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In most states and workplaces, drug tests are of no bizarre. It is done regularly or in fulfillment of an organization’s terms and conditions. A certain percentage of people consume drugs, and it could be once in a while, daily or whatsoever. It’s a common thing to me, you, or anyone else. Rarely could we have someone confess being 100% perfect, fiddle-fit.

In any case you have an upcoming drug test, you subsequently need to think outside the box. Who would at any cost afford to lose their job? Unless you are oblivious of the synthetic urine kits to cover up your test, among them being monkey whizz. If you have not come across one at all, you probably have heard about it on the grapevine.

That way, you have a substantial method to pass a test in a blink. You need to apply a few tricks to come out having negative results despite having engaged in that nuisance drug the previous night. As you present the fake urine sample for testing, it should also be in the right conditions. The techs will check the temperature rate, ph. and other elements found in the real urine.

Other than testing for compounds in the urine sample, how you manage sneaking it in matters. You will definitely need a device that will enable you to hide the fake pee and ads well switch the content at ease without creating any skeptical thoughts. If any of these misses, the specialists will definitely suspect you could have used fake urine.

You don’t want this to happen. In this article, I have reviewed a device you can use during your testing day to ensure that the sample is in the right conditions without any alterations. In most cases, the urine sample of your choice may cool before your testing time. To avoid such incidences, there are urinator devices such as the monkey dong, mostly preferred for men, and the monkey whizz for women, of which men can still use it.

These devices solve the big dilemma of `how will I empty my sample from the bottle to the laboratory testing cup’? Comprehend more on the monkey whizz. Glide along!


Monkey whizz urine kit is manufactured by the serious monkey bizziness. No limits with the brand. Judge a book by its cover; the name itself says all about the company. `Seriousness in their business,’ hence promising on delivering wee-grounded products. Monkey whizz has a range of products that they sell, namely;

  • Monkey whizz synthetic urine, 3.5 Oz premixed urine
  • Temperature strip
  • 100% cotton belt- its elasticity makes it adjustable to fit up to 54 inches waist
  • Two heating pads to keep the sample warm

The powdered whizz urine is the cheapest of all, requiring adding some water to form a solution. With it costing below $20, don’t be flattered. The quality of the product is the one that matters.

There is the monkey dong, urination device with a prosthetic penis. As the name entails, it is suitable for men, easy for doing the thing and faking it all in the testing room.

The premixed monkey flask urine is not better than the monkey whizz urine with a urine belt. The latter aids when it comes to dispensing the urine from the container to the laboratory cup. The product that we have in this article since it emerges as the best.

They manufacture this unit for drug test purposes and other uses like pranks, animal repellents, and scientific research.

Monkey whizz is a unisex urinator and readily available for all. Furthermore, the synthetic urine that comes with the package is also unisex. The reason behind this is because it’s a belt rid; easy to fix and sneak it in the testing facility. It’s much less noticeable to sneaking in a bottle with the prepared synthetic pee.

You can use it without any intuitions despite having a supervised test. But for men, in case you are being supervised, then the monkey dong will do better for you. The monkey dong has a penis-like appearance, which makes it easy for men to dispense the sample.

The monkey whizz has similar features with the monkey dong apart from the penis feature. Therefore, monkey whizz is the top-drawer for females.

Why do I need the monkey whizz?

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  • Easy to use

If there’s an easy task you can do is using a monkey whizz. It’s ready for use right from the box. The ball is on your side now, read and follow the instructions to T.

  • Easy to hide and sneak in

It’s easy to hide the tube responsible for dispensing the sample. Place the tube in between the butt cheeks; that’s a hint!

  • Undetectable

The monkey whizz is packed with a synthetic urine sample, with the same characteristics as real human urine. If exposed to air, it would also build up some bacteria, the same case with real urine. The fake pee also produces foam if shaken.

  • It comes with heat pads.

The word is `pads,’ meaning it comes with more than one. Monkey whizz comes with two heating pads, different from other devices that come with only one—hence keeping the sample warm for up to 8 hours.

  • Adjustable kit

You can easily cut the urine tube to any length. The belt is well designed to fit a waist size of 54 inches.

There is no need to replace the synthetic urine that comes with the kit. The fake pee is of high quality, tried and tested to pass a drug test. Serious Monkey Bizziness has been in service for over 15 years, and their products are dependable.

How do drug tests work?

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Drug tests are carried out to detect the presence of one or more illicit drugs in the urine, hair, saliva, or blood. Not only illegal substances but also the prescribed medications and other diseases are detected. Above all the tests, urine tests are the most practical.

Urine tests mostly screen for: cocaine, marijuana, methadone, amphetamines, opioids, benzodiazepines, and PCP, and the list is not the limit. There are two types of urine tests: immunoassay, which is cost-effective but can give false results. The other type is chromatography, done to confirm the results from the previous process.

The super-duper way of passing urine tests is having a quality product to maneuver the process. Take your time, prepare it well, and then head for testing. The urine should read 90-100degrees Fahrenheit, which is the reading of real urine.

Can I trust the serious monkey Bizziness fake urine?

The monkey urine is fortunately so reliable and looks real in the technicians’ eyes and the equipment. It meets the required standards of real urine. The monkey whizz fake pee has the correct uric acid, a balanced PH, creatinine, urea, foam while shaken, the right gravity, and the required color and scent.

The downside part of the monkey whizz is that you cannot refill it. This entails that you cannot replace the fake pee in the kit with a more brand you trust. You depend on the serious monkey Bizness synthetic urine for a pass or a fail.

I couldn’t be doing this review if the brand is not trusted. The point is, you can rely on their pee for a pass. I bought the kit and tested the urine with a home testing kit to be sure enough that it works. Surprisingly, I was surprised! It tested negative.

Once you purchase the monkey whizz, make sure that it’s within its shelf life. It has a shelf life of up to 1 year. You only open it on that day of your test. Avoid opening it before the test day; otherwise, it will react with the oxygen and get oxidized. Thereafter, having bacteria build-ups which will lead to your test being qualified.

That will be a fail since your sample will be regarded as fictitious, hence raising red flags of using fake pee.


Step by step guide on how to use a monkey whizz

Before heading on how to make use of it, let’s first unbox the kit. The monkey whizz contains;

  • Temperature strip- helps in monitoring the temperature of the urine.
  • Premixed bag with a minimum of 3.5oz of the unisex synthetic urine.
  • Adjustable elastic belt-its 100% adjustable since you can cut it to your designed length. Fits up to a 54 inches waist.
  • Heating pads- they are two organic pads to keep the urine to the required temperature range of 90-100F.
  • A complete set of instructions.

Now you know what’s in your kit. The kit comes with well-illustrated instructions. We have cut that short for you. Follow the below instructions before using the product.

  1. Open the heating pads.
  2. Activate the pads
  3. Attach the heating pads against the bag. It should be opposite the temperature strip and should be between the belt and the bag.
  4. Place the whizz belt around the waist. Remember to place it underneath your clothes and intact with your body. This is to keep the urine on the body temperature. Have the tube well hidden. You can cut it to your designed length and place it between your butt cheeks facing towards the floor. That’s our view; otherwise, you can have it placed anywhere you wish, but it should not be exposed.
  5. One hour before the test, wear the kit. Ensure that the sample is at the required temperature of 90-100F.
  6. Now you are ready to submit your sample once it has attained the right temperature. Dispense the sample through the clips.
  7. Administer your sample for testing, relax and smile, waiting to walk out head held high with your negative result

Note better

Unlike other synthetic urine kits which you can heat in a microwave, you cannot do the same with the monkey whizz urine. This could contaminate the product and make it ineffective for use during a drug test. Make use of the heating pads since after you activate them, they will keep the sample at the right temperature for up to 8 hours.

The monkey whizz kit is not reusable. You cannot refill it, and also, the heating pads are as well not reusable.

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Can I buy it from Amazon or eBay?

I would not recommend buying it from the stores. You will only get the original brand of monkey whizz from an AUTHORIZED SELLER.

The reason being, these retailers sell for profit purposes, and they would henceforth not be responsible for your test failure. It is common to acquire fake products from the stores since there is a lot of product imitation.

When it comes to drug test products, I always recommend buying directly from the manufacture. That way, you will be guaranteed that the product is original and without flaws. Be smart whenever you plan to use fake pee for a drug test.


Q; Does monkey whizz work?

Yes. This brand works like magic. The reason being, it has all the compositions of real urine. Just as it’s the case with real urine, monkey whizz urine grows bacteria while overexposed to the air. However, this brand has saved a lot of people during drug tests and came out having passed.

During testing, as long as you have your sample at the right temperature, the technicians cannot suspect it is fake urine or the equipment in use.

Q; Can I freeze the monkey whizz urine?

.Although you can still freeze it and use it for a future drug test, this is not advisable. Freezing comes with other consequences like altering the properties of some elements in the urine. For proper storage, you can opt to store it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Q; Does the monkey whizz synthetic urine go bad?

Anything chemically made expires, and no exceptional with monkey whizz urine. The product has a shelf life of 12 months and afterward, the product may become void for use for any drug test. Check the expiry date of your product once you buy it. You cannot use it after its shelf life, so having another product is the way out.

Q; how long does the monkey whizz urine sample stay in the estimated temperature?

With the use of heat pads, the sample will attain the required temperature range for up to 8 hours. This is enough time, and you will probably have administered your sample for testing before the eight hours are over. It takes about 45 minutes for the sample to heat up while using the heat pads. Patience is a virtue.

Final Verdict

There’s no way you can administer your fake urine sample and at the wrong temperature. You will be doing injustice to yourself. As you go through a test, every part and property to be tested in the lab should reflect in your sample—the temperature, gravity, Ph, to mention a few.

That’s why devices such as the monkey whizz substantiate that passing a drug test is easy. You have no reason why you should not trust the serious monkey bizness products; they are reliable and ready for use at any time of the day.

The monkey whizz and its colleague monkey doing works perfectly in this case. Monkey dong being a more convenient device for men since it has a prosthetic penis. Women fit better with the monkey whizz. As you purchase your product, consider buying from the manufacturer to avoid buying fake products from the streets. You don’t want to go down in flames in a test from your outdoor retailer buying.

Monkey whizz works perfectly with a supervised test. In case you are not tested while peeing, then quick fix is a credible product that you can rely on. It is the number 1 product recommendation, with the highest number of positive reviews online and from my test experience. I would therefore recommend Quick fix 6.2 (recent genre) since it also worked out for me.

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