The Best THC Detox Kits for Passing a Marijuana Drug Test

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Despite marijuana being legalized in most of states, it is still unacceptable to some who regard it egregious. Also, it is different to others since it’s a salient herb to perk them up.

Well it all depends with one’s taste and the reason behind using it.

Even though it’s acceptable, this however would cost your job tittle and may end up to imprisonment or face court fines. Reason being, most of employers do not accept any drug zone area in their premises, and so should their employees heed to that.

Whether you are a heavy or a light user, this would not convince your employer to pity you for the purpose of retaining the job.

In this case, most employers asks for drug tests occasionally for current employees, to be at par with maintaining a drug free zone. For new employees, this is a requirement just as any other credential to be represented during an interview.

All in all, there are myriad of ways in which you can apply to pass a drug test. For instance, using synthetic urine, detox pills and also detox drinks. Here, the main focus is on marijuana, since it’s a dime a dozen drug in use. Get rid of THC from your body with the best THC detox kits.



THC detox kits have become common to cater for such situations, where you need to detox your body from THC metabolites. But even though this is the case, then you have to know which ones are effective, how they actually work and how long they take for their effectiveness.

How does marijuana detox kits work?

The products are made with ingredients fortified with vitamins and minerals to help in the cleansing process.

THC stays in the body for days and even months, so in case you have an upcoming drug test, you will need the detox to pass the test.

Some of the elements in the detox kit masks the toxins, hiding their presence in the system. You can’t wait to fail in a test when such tricks are well elucidated here. Since they cater for urine, blood and saliva test, it’s good to read instructions keenly on how to use them.

Most administered tests are urine based, though the rest are still applicable.

Are THC detox kits effective?

Whether you are an occasional or a newbie, detoxing THC is an easy task for you.

The erroneous idea you would make is to go for a test, being on drugs, and without having flushed out the toxins, you will go down in flames. Go for these supplements, and they will always save your butt despite being on drugs.

If you are a heavy user, you will need a stronger detox for the cleansing. There’s an issue about marijuana, its fat soluble.

It takes longer to flush out the THC compound for people with more fat cells in the body. Optionally, to ease the detoxing process, you can decide to hit the gym and burn calories.

You may be a busy guy, and getting time to gym-it turns to be a big scam for you. When such a challenge arises, the detox supplements pivots the situation and despite having more weight, you still achieve and pass a drug test by using detox plans.

There are many ways to kill a rat! Following instructions on how to use a marijuana detox will give you a pass for a drug test. Failure to which, you will reap your absurd ways.

How much can you trust THC detox kits, are they harmful?

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Some of THC detox kits, clearly claims to be so effective and that works like magic, well these works for the quality brands.  Some of them are ineffective and apart from that, does damage to the body by inducing side effects.

Be careful on which detox product you choose for your test.

Luckily, with Toxin Rid detox, this a product you actually need. It balances all body functioning systems of the body and actually does no harm.

On top of that, it is fortified with minerals and vitamins, to enable the breakdown of THC toxins without harming your body.

It is a tried and tested product and I would therefore recommend it for any drug test.

In other cases, in case you are on any medication, and you actually need to detox your body, it’s always advisable to consult a physician. Don’t detox while in doubts, it’s always good to clear the mind of any dilemma.

Best recommended THC detox kit

#Toxin Rid Detox

Toxin rid detox is in form of pills and drinks. Tetrahydrocannabinol shortened as THC, is one of the psychoactive elements that lab techs will be looking for during a test.

The toxins will depend on how one consumes a particular drug, do you do it frequently or once in a while? They differ.

 If you are a fresher in smoking or hardly smokes, then you will need detox ranging for 1-5 days. THC

Detox kits comes in packages of 1-10 days detox kits. If you have been smoking for a longer period or daily, then the 10-day detox kit is the prime choice. The type of detox program depends on how often you smoke.

 In case you are a heavy user, assume having smoked for years and decide to detox beyond 10 days, always consult your physician for better guidelines.

Toxin robustness as well is high in cannabidiol (CBD), leading you more to medicinal kind to enjoy the green plant. You may get cannabidiol from your nearby dispensary, where THC and CBD levels are well regularized where you can actually consume it responsibly.


How to use Toxin Rid Marijuana Detox Kit

Apart from being in pills and in drink form, toxin rid has an included dietary fiber. For best results it is of advantageous having the dietary like the Metamucil taken as part of detox process.

Depending whether you are getting rid of the toxins or just masking them for the sake of a drug test

Since detoxifying will match your smoking routine, toxin rid dictates of a two program detoxifying methods. The 5-day detox plan and 10-day detox plan.

The 5-day has 75 preparation pills and the 10-day has 150 pills. There is also a 1-day detox kit but it would challenge a heavy user by not flushing all the toxins as a more days detox would.

Step by step guide on how to use the toxin rid detox

  1. The pre-rid pills

On your first day of the process, take the pre-rid pills 3 tablets per hour for 5 hours, generally you will have taken 15 tablets in a day. Not forgetting to take each pill with 8 Oz of water.

Take foods rich in fiber, and drinking lots of water to stay well hydrated. Repeat this step for the rest of the time period. In each day of detox, take a lot of supplements, to boost the cleansing process.

  1. Detox Drink/ liquid

Step 2 is on the day of your test. Here you have already cleared all the pills through following the procedure above. Take the drink half the amount, with a flavored juice (optional) or water.

Stay for 2 hours and avoid eating any food. Now, take the other amount of the detox drink, and Stay for another 2 hours without feeding.

  1. Dietary Fiber

The last step is on how to consume the dietary fiber, it’s optional but it counts. One hour before your test, mix the entire fiber content in 8 ounces of water, let it sit for 2 minutes, and then drink the solution.

Wait for 15 minutes and drink 16 ounces of water, avoiding overdrinking much water. If the test is involving urinalysis, pee at least 3 times before the test in order to flush out the toxins.

Do’s and don’ts for a successful detox

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  1. Stop smoking- Since you want to detox your system of toxins, avoid smoking or/and taking any other drugs or caffeine drinks. Otherwise you will be going on a wild goose chase! You will actually be wasting your money and time trying to detox without any yields. You can abstain from taking any cannabis like 2 days or more before you start the detox program.


  1. Don’t skip any pill, and follow the dosage as instructed. There’s no shortcut to doing this, patience is the only term we can pamper you with.



  1. Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. This is a crucial idea while taking any detox pills or drinks. It stirs up the peening, hence flushing out the toxins.


  1. Enroll for a gym. Marijuana is fat soluble, where it stays longer for people with more fat in their body and becomes hard to flush the THC compound. Exercising burns the fat, and as well keeps you healthy. You may as well opt to spend time in sauna, whichever the case, the aim is the same.


Taking the detox without the pills or fiber?

Despite the word detox, most of detox drinks do not actually detox your body fully. They masks the toxins for the purpose of a drug test. With marijuana, different tests can be conducted; blood, urine and saliva test.

In the case where your test is a urine test, a detox drink is a cheaper way to go about.

If you have an instant drug test, and really feel that you need a detox drink I recommend the mega clean detox drink with pre-rid pills( abstain from drugs for 24 hours before detoxing) or clear choice rescue cleanse ( abstain for 72 hours before detoxing).

Well, if you are focused on using toxin rid for marijuana, you can’t do without the pills neither the dietary fiber (though optional), but the dietary speeds up the cleansing process. Consume all as well illustrated above.

Other recommended marijuana detox kits

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To mention, toxin rid detox Is a permanent detox formula that flushes toxins from the body without rebuilding, unless you switch back to smoking weed.

It is the best kit so far that guarantees you a 10 day detox program and the end of it marks a new transformation from marijuana strains.

There are other detox kits that temporarily cleanses your system of toxins. This implies that the toxins will restore back after a certain period. In a nutshell, the detox masks the toxins and enable you pee a clean sample specifically for drug test.

1. Rescue 5 day detox

Unlike toxin rid which is a permanent detox, rescue 5 day is somehow semi-permanent. Apart from just taking the pills and downing them with water, measures to succeed have to be implemented. Abstain from drugs during the detox process and commit to 5 days of detoxing.

Other than abstaining from drugs, drinks such as alcohol, caffeine nicotine and/or tobacco should as well be avoided.

Taking the pills is easy to follow. Just take 4 pills on the first night of detox and down them with 32 ounces of water. The following day in the morning, take 6 pills with 32 ounces of water and do the same on that evening before dinner (6 pills with 32 ounces of water).

Repeat the process of 6 pills for the next 4 days. During the final day, take 4 pills downing them with the ounces mentioned and on the morning day of the test, take 8 pills.

It is involving a lot of discipline, not the best kit but would work in case you have less than a week to your test.


2. Herbal Clean- Q Caps

Q Caps are supplement pills meant to swindle a drug test. To have a clean pee ready for the test, herbal clean pills are taken not less than 45 minutes and utmost 1 hour before the test.

After that, you have a clean urine for up to 5 hours, and after the span, the toxins will start revamping in your system.

So easy right? The trick is that, you have to abstain from drugs for not less than 48 hours before detoxing and submitting your urine for testing. It has a strong formula made of vitamins and minerals that steers a quick detox plan.

Herbal pills consists of 4 capsules to be taken with 24 ounces of water. After 15 minutes of consuming, take another 24 ounces of water to stimulate urination. Pee at least 3 times before handing in your urine for the test.

The Q Caps label indicates one should not to eat anything until you detox and submit the sample for urinalysis. A warning with this brand, use it once in a while since frequent use may cause dizziness, nausea or/and diarrhea. Not to everyone, but it can happen.

3. Stat flush

Another supplement to fasten natural detoxing is stat flush. It comes in pills, but it is stronger to some of detox kits. The label itself says it is “extra strength” implying to cause some effects such as indigestion to some users.

It contains of 5 capsules and as it is the case with Q Caps, abstain from drugs for 48 hours before detoxing. Take the 5 pills with 40 ounces of water within 10 minutes. It should be taken 90 minutes before the test.

Your pee will be clean for 4 hours after taking the pills, so, plan your time well to avoid disappointments. Again, pee for at least 2-3 times before submitting your urine for the test, not forgetting to only take 40 ounces of water.


Q: What if I have less time to detox?

The only remaining solution in case of short time of detoxing, is to go for a synthetic urine kit. This a turning point to head to. Fake pee such as quick fix works than you can imagine.

Q: Does THC kits have side effects?

I will not lie to you saying that they are perfect for everyone. Some detox kits have side effects, and this depends with different users.

If you are an allergic person, always check the ingredients of a product before purchasing and see what suits you.

Q: How much does the best THC detox kits costs?

Detox drinks and pills have different costs, depending on the brand. Some from as low as $20 but the tried and tested ones starts from $80. The best and our recommended detox kit is Toxin Rid whose cost starts from $100-$200.

Q: Are all detox kits 100% effective?

Detox kits are made differently, from different consumption to drugs’ abstinence period. Some are legit and reliable while others just for market-money stuff. To know what’s best, read online reviews and deduce for yourself what good.

Here, we provide what works best, from trying the products, carrying out a test, to thorough research.

Final Verdict

Most detox marijuana kits have had different kinds of reviews from different users. The toxin rid emerging to be the most effective product getting everything done as expected. Toxin rid detox has your back for any upcoming urine drug test.

For the instructions, keep them on the lane, follow each step to T, and you will have the best results. Buy Toxin Rid from the MANUFACTURER, and avoid acquiring from resellers since that will not guarantee you the original brand. The manufacturer offers what you need.

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