Where To Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me: Recommended Online Stores and store locator

where to buy synthetic urine near me

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There is nothing disturbing like having a notice that requires you to have a drug test. Such is mind blowing especially if it is the first time to handle that. But, drug tests have been and will continue being in practice. I guess that should make you realize that you are not the first neither the last person to get involved.

So, call it part of the process, and by this I mean, if you intend to work with a certain company, then drug tests will be part and parcel. You will have to carry along with them as long as you are an employee. Most organizations carry out drug tests for new employees and as well to the existing ones. You cannot escape that, not unless you decide not to work with the company in question.

Hey! I don’t think you would decide to do away with a job just because of drug tests. How is that even possible? Look at it this way, you are the breadwinner of your family and everyone depends on you. Without your aid they starve, or you are in the process of making yourself a better version of yourself. You realize being employed is the only way out to fulfill all the needs. Therefore, no drug test should make you shiver!

That said, in case of a drug test, all you need is a synthetic urine to dodge the test or endorse in a detox process. Each of the process has its implications but that should not hinder you from making sure you pass a test. Upon realizing what you need, like for fake pee, you will have to purchase that and make preparations as intended.

Before mentioning where and how to acquire fake urine for a test, note that, buying urine for a drug test from shops can be the beginning of a fail in a test, the best method is buying from online, directly from the manufacturer. Read on to know where and how to locate the seller near you.

What is a drug test?

It is exactly as it sounds `drug test’. To be precise, drug test is done to determine whether you have drug strains in your system. It does not matter whether you use drugs on a daily basis or occasionally, a drug test will detect the presence of drug strains in the system.

Drug tests are of different types, and each with specific period under which it can detect toxins in the body. Namely: Urine tests commonly known as urinalysis, blood tests, hair tests, sweat and saliva tests respectively. Urinalysis is the most carried out, but still you can also land in any of the mentioned.

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Which is the best method to pass a drug test?

As mentioned earlier, fake pee and detoxing are the best ways to pass a drug test. Despite, it will depend on how much time left towards your test. To start with the detoxing, you will need 5 to 10 days to detox and have a clean system before the test.

Regardless of whether you took drugs like a week ago, if at all you chose to detox, then you will have to complete the process. There are detox drinks that supplements the natural body detox to clean your body of toxins.

Also, detox pills have the same role as detox drinks. The aim here is to detox, so either of the process can be comprehended.

The other method to go by is buying synthetic urine brand to beat a test. With this, you do not need days to have it set ready for the test, all you need is buy online and wait for it to be shipped. They are shipped the same day of order or overnight. It is the most convenient method compared to detox program, unless you have time and patient to complete the detoxing.

Well, if you decide to detox, make sure you do not skip a day without detoxing, you will have triggered the process and it might not work as expected. Plan on how best you are available and convenient enough to avoid late detox basis, plan a time schedule and try to have the same detoxing time intervals.

With fake pee, you have to know who is the seller and what product they sell, are they legit for a drug test? This kind of questions can only be cleared if and only if you do the necessary- buying from the manufacture.

Here are The Best Synthetic urine kits


Where to buy synthetic urine near me-with a bonus idea!

Whenever a drug test is due, at most cases you will need fake pee and with immediate effect. Not all the times, but sometimes it happens. Like you may need to submit urine for a test in 1 or 2 days’ time, that will need you to think outside the box and what runs in your mind is how to rush in the nearby shops checking for fake pee.

It is even weird going in and out in different shops asking for synthetic urine. Like, `hey! Do you sell fake urine?’ wait a minute do you even have the guts to ask that from your local store? You will never get fake pee from any local store.

There are specific places where synthetic urine can be found:

  1. Local Head shops – have readily available stock with cheap and questionable fake urine
  2. Online stores selling original fake pee- have fast shipping with the best synthetic urine brands.

Since all you need is a kit of fake pee in order to pass a test, all that is left is where to get it. Starting with:

#1. Online stores selling synthetic urine

The bonus tip comes in here, if at all you need the best, tried and tested fake pee, this is the place. Online buying will guarantee a lot of benefits than buying from head shops. By the way, 90% of people buy synthetic urine online. This is why:

  • They stock and sell the best fake pee
  • Fast shipping conditions since they know fake pee is always urgently needed
  • No time wastage running from shop to the other just to acquire urine
  • There is privacy for discreet buying
  • Convenient at any time

Regardless of whether your test is immediate, online shopping will always come in at its best, particularly on online stores that stock fake pee. Below are the top 3 online stores that sells reliable urine for drug tests.

Quick Fix Synthetic

Quick fix is one of the most reliable manufactures of fake pee. With them manufacturing the best urine known as quick fix urine and also quick clear detox drink. The good thing with quick fix is that they keep on improving the formula of their brands in order to be at par with the upcoming lab technologies.

In other words, the testing facilities nowadays even tests for any preservatives in fake urine as a way but catch up with anyone trying to cheat a test with fake pee. Not only that, they also test for elements such as urea, uric acid, creatinine just to mention a few. Luckily, quick fix urine has no preservatives just as the real urine.

With 100% customer satisfactory guarantee service, discreet packaging, and balanced urine Ph, quick fix retains as among the best online seller.

Test Negative

Test negative is another bang when it comes to selling reliable urine brands. They sell kits such as the sub solution and quick luck urine, which are among the best fake pee. Just like quick fix, they have a fast shipping procedure and sells brands that are reliable for a urinalysis.

Sub solution urine  has 100% effectiveness. It is a tried and tested brand, toxin free and undetectable. That way, making it my option 1 for drug test. Buy your kit of sub solution from the manufacturer.


Test Clear

Here, you will get THC detox kits, hair and saliva drug test brands. Apart from that, they also sell test clear powdered urine which is an alternative for premixed urine. To avoid being a copycat, test clear serves the same as other online stores named above, from offering reliable products to fast shipping.


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The idea is not just buying fake urine online, the point is, from who? Buy from the mentioned stores and not from stores like:

  1. Amazon
  2. EBay
  3. Walmart
  4. And/or any other store

The reason, is these sites may have acquired products at a liquidation sale and they are likely to be expired and selling a different product all together. These sites will claim that the products are authentic and legitimate. Leave alone that, some even go ahead and print fake batches.

Some people buying from them report of acquiring of a direct product, same packaging but very different quality. You will be the victim from buying in amazon or any other store, and you will reap the consequences for being a cheap stake since they may sell at cheaper prices.  Unless you are buying fake urine for other uses, avoid other sellers but buy directly from the manufacture for drug tests purpose.

In other cases, for one reason or the other, you may decide to buy synthetic urine form your nearby shop. Well known as head shops!

2. Head shops

Head shops stocks fake pee bottles, and in states where cannabis is legalizes, you may still find it in these head shops. It is not always that you will find the fake pee that you need, so you may get yourself bumping into different shops to satisfy your need.

Well, fortunately you may get stock of synthetic urine like quick fix and extras, but the question is, are these brands original? How well does the seller know about the urine in question? Do they have protocols like money back guarantee in case the brand failed? All in all, you may end up trapped in thoughts but you will still get fake urine in head shops.

Most of the head shops sell fake urine at cheaper costs. To some point, you may have no option but buy from them although the urine is of lower quality, so you can be expecting anything from the testing facility, and test fail takes the bigger share.

To save time going to different shops, you can just check on their contacts and inquire whether they stock the urine of your taste; it is much easier that way.

If you have a test in 2 days onward, it is always best if you order synthetic kit online. You will have it shipped before two days, actually do not be surprised if you receive it the same day you placed your order.

How to locate head shops near you

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Search on Google `head shops near me’. This will give you target locations on any shops near you that stocks synthetic urine. Check on what they stock and see if they have fake pee, also check on the shops images to familiarize with them.

For quick search, there is web site known as weed maps that helps you to quickly locate any head shop. If at all you can’t easily locate a head shop, weed-maps is a great platform that aids at locating that you need. Additionally, there is a platform under which you can review customers experience with synthetic urine from a specific shop.

Once you locate several head shops, head to each one of them, inquire on whether they stock urine that contains uric acid, creatinine and that is similar to real urine. It is not just about finding an ideal head shop, remember, lab technicians have the ability to detect fake pee and whether it is in the right temperature.

If you are not careful enough, you may land on expired product, it is not a new thing, and just it is the same case with any other outlet. Products may expire and since the retailer all he or she needs is profit, they may still sell you the gone bad brand.

Most retailers will not be responsible for that especially when you walk out of the store and note that later, they will not accept the brand once you return it back. Check on the shelf life before leaving the store to avoid misunderstandings later on.

If the head shop owner has little knowledge concerning fake pee, and especially for the purpose of a drug test, then you might be in the wrong place. Unless you are familiar with how the fake pee should be prepared for a test. Read more on the best synthetic urine and how to go about them, ready for a drug test.

Final verdict

With such knowledge, you can now acquire fake pee at ease and from a reliable seller. Sub solution is my recommendation as the best fake pee for a drug test. All you need is follow instructions while preparing it and rest assured of passing the test.

While submitting urine for a test, the required temperature of 90-100F is of key. Compose yourself and you will walk out of the testing facility smiling, having passed a test.

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