Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Review: Is It Among the Reliable Fake Pee?

ultra pure synthetic urine

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Toiling hard up to wee hours is the routine for anyone starving for success. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or a veteran whatsoever; aiming higher persists. After several attempts for job applications, and finally, you receive an email inviting you for an interview for a lucrative job. Your first impression is to applaud yourself, get excited, and tell everyone from your yard how good is your Lord, and you seem holier than thou. What a bliss!

As you read through your interview letter, you realize apart from carrying your credentials with you, a drug test is part-and-parcel, and in particular, should read negative for you to acquire the job.

It is not the time to give up, but you have to develop ideas on how possible you will manage and not lose the position since you are a regular smoker. If this would be your first time to go through a drug test, then for sure, you must be perturbed and wondering where to start.

Perhaps you have gone through several drug tests from your previous working organizations or so. Bravo! Then the task becomes easy for you. But regardless of whether you are a newbie or have gone through a drug test, you should always act relaxed and ready to finagle the task ahead.

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Using fake pee to dodge the test is one of the main methods used. There are different brands, but let’s see how ultra-pure synthetic urine makes ends meet!

How Can I Pass a Drug Test?

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Whether you have a drug test in one day or in a few days , beating the test is easy. There is a myriad of ways to go about it. Detox drinks and pills are one way you can apply in any drug test; they act as supplements to fasten the natural body detox.

In case you decide to go for a natural detox, and this time without any supplements, then you will require not less than a month to detox the toxins of the body.

The natural way of detoxing may not always work if your test is in a few days. If your aim is to flush out marijuana from the system, note that it is the most problematic drug to detox, so you will need a more reliable method to pass the test.

While on detox formula, you need to observe your eating habits, enroll in body exercises, and have enough sleep. With some job positions, you realize none of the above would apply. That’s why they use of synthetic urine is the way out unless you have the time to detox and instill discipline while on detox formula.

With detox drinks, you cannot cut corners; you have to follow detox formula from day 1 to the final day. For instance, with a 10-days procedure, you have to stick to that until the days are over, blimey! That’s too much. Well, you have no option.

If you need an easier method to pass a drug test, you have to choose the easiest way. Synthetic urine beats all work super, even on emergency tests. To point out, if the interview is in a few days and you realize you have no time to detox, then all you will need is synthetic urine to win the job.

You need to be smart; despite your qualifications, being caught under drugs’ influence will be the fate for you from stepping into the company as an employee.

What is ultra-pure synthetic urine?

Ultra-pure synthetic urine is pre-mixed urine with a resilient of real human urine. It is manufactured by the Ultra Klean for over two decades now in service. Ultra klean has a line of manufacturing detox drinks and pills ( check on the top brands here) such as mouthwash cleanser. Also, they are not left out in the line of detox shampoos (read more), to mention a few.

Ultra-pure is formulated to mimic the real urine in all the components tested in a lab. Just as real urine, ultra-pure has creatinine, uric acid, specific gravity, and that’s not the limit. In the same way, the brand has urea, which is the main ingredient. Lab equipment looks for such elements, and without urea, it’s definitely a test fail.

Ultra klean has the guts that this urine product is awesomely good since it’s also used in calibrating lab equipment and urine kits. The brand is only backed by the industry and has a 500% money-back guarantee, just in case the product didn’t work or other reasonable factors along.

It’s a unisex product, in that both males and females can use it for any test.

Let’s unwrap the package

The kit comes with a range of components you all need during the testing day.

  • A 2 fluid Oz bottle

It is the main item in the package. The bottle contains the pre-mixed fake urine formula, enough for your test. However, that is not a limited amount since they also have a 4 Oz fluid bottle.

  • A heating pad

Despite having a wholly peachy product, the temperature at which you administer your sample for test matters. Real urine ranges between 90-100 Fahrenheit, and so should your fake pee. That’s why the ultra klean have with you a heating pad to keep the sample warm.

  • Temperature strip

The strip will enable you to monitor the temperature rate of your sample. You need to present your sample at the same temperature as real urine to fool the lab techs.

  • A rubber band

This helps you attach the bottle against the heating pad and again intact your body. You need it close to your body to ensure the sample remains at the body temperature and avoid cooling to room temperature.

Points to remember while using ultra-pure urine

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Wrong temperature is a major downfall in your test. Regardless of having the very best product, an inaccurate temperature reading may raise red flags, and the lab techs may suspect you are using fake urine to cheat a test.

While submitting the ultra-pure urine for testing, always recheck the sample’s temperature reading, as named above, should have the same reading as real human urine.

If, in any case, your sample is above the required range, allow it to cool before transferring it to the lab’s collection cup. Again, if the sample is below, use the heating pad to warm it up; consider also having it attached to your body underneath your clothes; this way it will heat up faster.

Some tests are supervised to prevent any fraud acts. Check these kits on how you can comfortably carry and switch your sample unnoticed.

For one reason or another, your test may as well get postponed. Since you already had the brand, you need to store it at room temperature, away from sunlight. Freezing is still an option but not recommendable. Keep the sample well sealed to avoid any reaction with air since the elements may possibly break down.

Ultra-pure urine has a shelf life of 3 years. With proper storage, the product will still be useful. Once you open the bottler, use it within the first 7 days; otherwise, it may get bad or reduce its efficacy rate.

The downside part of the product is that it has limited shipping. The product will not be delivered in states like Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. While purchasing the product, buy it directly from the manufacture to escape fake and imitated products from cartels.

Don’t be a cheapskate, and get attracted to cheaper brands; it will cost you. Some retailers will have a fake product with a lower price to attract you. As it’s the saying, cheap is expensive, you may end up losing your job and starting all over again, facing imprisonment, paying court penalties, and such.



Step by step guide on how to use ultra-pure synthetic urine

You can’t just bump into a testing facility with the product. You need a few steps on how to prepare for the test. The package has a set of instructions, but this has been made easier for you. Follow the below steps.

  1. After unwrapping your package, shake the sample well for a uniform distribution of the formula. Heat it in a microwave for about 10 seconds. If you don’t have the microwave, use the heating pad. It will take around 45 to 55 minutes to attain the right temperature.
  2. Use a temperature strip to check the temperature of the solution. Attach it to the bottle, and the sample should read 90-100F. Use the heating pad to keep the sample warm. It maintains the sample’s temperature for up to 6 hours.
  3. Place the sample against your body. Underneath your clothes, on your upper thigh, or somewhere you are comfortable with.
  4. Before submitting for testing, using a temperature strip, make sure it’s in the said temperature. Not too hot, neither too cold.
  5. Now, shake it once more to have the bubbles’ appearance look like real urine. Now pour it in the collection cup, should not be too much of it and not little amount to avoid any suspicions. 2-3 oz is enough.

This all you need. Drug test fails comes as a result of using a fake product or not following instructions as instructed.

Does ultra pure synthetic urine work?

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Ultra-pure works, but with the upcoming technologies, the product at times may fail. Why this? You get to see that the lab equipment keeps improving in terms of testing capability. So, if you submit a low-quality product, then be ready for a test fail. Otherwise, this would be hindered if the manufacturers keep improving their formula on the product to keep it par with the equipment.

Ultra-pure has different reviews online. Some claim that the heating pad is not reliable in keeping the sample warm, the temperature strip is inaccurate. The temperature does not mix well after shaking. Well, could be it be that the product is not real? Is it that people don’t follow instructions? Or maybe buying a fake product from resellers?

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unisex
  • Easy for use
  • Limited shipping
  • Not reliable with advanced technology

Writer’s opinion

Going down in flames in a drug test is a seizure. Bearing in mind you spent your time and money on a synthetic product, and now the next thing is you losing your job. When it comes to the choice of synthetic urine, there is no room for poor product recommendations. Therefore, I can’t recommend ultra-pure fake pee as your choice of urine to submit for a drug test!

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Final Verdict

If you need a chiefly transcendent test, one with no flaws, go for Quick fix 6.2 synthetic urine. It is the best fake pee so far, of which it can withstand even the significantly improved testing facilities like LabCorp with modern equipment.

The manufacturers of quick fix urine keep improving the formula and quality of the brand over time to be at par with the rising technology. Quick fix has excellent reviews, it is 99.99% reliable, and works like the brand it is when it comes to fooling a urine test.

Therefore, get an assurance guarantee of a 100% pass in a test with quick fix 6.2. All you have to keep in place is ensure it’s in the right conditions. Sleep soundly, ready for a test the next day.

Have a quality product, and you will walk out of the testing facility having passed your test. A quality product may cost you an extra penny, but worth it. Avoid crying your eyes out having failed a test, out of cheap unreliable products. Go for the best!

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