The Best Synthetic Urine Belts: Sneak in the fake pee unnoticed.

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There are things we can’t escape—one of such being drug tests. Drug tests are part of anyone employed; the self-employed are kind of lucky. Despite being own boss, you may, in one way or another, land a lucrative job.

You cannot assume that since no penny is ever enough. There’s always the urge for more; therefore, you will definitely need more hustle sources. In that case, drug testing is inescapable for almost everyone.

Tests have been in practice for decades. At first, it was a catchment trick to catch up with drug users (learn how to pass a marijuana test here). Most people often lost their jobs, others imprisoned and going through court fines. If you had a drug test in a week and consume drugs like heroin and marijuana, you will seldom pass a clean urine sample.

Marijuana shows traces for more than a week, despite whether you are a light user or a heavy user. More so, it would depend on your body mass; THC in marijuana is fat-soluble.

The good news is that nothing is impossible; lack of knowledge makes things appear impossible. Over time, companies have come up with an aid idea to help people pass their drug tests despite being under any drugs. They have been manufacturing synthetic urine, urine belts to sneak in the fake pee for a cheat a drug test. In addition to that, detox drinks and pills also have been of great help.

Well, solution solved? Don’t yet get flattered. To pass a drug test, you need to have a quality, tried and tested synthetic urine. There are counterfeit products in the market, and you will only get a legit product direct from the manufacturer.

What about the detox plans? It takes a detox plan relatively longer, and you may not have completed the detox process prior to your test day. The best option for a short period of drug test notice is to go for synthetic urine.

Now you are way better, having synthetic urine of your choice. All you need to sneak in the sample is a synthetic urine belt.  Comprehend more on the top-notch urine belts that you can order. Be smart in this!

A urine belt is a device that will enable you to sneak in your sample to the testing facility comfortably. Not only that, it will help you pass your urine through a tube in case you are being supervised.

Nowadays, the labs are getting wiser, and they are clued up that people submit fake urine samples for testing. They, therefore, campaign at supervising you while you pee. That’s where the urine belt comes in. It’s designed to enable you to dispense your sample without getting caught.

Without the urine belt, you may be in an awkward way while you’ll need to pass the pee. You will have to carry it in your pocket or in a bag. Security checkup may not be the setup area but probably in the lab. You honestly will not have the guts to remove your sample of fake urine and transfer it in a lab test container, and in that case, while being supervised. It’s even un-imaginable.

A urine belt will always be a savior for such circumstances. It’s not a must that you are supervised, but no matter what, have a belt with you in case the unexpected happens. A perfect belt should possess palpable properties like;

  • Must fit properly, be it on the thigh or at the waist
  • Carry the urine pump or the pouch in a safety measure
  • Should not be doubtful, neither should it be seen

Check below on the essential parts of the whole thing!

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The synthetic urine belts

The urine belt should be reliable and top-notch. It shouldn’t be noticeable at any cost. It’s designed up to 40 inches waist, hence the need to know your waistline for that purpose.

Alternatively, you can still wear it on your thigh, wherever you feel more comfortable and more effortless in passing the pee. Another critical point, it should safely accommodate the storage pouch.

Depending on what time you will go through the test, having the belt underneath your clothes, and maybe longer, you will need to get a well-fitting belt. If you are beyond the said waistline, don’t panic, the leg strap will turn out perfect for you.

The pouch/pump

This another part of the urine belt; it acts as an artificial bladder. With the pump, you should be in a position to dispense the sample easily. It will make you appear as if you are peeing normally, under the eyes of a supervisor. Other belts come with a genitalia-like prosthetic penis, and you will have it leisurely passing the urine.

The pump should not only be a reservoir for urine but should be in a position to keep it warm. More to that, you should not have difficulties passing the urine with the pump. You also need to give a clean sample, so should the pump take the role of ensuring that your synthetic urine sample is not prone to any contaminants.

The fake urine

Some of these urine belts have a urine sample inclusive, both pre-mixed and dehydrated. The kind of urine determines whether you will pass the test or fail. Quality matters! Always keep that in mind. A good urine sample should meet all the qualities of real human pee.

  • The color. The fake pee should mimic the same color as real urine, yellowish appearance.
  • Create foam while shaken.
  • While tested, it should have creatinine, uric acid, be in the night temperature (90-100F), certain pH level, and the list is not limited.

For you to pass that urine test, you will need the best and do the best. You will find different urine belts with urine anywhere in the market, even at your closest store. Please don’t get a bit lazy or get deceived; they will only cost you a few dollars but end up costing your whole life afterward. Get the best of best urine belts from the best manufacturers.

The best urine belts with the best urine samples.

1. Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

This is among the smashing fake urine belts you can pin one’s hope on. It’s so efficient, with a 99.99% pass rate. It has been in use for years, and excellent testimonials have proven how great and reliable it is.

It’s safe and as well user friendly for anyone, be it the first time or used to it over time. The kit comes with a sample of the best synthetic urine.

With the kit, it’s ready for use it direct from the box. With the full kit, you will have to pay an extra cost, unless you are buying a synthetic urine sample alone. It will depend on you, you could probably have used the kit severally, and in that case, you don’t have to purchase another urine belt kit.

Not unless the previous kit is spoiled; otherwise, it’s reusable (the belt only). Dispose of the used synthetic urine.

Unwrap the package

  • Quick-Fix Synthetic Urine (here is the full review)
  • Vinyl bag
  • Universal belt
  • Sticky heat pad
  • Temperature strip
  • Elastic cotton strip
  • A set of instructions

Labs keep improving their formulas over time, the same case as the quick fix does. The aim is to ensure it’s in line with spectrum labs. Quick fix belt and, in particular, urine has been improved in quality for you to have the best out of a stressful upcoming test.

The urine is a rest assured sample, convenient and reliable than you can imagine.

The manufacturer has it in the best condition and prevents contamination during processing, from the vinyl bag, the medical graded pouch, and the upgraded synthetic urine.

The belt is well-fitting, non-allergic to the skin, and cannot tear. The material made of is irresistible. From my recommendation, it’s the best urine belt you can trust


  • Medical graded materials. Hence 0% contamination rate.
  • Solid and a lab certified fake pee
  • Adjustable belt waist size for anyone
  • Ready for use, right out of the box
  • Reusable bag (not the urine)


  • The synthetic urine is not reusable

2. Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt

Another choice is the monkey whizz belt. It could be worrying trying something new, without any history of it, with monkey whizz, it has been of service for more than 15 years now. It is a no doubt device in relying on it for your drug test.

With the satisfying online testimonials, it has also proven to be among the best from persons one on one testimonies.

The kit comes with synthetic urine included, manufactured by the monkey business. Notably, the belt can maintain the urine sample warm up to 8 hours ahead cooling down to room temperature. The synthetic urine in the kit is a proven sample, categorizing it as a reliable and realistic synthetic urine.

Unwrap the package

  • Pre-mixed synthetic urine sample
  • Temperature strip
  • Adjustable tube
  • Adjustable stretchy belt
  • Heating pads (two)
  • A set of instructions

All this is simple to use. Start up the heat pad, have it attached to the urine belt. The downside part of the kit is that you cannot re-use it. Also, avoid reheating the urine to avoid any contaminations with the urine sample. Again, make sure you submit the urine at the required temperature, to mention, 90-100F.

Let’s talk of the tube, and this is where you down dispense the sample through. It’s adjustable, making it easier for you. Have time as you set up your plan, an hour before your test, at least have it all in place.


  • Ready for use, right out of the box
  • Adjustable waist size
  • Transcendent unisex synthetic urine


  • Not reusable

3. WizClear's Synthetic Urine Belt

To start with, the wiz clear belt does not come with a sample of fake urine. Here you will need to purchase them separately. If you have synthetic urine with you, then what’s remaining is the delivery system, particularly the belt.

The belt is designed to replicate urinating for easy passing of your urine. It’s a problem-solving device you need; passing urine under supervision.

Unwrap the package

  • Medical graded bag
  • Temperature strip
  • Syringe
  • Heat pack
  • A set of instructions

The belt is well designed to cater for different tasks. You can as well fill up the belt with other liquids apart from pee, depending on what you are up to.

NB; the manufacturers make it for novelty use only; in case you decide to use it, you need to be careful enough. In any case, you may opt for any other method.

If you have the best synthetic urine and confident enough, this a charming device to use for any reason. It will keep the urine sample up to the required temperate and maintain it warm up to 8 hours before it cools down.


  • Medical graded bag to avoid contaminations
  • Reusable
  • Available for refill with any other liquids apart from synthetic urine
  • Easy for use


  • A sample of fake pee is not include
  • Purpose for novelty use

You are now wiser; that’s our top pick and the best urine belts you need. To be precise, make sure you have the best synthetic urine and the best urine belt, they make cause you extra cash, but all worth it.

That’s not enough; for you to pass a drug test, the sample you submit should always range at the required temperature, cold urine will only be a turn off as you receive positive results.

Urine belts are comprehensible, and you can pass your urine test at a go. Unfortunately, you cannot use the belt for other drug tests such as hair, blood, or saliva. You need to know what kind of drug test is awaiting. While using the belt, you need to be smart about how you stack up against your things.

Does synthetic urine belts work?

question, doubt, problem

Yes, they do, and that goes hand in hand with selecting the best kit for the best results you are expecting. The key to passing is reading the instructions carefully and to the T. Every package contains a set of instructions on how to go about everything.

You can’t afford to buy the best urine belt kit and fail to follow instructions. No magic will happen.

After following instructions and submitting your sample, don’t just get over-excited and think now it’s time to dispose of your stuff. Submitting a urine sample may not be enough for the facility. They may follow up to the dumping area for fake urine traces, such as the fake pee bags.

All you need to do, it’s simple, carry it back home. If it’s not reusable, now you can dispose of it.

For your urine sample to work, you need to submit it with their content without adding any other thing, for instance, water or your real urine. That’s the reason the belt is pre-loaded; no more additives are required.

The most key idea, you need to be calm all through the process. You may raise flags to the lab techs from your nervous reaction. In the first place, it could be a non-supervised test, but due to your awkward reaction, you may end up being supervised.

The important thing here is for you to retain your job or pass an Interview, be calm and bold for that no matter what!

Final Verdict

Passing a drug test is easy; you don’t have to panic in case you have an upcoming test. Know precisely what you need for the day. A synthetic urine belt should never be a miss. It works perfectly for any supervised tests, and in that case, without being caught.

Losing a job could turn things into the most unexpected, and that’s why we care. We give you the best information, guide you on what to go for and what not. That said, our top pick is quick fix synthetic urine belt. You are set to go; play your cards well!


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