Quick Clear Detox Drink: Solution for Heavy and Light Users


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For drug tests, quick clear detox formula is a jewel you cannot persist without!

It’s not a wonder getting yourself in a pickle. All this termed by a scheduled drug test where most people at most times, involve themselves in drugs.

In states where marijuana and other drugs are legal, the consumption rate is induced.

Marijuana in one way or the other is regarded as herbal plant, but even though, most states do not allow for its consumption.

The fact is, you will still get a few smoking weed in parties or for your pleasure.

Breaking the law seems like a norm to some, but its consequences are as well bitter. In that case, most workplaces conduct drug tests to ensure a drug-free zone and allow the wellness of their employees and customers to get the right services.

Besides being a regular testing routine, at times it’s done to newbies as pre-employment and in other cases as pre-site access test.

If you are found under control of any drugs, chances of losing your job are beyond high, and you may be rendered redundant.

You could be the breadwinner of your family or a depended person by many. What follows after losing a job is what no one would ever wish.

do drug screening test for synthetic urine

Now you are on the know on what would happen if a drug test came out positive. All these are nothing but fiasco leaving you without a job that would birth things such as depression.

It’s simple to avoid that. There are ways you can use to pass a drug test. Using synthetic urine to bamboozle the lab testing and having a natural body detox.

For synthetic urine, you need to have the best and quality brand to pass the test. Similarly, having it at the required conditions in terms of appearance, temperature and Ph. level.

Optionally, you may allow your body to detox naturally.

What is body detoxing?

Our bodies are created in a way to enhance a natural detox. If you decide to do away with drugs, you will realize that your body will be free of toxins over some time.

It would take a month or more for a body to naturally detox, whereby the toxins are flushed from the body through the urine stream. Since natural detoxing takes even months, and suppose you have a test in a week, will this be of any help?

You realize that it will not work out at that particular moment. The process can be fastened and condensed to a few days and hours.

All you need is detox supplements for a quicker body detox. But remember, the detox supplements will only mask the toxins in your system to enable you pass a clean urine for a particular clear zone.

Most of the detox drinks vary according to your drug usage. There are a 10 day and 5 day formulas for heavy users that will enhance good toxins masking. For light or a new user, there’s a formula for the same reason.

The prolonged formula like up to 10 days will only depend on how emergent your test is, if it’s in a few days, you will need a better option. Get to know more on quick clear detox formula.

Quick clear detox; what it entails.

Quick clear detox drink is a formula to enable you to have clean urine for a specific time frame.

It is made from natural and organic flavors and comes with 8 supplementary capsules. The product is in orange mango and blueberry acai flavors, and in some cases you may also get a tropical flavor.

It is manufactured by quick fix, the same manufacturers of quick fix synthetic urine. It’s a 20-ounce drink with 8 capsules to complete the detox process.

With its flavors, it’s the tastiest formula to consume. Quick clear is a fast and easiest way to pass a drug test within a short notice. The product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if well used, then no complaints will emerge.

Unlike other detox formulas, quick clear has an undetectable formula.

It works for people with high toxin levels and people with larger body mass above 200 pounds. Most detox drinks work for below 200 pounds, but it is exceptional with this detox.

If you consume marijuana, you realize getting rid of toxins would require extra effort and time for detox to work. Reason being, marijuana is fat-soluble.

Quick clear works than you would expect no matter the weight.

Quick clear detox ingredients

The drink and the capsules make a perfect blend all in one to acquire all you need to clear your urine of toxins. The ingredients include;

  • Riboflavin/vitamin B2
  • Cyanocobalamin/ vitamin B12
  • Niacin/vitamin B3
  • Fructose
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Natural flavors

And the list is not the limit. The formula also has sodium benzoate and potassium sorbet as preservatives to keep it fresh and last longer before going bad.

The per cent daily values will be explicitly based on a 2000 calorie diet, though the daily value is not yet established.

Step by step guide on how to use quick clear detox drink

With quick clear detox, you realize that it has a different procedure. Other detox drinks like mega clean have pre-rid pills consumed before the drink and only drink water after the drink and the pills.

With quick clear, it is way different, read on the procedure.

  1. Drink water, 20 ounces for about 15 minutes
  2. Shake the quick clear detox well, again for about 15 minutes, drink the detox drink at a smooth pace to avoid any chocking. Down each capsule together with the drink.
  3. Wait for 20 minutes, fill the 20 Oz detox bottle with water and drink it for about 15 minutes.
  4. For the next hour, you should urinate severally at least thrice to flush the toxins from your system. You will be free toxins for up to 5 hours.

After the process is done, expect to urinate regularly. It is self-explanatory, the urination is induced by consuming much fluid. It is of key since the toxins will flow from the body through the urine.

With a clear zone of 5 hours, you can be wiser and show up for a test earlier. You can consider going for a test within the first 2-3 hours since, at this time, the urine is cleaner, free from toxins.

If you go for any test past the 5 hours’ time, then the lab tech may detect toxins in your system.

As mentioned earlier, the detox drink only masks the toxins, and then they start building up in the urinary system once the 5 hours are over.


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  • Avoid indulging in any toxins 48 hours before taking your drink. Not forgetting alcohol or any caffeine drinks.
  • Switch to fiber foods and avoid fatty foods. Even though quick clear works even for heavy mass people, doing this tip will only do you a more favor and yield better results.
  • After you take the drink and capsules, ready for a test, avoid drinking too much water. If you have to, drink 12 Oz of water every hour before your test. This will keep your urine at a consistent rate, and will still allow you to pee as intended. Common mistake people do is drinking too much water, thinking that they will enhance the detox’s effectiveness. Much water will make urine dilute, and it will not work as expected.
  • Urinate regularly to have to flush out toxins. Do not submit your first pee for testing, that’s the dirtiest sample of all. Meanwhile, follow the instructions to T for good results.


Does quick clear detox work?

Quick clear works. To ascertain that and know what to review about, I did a home test through my friend.

After I made him detox using quick clear, we tested his urine, and the results came out negative. To clear any doubts, we hired a lab technician to carry out the test, and to our surprise, the results still came out negative. That’s impressive!

Over time, the labs may have improved their machines like, for instance, the LabCorp. They might be of high quality than my home testing kit.

But so far the product proved to be a gem and can be relied on for a drug test after testing negative with a laboratory testing kit.

The good thing is, apart from my testimony, online reviews have had positive feedback concerning the product, and most people have given a thumbs-up of the product.

You can, however, decide to opt your detox drink. Other detox drinks that we recommend are mega clean, rescue cleanse and ultra eliminex.

Ultra eliminex is the exceedingly a powerful detox and it’s almost double the price quick clear detox.

Rescue cleanse from clear choice, the same manufactures of sub solution synthetic urine. The detox is reliable, just like the fake pee.

Not forgetting mega clean, a reliable detox drink with pre rid pills.

For successful results, if you decide to go for mega clean, my recommendation is for you to have it together with the pre rid pills.

The same case I would recommend quick clear detox taken together with its supplement. That way, the formula is much effective and more robust.


Does quick clear have side effects?

Quick clear is made from natural extracts and has no side effects unless you have special body cases.

For instance, pregnant women always consult your physician before taking the detox formula.

If you are prone to allergy reactions, also consult your specialist.

I'm a heavy user, will quick clear detox work for me?

Yes. Unlike other detox drink, quick clear will work for anyone despite the weight or usage rate.

Even if some toxins are left on the fat, you will pass clean urine, however. Quick clear flushes the toxins of your urine and you will be amazed how well it will work.

Can I take a meal before the detox process?

It’s advisable to take the detox in an empty stomach. Unless you have a sensitive stomach, you can take a light meal in such a case.

Final Verdict

Put measures in place for a drug test. Follow instructions given, and you will leave the testing facility smiling, having passed a test.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist trying to figure out how you will pass a test and retain the job.

You have the information needed, what remains is for you to have a bite at the cheery, achieve!

Quick clear is only shipped in some states and not the same with; AR, TX, OR, KY, NJ, NC and SC.

Beware of fraudulent sellers and imitated products. Always buy quick exact directly from the manufacturer to avoid disappointments for failing a test.

The quick clear manufacturer has no authorized resellers in eBay and amazon, so, be warned of fake brands!

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