Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32 Oz and 17 Oz Reviews

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Rescue cleanse clear choice detox is a bang! Detox in less!

You can imagine having fun through the weekend, drinking your favorite drinks, smoking marijuana since it’s legal in most states. It sounds fun and exciting.

A lot would shutter this down; for instance, your employee gives you notice through a memo, where each employee is expected to present their drug test within the week. What a disguise!

Anybody at any time would do anything to maintain the job position. No one wants to lose a job at any cost unless it’s a willing resignation. You have to present a lab drug test result to your employee despite your willingness to remain in the organization.

If you decide to go for a test, being under drugs will always bear positive results, no doubt! There are different methods you can use to pass a drug test.

You can use synthetic urine. Commonly known as fake pee, which mimics real urine and it’s easy to go about it, though risky.

The other method and of which we will be discussing here is the use of detox drinks. Detox drinks are undetectable, unlike synthetic urine where you must be very careful how you handle it. Among the detox drinks you can use is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

This a natural made drink meant to speed up the detox process by flushing out toxins from the system.


Clear choice rescue has been in use for several years, manufactured by a reputable company known as the clear choice. The drink is made from natural extracts and therefore is not harmful to the body.

Some of the ingredients in rescue cleanse include; Vitamins B1, Magnesium, Sodium, Selenium, Creatine Monohydrate, and Riboflavin, to mention a few. The vitamin B complex is responsible for detoxifying the urine and maintaining the yellow color. Vitamin B1 (thiamin) acts as an antioxidant hence enhancing the removal of toxins.

Rescue cleanse comes in two volumes, a 17oz bottle and a more voluminous 32oz bottle. Both with the same quality.

Rescue cleanse 17oz bottle

This brand is much useful for light users and on an occasional basis. Also, if you have a low BMI, this is the product for you. It is a watermelon flavor drink well applicable for persons under 200lbs.

The downside part of it is that, it may take time to get rid of THC levels from the system be it with less or heavy people in mass.

Rescue Cleanse 32oz bottle

This brand gives better results as compared to 17 Oz. Works well for both heavy and light users.

It is a cranberry and apple flavor advanced 1 Step detox drink for individuals over 200lbs.

Note that the formula for the 17 and 32 Oz is the same, only the quantity that differs. I would recommend 32 Oz since it can be used by all regardless of body weight.

The more the detox drink, the more the toxins are flushed out and the higher the chances of passing the test.

Step by step guide on how to use clear choice cleanse

  • Right before the test, avoid consumption of any drugs for at least 72 hours. You can even consider going for more than that if possible. Not forgetting to watch your dieting, avoid fatty foods for this process.
  • For about 2 hours before the test, drink the rescue drink on an empty stomach. Before drinking, always remember to shake it and drink within 15 minutes. Upon completing all the drink, refill the bottle and drink the water for 15 minutes.
  • Since you will have consumed a lot of fluid, here urinating becomes a norm. Expect to pee more than usual and do it at least three times. This is to enable proper flushing out of the toxins. You can consider urinating within the hour at which you took the detox drink since many toxins will be flushed out at that time.
  • After the detoxing process, you now have 5 hours toxin-free, ready for the test. You should not go beyond this since after the 5 hours, drug toxins will again rebuild in the system, and you are likely to test positive. Keep this time frame as required. Remember, rescue cleanse only removes toxins from the urinary system to pass a clean pee for a test.

Is It Reliable?

It’s reliable. Rescue cleanse detox compared to other detox drinks in the market, it’s so much reliable, and especially the fact that it is pocket friendly.

It’s a tried and tested product, as testimonials can tell how dependable this brand is. I have passed a pre-employment test after trying rescue cleanse.

To give a little testimony, I abstained smoking for 1 week before detoxing with rescue cleanse and that’s how I managed. Before the test day, I did a home test and came out negative, same results I got from the testing facility.

That’s how effective rescue is. Yes, I can tell that this is a product you can use, leaving no regrets.

Rescue cleanse vs. mega clean.

question, question mark, help

Mega clean detox is as well effective as rescue as long as you follow the guidelines on how to use.

Rescue cleanse requires you to abstain from drugs for 72 hours before taking it, while mega clean together with the pills requires 24 hours.

Mega clean is more expensive than rescue cleanse. Mega comes with pills hence the short time of 24 hours.

However, if Mega clean was to be taken without the pills, then rescue will outdo mega in terms of effectiveness. In a nutshell, mega works just like rescue cleanse when the capsules are included. Depending on whether one is expensive to the other, they both work.

Mega clean is bought from Testclear together with the pills, while rescue is from clear choice. Learn more on the extensive review on mega clean detox.


Q: Does Clear Choice rescue work?

Yes, the product works. It is among the top best detox drinks you can rely on without any doubts. It’s reliable and on top of that, it’s cheaper to other related products.

Q: where can I buy cleanse detox?

Well, you cannot just buy rescue cleanse detox from any store, it’s possible to find it out on an outlet, but it could be an expired or a fake brand. To be on the safest side, buy directly from the MANUFACTURER. This is a legit buy and sell deal.

Final Verdict

There are other detox drinks like ultra eliminex that one can use to pass a drug test. Unfortunately, it is much expensive.

Using rescue cleanse detox to pass a drug test has no implications. It is a well-known product used by many to detoxify and get ready for a drug test.

Hit the nail on the head; go on purchase your rescue cleanse detox. The name suggests all `rescue’ you from losing your job. Give it a thumbs up for its word.

I would still advise using synthetic urine for a drug test like quick fix pee. There is less error-margin not unless you interfere with the temperature reading.

To pass a drug test, following instructions is the final thing you can do after having the product with you. Follow instructions to T, and you will save your butt at an instance.

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