The Best at Home Drug Test Kits: Top 6 Brands That You Can Rely On!

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With time, you may decide to get rid of drug strains from your body. This is achieved through the detoxification process.  That being the case, some drugs take longer to detox from the body than others.

Like marijuana, it would take you longer since it is fat soluble. People with more fat got to go through sometime to have their body fully detoxified, toxins free.

To some drugs, it may take a few days for the same. It takes weeks to months to clean, but eventually with discipline and commitment, you will have the process done.

It doesn’t matter what drug you smoke, natural detox is one of the pro methods you can buckle to have your system cleansed, and ready for a test.

You may have succeeded in detoxing your body and having given it enough time to cleanse, but a puzzle time will always be there. You will for one reason or another, be in doubt whether the detox worked. Also, wonder whether your body is ready for a test and fulfill the authenticity that detox worked out well.

Thankfully, there is a solution for everything. You don’t have to stress yourself out, there are drug tests kits that are readily available that you can use to test for drugs prior your test in a testing facility. You can get them in markets as well as through the counter in pharmacies.

Have a prior at home test to get convinced of a negative lab urinalysis. In other cases, you may be on drugs and an emergency drug tests arises. Here, the quickest method that can work is going a fake urine kit. This will require less time to prepare and yield good results.

dr greens agent x synthetic urine

This is the testing of the level of metabolites in the body. This another method of having a lab urinalysis right at your backyard. Do you really have to spend time going for a lab test? No, make your work easier, save time and resources.

With a testing kit you are free to have it done. Unless you have to administer a test at your work place, a self-test will work with home test kits.

 Mostly, this is occasionally used by persons in a process to detoxify their body. By detoxing I mean, allowing the body to naturally detox or/and using detox supplements like detox drinks and pills to fasten the process.

 At home test kits enables you to monitor the progress at which the toxins are expelling from the body. It is achieved by carrying out tests time to time. Additionally, it is a practice for anyone, you can have your kids tested, a family member, a relative or even a friend.

 Show me your friends and I’ll tell you the kind of a person you are, in clique of a few drug enthusiasts, one may decide to detox. It’s so fortunate for the rest if the member decided to change their friends too. This is easy with home kits since you only need to be at their doorstep and help them out. It is much easier and saving than visiting a testing facility now and then.

Carrying about this test is of no difference to pregnancy test.  Home test kits are in strip form, with your urine sample, did the strip in the solution. A biochemical reaction will take place, and show the level of concentration of metabolites in the sample.

With the presence of metabolites, a colored line will appear at the area of the testing strip.  This shows that concentration of metabolites has surpassed the required limit. With the appropriate brand, the results will come out similar to a lab test. This will depend on the quality of your product. Learn more on the best and quality home kits you need.

1. PreScreen Plus Mini

This one of the best home test kit brand, it is actually the best among all. It’s on the market and on high demand for its proficiency.

Something quality will always be on top lane just like Pre Screen Plus. In contrast, a poor quality will have dust coated for being on shelves for long.

However, apart from my testing experience with prescreen, other people have given testimonies on the product giving efficacy of 99.99%.

It’s easy to use with a 12-drug panel coverage, where it can detect a range of drugs. Without forgetting that it is pocket friendly, it has a shelf life of not less than one and a half years.

This kit comes in cup-like storage including five strips. Here you are in a position to detect 12 different kinds of drugs.

Luckily, you have the future testing sorted, it’s packed with several types of strips. To mention; 25 strips, temperature list and adulteration that will enable you check the validity of the sample. This is a no doubt product since it’s easy to use and close correlates to lab testing.


  • Easy to use
  • Long shelf life
  • Detects a range of drugs
  • Perfectly accurate


  • Only manufactured by a reputable company


2. Quick Test Plus Kit

Another brand to discuss is quick test, this is manufactured from the same company that manufactures well know quick fix synthetic urine and quick clear detox. With the company providing synthetic urine brands and detox plans, it has the ends meet when combined with drug test kits.

 Long story short, quick test plus gives a perfect at home drug test, with a 10-panel test to detect different kinds of drugs. Marijuana (THC), cocaine, heroin, oxycodone to mention a few. The pack includes, two cups where you collect your urine, 3 ounces lab graded urine known as quick fix artificial urine.

With the quick fix artificial urine, it is part-and-parcel of the products you need while carrying out the test, so remember to include it. After you collect your pee in one of the cups, pour the quick fix artificial urine into the second cup, this is close to the real urine.

Dip the testing strips into both samples and compare the results. Of course the lab graded urine will test negative, compare with your real urine readings.

The idea of having artificial urine is to enable you know the progress of the toxins in your pee. Therefore, whenever the artificial and real urine tests the same, be informed that you are free of toxins.  For further information about the product’s protocol, read the instructions given carefully.


  • Detects a range of drugs
  • FDA approved
  • Perfectly accurate
  • Long shelf life


  • Need for comparison

3. Easy@Home Drug Test

The product is readily available, and at different stops. Besides prescreen where you only find it at certain stores, easy@home is accessible at several stores. This product is well designed and approved by a trusted health line which manufactures several health kits including pregnancy tests.

It detects any kind of drug in the urine, with a 12-panel coverage. Just like the name of the brand, easy@home has an accuracy of 99.99%. On top of that, it’s easy to use and as well comes with multiple tests for your future use. Its FDA-approved, meets the SAMHSA standards for drug testing and approved for over the counter.


  • Has a wide market
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Long shelf life


  • Puzzling incase the second line appears to be faint

4. ITG Labs

This brand is as well useful for a home drug test. The scientists behind the product have a great experience in their workforce dealing with lab tests through working with a couple of trusted institutions to achieve successful tests; inclusively: WHO, University of Washington, National Cancer Institute and many more.

Besides the other home test kits that detects a range number of metabolites, ITG labs rather detects single substance once at a time. Therefore, you will have to test for several substances one after the other. It is cost ineffective but important when you are unsure of the component in the drug you consumes.

The good part of this is that, the test is very accurate. With ITG labs, they do not have a wide source of availability, so you will need to get them from their authorized reseller. They perfectly apply when your aim is to get a one kind of drug test.


  • Perfectly accurate
  • Excellent quality-wise


  • Hard sourcing them
  • Expensive

5. Care Check

Care check has a wide range of home tests. Besides urine tests, care check can as well test for pregnancy, UTI and ketosis too. With it featuring a variety of drug tests, a marijuana only test strip is included, and not leaving behind the 14-panel tests.

Where needs comes, it’s always advisable to go for this wide range which offers different kinds of tests. It will definitely save you from going back to the market in such of a different kind of kit apart from drug test kit.

 Unless your main goal is to test for drug only, otherwise care check would work well with different tests. They are readily available, packed in a large quantity with each strip packed on its own to avoid any kind of contaminations. They give accuracy results for a period of around five minutes time.


  • Ready markets
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Multiple uses


  • Puzzling in case of a faint line

6. Identify Diagnostics

Identify diagnostics are a product in diversification. They have testing panels up to 16 panels, having a singled drug test kits. Just like other home drug tests, identify diagnostics also has an accuracy of 99.99%. The metabolites detection level is quit high to other products in that, it is one-sixth to other brands for opiates detection.

Whether opiates are present with a low or a high concentration, either way, they are still detected, hence chances of false results are minimal. A false result can occur depending on how you carried out the test. Always be careful and precisely follow the instructions. For clarifications, you can always redo the test to confirm whether both came out the same.

This brand comes largely packed with utmost 25 tests, and not less than 10 tests. It is expensive if you were to carry out a one test only. But always saving for a future time when you have a loosened wallet. It has a shelf life of one and a half years, so very storable for a future need.


  • High products diversity
  • Large package for several tests


  • Quite expensive

Editor’s choice

The best at home drug test kits

quality, hook, check mark

After a wide analysis from the 6 kits, Pre screen plus mini kit wins. It is accurate, has a long shelf life and above all, detects a wide range of drugs. It is a brand to rely on whenever you want to have a home test.

The only downside part of it is that, it’s hard sourcing it. Even though that the case, you can still acquire it, there is AUTHORIZED SELLER providing the brand to fulfill you needs.

Factors to consider while selecting a home drug test kit

While choosing a home drug test of your choice, consider the below factors and decide on which kit fits your ability.

 Accuracy

This is the level at which the test gives a negative or a positive test. Some tests will give false results hence misleading you on your body detoxification progress. So, go for the best brands that will give the perfect accuracy, the discussed products above have the best accuracy for around 99.99%.

Let’s say you got a false negative, this will give you confidence at the moment but will later prove you otherwise. If you decide to take the false results to your employee, you will then have yourself sucked or get slapped by the law for a test fail.

 A false positive will excite you, but then end up costing you more expenses. Therefore, consider the best products for accuracy needs!

 Shelf life

The shelf life of a product is of key whenever you need to have it stored for future use. At times, when you buy this brands online, you will definitely have to wait for a couple of days before it’s delivered.

Here, the shelf life of a brand comes in, you need to purchase the product and store it for even a year or up to when the need to pass a drug tests soothes. Most of these brands have a shelf life of 18months, thus saving you from last minutes rush.

 Drug panel

Most at home drug test kits comes in different panels, 5-panel, 10-panel, 15-panel and such. The larger the panel, the more efficient the test. Simply, a drug panel is where every drug test kit will test for different substances in your sample and give a positive or a negative result for the substances present.

At some point, whatever drug you take may be broken down to other substances. Here, you can take a home test and have it negative, and have a test in a health facility and results come out positive. So, make sure you go for a brand with a panel related to the drugs you are involved in.

Best quality units are always expensive but are worth it since they will give you accurate results, all which you need anyway. On top of that, a more comprehensive drug panel will not only show the drug you use but also substances into which the drug was broken.


Q; Is a faint line still considered positive or negative?

This is something that really confuses many. Through several confirmations from the products manufacturers, it has come to the attention that the faint line should read negative. Also with your confirmation from the instruction given on the product, you come to know that really the faint line should read negative.

Q; How long do drugs stay in the system?

Every drug is different from the other, and how ever long a drug stay in the body will depend on what drug you takes. When a drug enters the body, it leaves traces of metabolites in the blood stream, urine, hair and even saliva. These metabolites are different with each drug, this what all you need to test.

For instance, cocaine takes for about 1-3days, heroine 2-5days, and morphine 2-5 days, cannabis 1-3 days. There’s no any difference in a lab test or a home test, both should actually detect the metabolites of drugs within their range of days.

Q; Is a home negative result guarantee same record in professional facility?

When you finally have your quality product, then be confident with the outcome of the results. If you actually got a negative result with a home testing kit, then it’s the same case that will get delivered by laboratory test. Same case if you got a positive result.


Final verdict

Taking a self-administered test comes with one’s choice. But it would be of help if at all you need to know the progress of you detoxifying process. Also it would be of key to know the starts before getting administered in health facility which would probably be having the aim to have you caught up by your employee. 

Home test should not be stressful, just follow the instruction given and you are good to go. If at all a times comes and need arises for a drug test, and at this particular time urine test, in case your home test resulted positive, synthetic urine will always be the solution.


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