UPass Synthetic Urine Review: Does It Work for Drug Tests?

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Bumping into someone smoking or under control of a drug is nothing extraordinary. Such has been occurring all over the world and so, that will make no difference today. The apple never falls far from the tree; you probably have inherited the family norms, doing it since your father or grandpa does it. Everyone has an excuse to give to cover up their queer behaviors.

It comes to the attention that what you do during your weekends would somewhat affect you, like losing a job! Are you a barrel of a laugh? That your friends cannot hold any party without you? Well, maybe you perk up everyone. If you are aware of drug tests, then you must have come along Upass synthetic urine.

Nobody would imagine losing a job from a mere drug test that indicated your drug usage. It is possible, no option, but you will reap the fruits. Maybe you are wiser, and you decide to have the Sundays free of drugs to replenish ready for another working week.

Are you your boss’s best? And that without you in the company, something would go astray? Maybe this would favor you. Wait, forget about the deal! You will still have to go through a drug test, and as the rules entail, a positive drug test equals a firing note. You are not spared whatsoever.

Look at it this way, you are your family’s breadwinner and depended on bringing bacon home. At the same time, you are a party goer, and smoking marijuana is part of the program. At your workplace comes a drug test memo and to be done in a day.

If you have been through a drug test, you may have tried some of the best synthetic urine kits to beat a test, or maybe you were drug-free and with courage submitted your clean urine. Honestly, no pure urine to trust for a test. Cooldown and try the upass synthetic urine to beat the test.

Have you tried upass synthetic urine?

Upass fake pee is one of the brands you can use to pass your upcoming drug test. If you are a smoker, grabbing synthetic urine is always a top decision. Why? It is the fastest and easiest method compared to switching to detox programs.

Despite you having a cast-iron stomach, well external consequences can slam you. If you are caught under the influence of any drugs, which are not allowed, you may suffer harm; losing your job would be the next thing, and you may end up behind bars.

Anyone, at any time, is an anorak and would want to try out any new thing, maybe smoke for the first time and experience the feeling. Well, what would follow after that would mess you up. If you are in such a situation, be it being a newbie in drugs or a regular user, all you need is a quality synthetic urine kit. You have what you need, so the ball is in your court.

Upass synthetic urine is fake urine formulated to look exactly like real human urine. It’s fetish urine or novelty use only. It resembles the real urine in its composition, being foolproof to passing a test. In the past years, this brand has positive reviews to have helped a few during their drug test. Just as the previous version 8.3 pass is composed of;

  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Specific human urine gravity
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium chloride
  • Human urine color and smell
  • Real urine Ph level

What’s in the Upass Urine Kit?


The kit comes with;

  • 3 Oz bottle compositing fake urine
  • A rubber band
  • A heating pad/hand warmer
  • A temperature strip
  • An instructions set

It’s not a surprise to get these in the package, but it would, by not getting any of them. Most kits come with such maybe a few differences in terms of preparation procedures, especially with the powdered urine.

Since upass is premixed urine, you only need to get it to the right temperature and have it ready for testing. Expect to get the above set of combinations with our product in question.

Step by Step Guide On How to Use Upass Synthetic Urine

The kit comes with a set of instructions. Well illustrated and easy to follow to T. We have as well simplified all for you. Follow the below before submitting your sample for lab testing.

  1. First and foremost, activate the warmer. Do this before heating your urine sample for it to warm up.
  2. Heat the bottled urine sample in a microwave. This should go for about 10 seconds. Avoid heating it in much heat to avoid distorting the chemical composition of the urine.
  3. Use the temperature strip to check the temperature rate of the urine. Real human urine ranges between 94-100F, and so should be the case with your urine.
  4. If the temperature is below that, microwave the urine again for 5-10 seconds. If the sample had surpassed the temperature range, allow it to cool until you attain the correct degree.
  5. Now attach the bottle to the heating pad using a rubber band. Again, have it intact with your body. This will enable the sample to retain the temperature to body temperature.
  6. Now while at the testing facility, recheck the temperature of the urine. Before you handle in your sample, shake it to produce foam and appear like real human urine.

You are wiser! Buy your upass urine from the manufactures website. It gives credits and assurance of having the original product.


There are many counterfeit products from resellers, and it would be hard to identify a fake brand since the imitation is very close to the actual product. Buying from the maker saves everything!

Points to Remember While Using Upass Fake Urine


Just as any other fake pee, the temperature should not be different from real urine. It doesn’t matter the choice of your urine, but the temperature should read 94-100F. Above or below, that will create suspicions of having a fake pee for the test. Upass as well should follow suit, make use of the temperature strip to check the temperature.

The heating pad will help in keeping the sample warm up to 8 hours before cooling down. Additionally, I would recommend that you have the sample attached to your body. This a natural additional heat source and will keep the brand at the required temperature, the same temperature as your body.

Besides, this method hinders the urine from cooling in case the heating pad fails. You can place it underneath your clothing and have it well concealed. You don’t want the lab techs to catch up with you having a fake sample.


You need to be careful while warming the sample. The maximum at which you should have it is around 10 seconds. At times you may get that the urine didn’t reach the required temperature within 10 seconds. You can reheat it, but this time, less than 10 seconds. Why is this?

Having the sample heat longer will make the sample deform its composition. Some elements may become inactive, and this will lead to a test fail. Besides, there may be evaporation, and to some point, the mixture may separate and even after shaking it, the elements may not form again to the original one.


Once you open your sample, you only have 7 seven days to have used it before it becomes useless. Once you buy the product, keep it tightly closed and open only when you transfer it to the lab’s collection cup. Keeping it open will have it react with oxygen rendering it ineffective.

At times, you may have your test postponed. In case you had bought the sample, you need to store it at room temperature. Store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Sun-rays may break down the urine elements, which will definitely lead to a test fail.

Can a lab Test Detect the Upass Urine?

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No improved lab with tenuous equipment. During a urine lab test, you get to see that certain elements are tested to conclude that it is real urine. If one of the elements misses, that would be a red flag that the sampled urine is fake.

  • Creatinine

Creatinine levels of fake urine should be the same as that of real human urine. Upass urine has the correct amount of creatinine to heed to lab expectations. These levels are estimated over 15mg/kg of one’s body weight.

  • Uric acid and urea

Notably, these are vital components in any synthetic urine. The labs always test for them in any submitted urine sample. Lack of their presence will lead to a drastic test fail. Not only that, but creating suspicions of cheating in a test. Luckily, upass has this sorted. Uric acid and urea have the right amount in the composition.

  • Ph level and specific gravity

Having a sample with an optimal ph level is one way to fool any testing. Upass urine has the right ph of 4.8-8.1, which corresponds to real human pee value.

  • Color and smell

We all can attest to the color and odor of human urine. Upass urine has the same characteristic. It’s clear no urine is different from the other, so it should be with any fake pee. Upass has the right composition and, while shaken, produces foam like urine.

  • Temperature

Real urine ranges within 94-100F. You have to submit a sample in that range.

Well, that does not prove that lab testing cannot detect a fake pee. You need to follow instructions carefully while making your preparations. You cannot expect an A score while having wrong answers on your answer sheet. Long story short, submit a sample in the right conditions and no chance of any detection.

So, is Upass the Product for me?

There are so many fake pee products. And some being overrated only to disappoint you and tame your efforts useless. The lab techs have outshined their testing way, and they know people also try to fool them out. Unless the testing facility you will submit urine for testing is way back in terms of technology, then upass will be a turn off for you in a modernized lab.

Labs like LabCorp will catch up with any upass urine user. With this, I would highly recommend you go for Quick fix 6.2 urine, which is the game changer! Quick fix has passed tests in LabCorp, came out undetected and with negative results. I’m recommending it from my experience with it.

What’s the Secret?

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In most labs, apart from testing for real urine elements, they have become smarter to even testing for any preservatives. Human urine has no preservatives, and so, someone is in the catch here! Upass urine has a preservative to have it stay longer without going bad.

Upass has biocides as the preservative, as is the case with most products, not necessarily synthetic urine products. Upass Tests involving LabCorp, tests for biocides preservatives. Here, this brand is disregarded.

Therefore, we don’t want you to get over-excited about this brand. Modernized labs will detect not only the urine compliments but also the presence of any preservatives. Therefore, I cannot recommend using upass in such situations. It’s not a guaranteed none-detection formula.

Upass Will Fail in a LabCorp Test; What Do I Need?

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The idea is, you can use upass urine for a test, only if your testing facility is not of high standards, in the case where the medics only tests for components found in human urine. That way, you can get assured of a pass.

Keep off upass away from LabCorp. You cannot dip both legs in a river without knowing the depth; otherwise, you might drown. First, learn where you will be going for the test, second decided what fake pee suits you. To be on the safest side, go for the best product to replicate the best results.

It is Not That Useless! Other Uses are:

Just like other fake pee, upass as well has other uses. And by the way, using upass urine for drug tests is not the primary purpose. Other uses including but unlimited to:

  • Pranks: A fake urine may be termed as unreliable until you think of pranking your friends. It may turn out nasty until they realize it was fake urine. Be careful with the scene.
  • Fetish play: exactly how the product is meant for. After all, everyone knows that the product can be used to cheat a urinalysis.
  • Animal repellent: May the wild animal (or pets) take over your backyard at their own risk.
  • Laboratory testing: the production of diapers, sanitary towels may involve fake urine samples to test their capabilities. Credibly smart, right?


Q; Is Upass a Unisex Product?

Yes! Well formulated to cater for all. Upass can be used by anyone and at any time. All you need is to prepare it well as instructed and smile out of the testing facility smiling.

Q; What Other Methods Can I Use to Pass a Drug Test?

There are many ways to kill a rat. With passing any drug test, you can detox using detox formulas or have a natural body detox. These two will keep you free of any toxins in your system. But, the procedures take longer to have it done.

Natural detox lasts up to weeks, even to a month, depending on your smoking habits. If your test is in a few days, then synthetic urine will be the option.

Q; Can I Use Upass and I Take Nicotine?

There have been complaints that this urine type does not work in a nicotine drug test—mixed reviews concerning the idea. No well-known reason behind this, but upass has been used in most drug testing and yielding a pass.

Q; Can I Reheat the Upass Synthetic Urine Multiple Times?

Avoid it at all costs. Heating it repeatedly will affect the chemical composition, and the elements may separate. If you have to heat it in a microwave, heat it at low heat with intervals of 10 seconds ( as mentioned earlier). It is different with quick fix urine whereby, reheating several times do not affect its’ make.

Final Verdict

Synthetic urine has been in use for so many years, others with test fails and others passing the impediment. It depends on what type of brand you have, how you prepare the sample, and where the test takes place.

Upass has yet been on the top in its efficiency, but if its’ formula is well upgraded, then it would work better and range higher above average.

Therefore, I would not recommend using upass as your best choice of synthetic urine. Quick fix has been and is the best product to grab. I’m not disregarding upass, but remember it has conditions, and it is not the case with quick fix urine.

You may be subjected to a modernized facility, you have the above information, and you now know well what product you need. Don’t be a daredevil and ruin your day with unreliable products. Unless the testing facility is way behind in terms of technology-wise, then upass will save your butt!

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