Does Fake Pee Expire? Shelf life matters

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You probably need to have a drug test. Either to determine whether you will retain your job position or otherwise. Else, you could be a newbie in the workplace, and a drug test becomes part of the job requirement.

That’s not just the point. Your test results must test negative for you to achieve and win that job. Do not panic; all you need is a quality synthetic urine to conquer all. Well, you have the idea, and the problem is half solved!

In one way or another, these fake pee expires, just like any other product in the market. This made products are not a lifetime thing, as the ingredients used to come up with such brands go bad over time.

This is nothing to worry about since you can follow measures to have it in the right condition.

Anytime you need to pass a drug test, it’s always very important to check and recheck the products’ expiry date. It should be the first thing after purchase to know how much time is left for its effectiveness. Yes, you can have this in place, but how will you then store it?

How you store the brand matters, by the way, a means of storage determines if the product will reach its expiry date.

Poor storage will lead to the brand getting contaminated even before its expiry date. Learn more on the statement`does fake pee expire’. Either before its expiry date or after.

It is an artificially made urine that mimics the real human pee. Synthetic urine can be in liquid form, for instance, quick fix, or liquid form like the monkey whizz.


Fake pee is meant to save one who cannot rely on their real urine for any drug test. The best fake pee has the same properties as real urine, in terms of colour and smell.

The components sampled to make a fake pee are the same substances found in the real urine. Such as uric acid, urea, creatinine, and the list is not the limit.

How you prepare the urine will determine whether you will pass a test or not. Real urine reads a temperature ranging between 90-100 degree Fahrenheit and so should be with the fake pee. With that in place, the passing rate is 99.99%.

What is the shelf life of fake urine?

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Fake pee has a limited life. Most synthetic urine has a shelf life for up to 2years.

Always check for a brands’ shelf life while purchasing it since this varies with different products. The better the brand, the longer the shelf life.

After the said shelf life, the product will, unfortunately, be not in a position to pass a test.

The components of the sample will break down, and the effectiveness of the product will automatically reduce.

In case of such a case, dispose of the product and buy a new brand. Avoid making a mistake of using expired urine, since you will not be doing yourself any good.

It’s better to spend an extra penny than acting cheap-stake and deciding to use a croaked product.

How to properly store fake pee

As mentioned earlier, fake pee can as well go bad before its shelf life. How you store your product will determine how long it will last.

On the products’ manual, it’s always listed that you store it in a cool temperature away from direct sunlight.

Remarkably, you may opt to freeze the product. Here, this is ideal for some products, especially those in premixed form, since the properties like the fake pee’s pH level will not be disrupted.

It is applicable whenever the use of the product will be at a future date. On the contrary, if you will be using the pee in a few days, freezing is not the option.

Store it in a well-sterilized place, away from the pollutants. Have it properly sealed to avoid the air from reacting with the product, which may cause oxidation of the urine sample.

Conditions synthetic urine may go bad.

There are certain states which may terminate the shelf life of a synthetic urine.

Direct sunlight exposure

Direct sunlight will break down the product’s elements, thereby contaminating the product and reducing the efficacy level.

This is a red flag sign that results will come out positive or get caught up using fake pee. You can now imagine what would occur from submitting a contaminated fake pee for lab urinalysis.

Sadly you may end up losing your job position or end up in jail. All this is avoidable with proper storage and care.

Therefore, store it in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Freezing the fake urine

Freezing of fake urine is always necessary if you need to use the product at a future date, (before the expiry date). Here, you will not have escaped from the fact that it can still expire even while frozen.

Do it and mark the indicated expiry date to avoid disappointments.

Yes go ahead and freeze it, but avoid constant defrost and reheating. Such incidence will reduce the amount of water in the synthetic urine, affecting the concentration rate. Avoid test fails from such mistakes.

Even with the freezing option, i would not really recommend the process.

Not all fake pee kits require freezing like the sub solution urine, no freezing is needed since it is in powdered form. It is 100% effective with a long shelf life that will maintain the effectiveness of the product for long.

Heating synthetic urine

Synthetic urine authenticates that heating will not affect the product. We agree, but what about regular heating? Once you heat it, let it cool to the required temperatures (90-100F).

If you use a heating pad, this is easy to have it at the right temperature. For microwave users, you need to be careful with how you do the heating.

If it’s possible, have it heated whenever the need to carry out the drug test arises.

Reheating it several times will drain the amount of water in the urine and eventually disrupt the potency of the sample.

Besides, reheating it will reduce the volume of the brand. Heat it only when the need arises, you will avoid compromising everything.

Signs synthetic urine is void for use.

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Just like the real urine, synthetic urine should as well possess the same properties.

Once the fake pee has gone bad, you will definitely know even without it getting to the best before date.

Real urine has a yellowish colour and has a unique smell. So should be the case with well-kept synthetic urine.

Colour change

Suppose the synthetic urine has changed the colour from yellowish to any other colour, that one sign that it has gone bad.

It happens with a loosened sealing. The oxygen will oxidize the product, hence contaminating it.

Have proper sealing to have it last long and improve its sterilization. In case it goes bad, then you will realize some bacteria growths.

At times, It may have changed from the normal colour to cloudy, these fungi infections.


Synthetic urine should smell just like real urine. Therefore, if you realize a unique smell with the fake pee that hint that the product has spoiled.

Spoilt synthetic urine has a something rotten-like smell.

In case of an abnormal smell, do away with it for your own good. At times, it may appear thicker to the normal look.

This also will tell you that the product is off its usage. Smell and appearance will guide you on how to detect a congealed pee.


Can one mix two fake urine to make one sample?

There are different reasons you may decide to mix two different synthetic urine and come up with one sample.

Yes, this is possible, but with precautions. Reasons most people prefer mixing are that you may have purchased a new brand, but the previous one was not fully used, having different kinds of quality or trying to improve one of the product’s efficiency.

Perhaps you may pass a test, but did you mix that right? The quality of the brand always matters, so if you decide to mix different qualities, you may eventually compromise the product.

Again, if you decide to mix, you cannot do that with an expired product thinking it will work. Always dispose of bad product.

If there is no valid reason to mix two products, avoid the process to maintain one product’s accuracy.

Can Lab Urinalysis Detect Fake Urine?

Not unless you are using low quality, expired or a contaminated product, the lab can’t detect fake pee.

The make of synthetic urine is the same as real urine, so with the best fake pee, the lab urinalysis will get fooled.

The results are ultimately a go through. A quality sample will give results with an accuracy of 99.99% closely correlating with the real urine results. Such products are a bit expensive but worth each dollar since passing a test is the goal.

What Are Other Uses Of Synthetic Urine?

Besides passing a drug test, there are other uses of fake urine. You may realize that your fake urine is almost the use-by date and you don’t require a drug test at that particular moment.

There’s no need to wait and throw it away once it has expired. Consider the following optional uses.

1. Pranks

Excite your friends or a family member with fake pee. Hope it’s the fake pee, real pee could be so nasty! Who does that anyway? Pranking your friends its one way you can use the fake pee whether expired or not, it doesn’t matter.

2. Animal repellent

Call it bait. Both horticulturalists and hunters use fake urine for various reasons. It could be from human or livestock urine. For instance, farmers use synthetic urine to curb the presence of insects and rodents.

3. Scientific research

Scientists use fake urine for their research to test the recycling equipment. This is to deduce how both water and urine elements are re-usable. Fake urine test for use in areas such as spacecraft or else space stations.

Final Verdict

For one reason or the other, you will need fake urine. The best synthetic urine is readily available.

To get the original product of sub solution urine,, buy it from the manufacturer to avoid falling in the hands of unreliable products.

With proper storage of the acquired sample, you are convinced to have it last to its shelf life.

Man is to error and mistakes are there, in case your product contaminates, going for another product is the option left.

It not always a smiley moment buying a product twice since the first one got contaminated. Try your best and properly take care of the pee to avoid spending so much that.

The question, does fake pee expire is ultimately solved.

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