this to guide you on how to go about it, with the mixing of uric acid and more.

 Does magnum works?

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Well, you don’t want to fail in that drug test. In current technology, laboratories has well emerged. You get that, some can even detect a fake urine, from their own knowledge.

If a company is not at par with the modern lab equipment, a product may become useless overtime. Having an improved formula with a product would do it a service and reduce the disservice to anyone using it.

Magnum has uric acid aside unlike other products where it comes with all the elements pre-mixed. With magnum, you have to be patient with yourself as you do the mixing, a littler mistake would cost you misfortune.

The product would work without the much modernized equipment. Unless you decide to use `a back door’ to pass your test, magnum detox will not work with improved machinery.

Could it be that the manufacture do not improve their formula? Or it’s during the mixing of uric acid that makes it not go through the high-tech equipment?

Following keenly the instructions would maybe be of key. Go with every step to T and have it in the right temperature, passing a drug test with the right synthetic urine should be a tick.

If you have to go through a drug test and in specialized facility, quick fix 6.2 synthetic urine is the recommendation. This product works like a charm.

The manufacturers’ gear at par with the recent technology and keeps improving their products formula. With magnum detox urine, it is not the best brand to fall for when it comes to drug screening test.


  • Readily convenient in market stores
  • Has a long shelf life of 24 months
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket friendly, prices vary with different seller
  • Cumbersome Preparation procedures since uric acid and the urine are separately packed, hence the mixing may even lead to mistakes
  • Mixed online reviews
  • Lots of product imitations from stores
  • Reheating it distorts the chemical composition

Faqs about synthetic urine

Q: what comprises of fake urine?

The best synthetic urine kits consists elements found in real pee. With the aim to fool any testing facilities, fake pee comes in pre-mixed or dehydrated form. All serves the same purpose, and only the preparation procedures that differs.

Q: For what purpose does it fulfill?

Synthetic urine has several uses. Apart from using it in drug tests, it is also used as animal repellents, pranks, scientific research and calibration of lab equipment.

The main purpose is to pass a drug test, most people will not tell you this. Fake urine requires little time to have it in place as compared to detox drinks and detox pills which requires a lengthy period for you to clean your system of toxins.

Q: For how long does fake pee last?

With the best brands, most goes for up to 2 years as long as it is not tampered with. The longevity of the product will depend on how best you store it.

Q: Is fake urine reusable?

No, under no circumstance should you re use any purchased urine. Although some brands have the guts to support the idea that it is well with reheating the brand for extra use, it is not that advisable.

Q: Can you add water or real urine in synthetic pee?

No, fake pee should be used as it is directly from the box, unless it is in dehydrated form and needs adding some prescribed water to have a solution. Otherwise adding more water to a premixed or powdered urine will only interfere with the chemical composition of the brand.

I case you feel that your sample is not enough, just purchase an extra bottle of the same brand. But mostly, the products comes with enough urine samples.

Q: Do all synthetic urine work?

Whether the product works or not depends on various things. First, which brand you go for, method of preparation and how you will sneak it in the laboratory. To be precise, first of all you need to have the best product for the process, then prepare it as instructed, ensuring the temperature is reading as required.

So, which is the best fake pee for a drug test?

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Above all, there is always the best! Quick fix synthetic urine is the best fake pee so far, with the highest number of success rate and positive reviews online.  Online remarks aside, I have passed a drug test using quick fix pee and that made me have total believe in this product.

The good part is that, despite going through a `tough’ test, I mean like the LabCorp, the results still comes out negative. The quick fix manufactures keep improving the formula of their products, making them different from other brands. If you have never tried it, then just know it is the best you can rely on.

  • Pass rate of 99.99%
  • Manufacturers are highly experienced and vetted for the role
  • Contains all elements tested in a lab like urea, uric acid and creatinine.
  • Easy preparation procedures as compared to magnum
  • Packed in different sizes to suit your needs.
  • Easy when purchasing from the manufacture since it is easily accessible
  • Can only be purchased directly from the manufacture. There are no authorized resellers of quick fix
  • Costly as compared to magnum detox urine

As compared to magnum, the difference has nothing closer to 1% difference, quick fix is unbeatable. Magnum has mixed online reviews and less impressive remarks. For you to achieve the best, you need the best fake pee.

Final Verdict

Beat your drug test easily. Purchase a synthetic urine kit, check for its shelf life, and follow the instructions as directed. Avoid your own preparations methods expecting a pass in your test. What you can decide to opt is your heating methods, but with preparations, the manufacturers has it right providing the instructions set.

As I wrap up, be wiser and go for what works. Quick fix will always save a day, it is a well-tested and formulated product, and its efficiency is 99.99%. I’ve not yet heard of any drug test fails with quick fix synthetic urine. That said, always consider purchasing it from their website. This will give you assurance of getting the best and original product.

Avoid all kinds of imitated products from retailers, you won’t have them to blame, after all after you failed a test, and you lose your job, you may as well blame them but consider themselves `just a seller and have nothing to do with product manufacturing. Avoiding such troubles is easy, visit their site and make your order.


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