Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Pass a Drug Test Like a Genius With the latest Version!!

quick fix synthetic urine

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Unless you were just doing some goggle search and came along this, it’s possible you know what quick fix synthetic urine is. You honestly need to have that in position, right?  You feel doing away with that joint would only get a fool out of you.

Smoking is a no news term, like cannabis, the specialists names it as more herbal than its effects. But consider the community you are in, the cultural norms, and your work place.

All these won’t encourage the use of drugs, for reasons well-known to them. No shortcut but walk with that. That’s why drug tests are carried out to keep the lane with a drug free zone.

 This should never be an obstacle to achieving that mansion house, the car, any businesses you need to accomplish from your job savings and investments. Organizations carry out drug tests to eliminate any drug user. 

Will you really acquire the luxuries without the job? Unless you have side hustles, you may watch yourself fail a test. Wait, no one would do that, failing a drug test does not mean that you will only be fired from your job, but you may face other charges like imprisonment.

Do not deter yourself from achieving, just from a test fail. The way to beat a test is using fake urine. Quick Fix synthetic urine is what you need to ploy that upcoming urinalysis. From the manufacturers’ assurance of its accuracy and efficiency levels, this is the deal!

Quick fix urine is a synthetic urine brand with the same characteristics as the real urine- Lay man’s language. It is the best-selling synthetic urine in the market with the most high efficacy level.


It’s in a premixed form Ready for use, direct from the box unlike other products which comes in dehydrated form, requiring procedural preparation measures.

It’s a unisex product, widely used by both males and females. Quick fix is perfect for use since it has been retested and updated by the manufacturers to ensure they have a quality product in the market. The best product will always leave the stores’ shelves through quick selling and buying.

Apart from passing a drug test using quick fix, it is also used in calibrating laboratory equipment, pranks, and animal repellents and for fetish.

It takes utmost 20 seconds to have it ready for drug test, say 10-20 seconds. You can thereby use it directly without other preparations, like mixing of powders or adding other liquids. The only thing left is heating it. The brand consists of 3 ounces of lab formula, produced by well-known spectrum labs. 

What makes up Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

It’s not just a matter of the appearance and the smell, a lot has been involved to have this product as it is. And for the product to pass a drug test, all the elements involved in real urine must also prevail in the synthetic urine.

Quick fix 6.2 synthetic urine has no difference to the real urine.

Just as the real urine, this fake pee include the same amounts of urea, creatinine, uric acid, water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate, albumin powder, and the list is not the limit.

Apart from having the same elements, the properties also matters, here the pH level and gravity of quick fix is the same as that of a normal urine.

Quick Fix synthetic urine comes in a premixed sample of fake urine, a heating pad and a temperature strip.  Being in a premixed solution makes it easy for use. 

When presenting your sample for testing, the temperature actually matters, and that’s why quick fix comes with a heating pad. The temperature should range the same as that of the real urine, and no compromise about that. It’s easier with a heating pad since you need to place your sample on the heating pad prior the test.

To save time, you can always heat the sample in microwave and then place the heating pads. A cold solution will automatically hint the lab specialists that you could be using a fake pee to cheat a test.

After warming the product, you need to check the temperature before submitting the solution for a test. The temperature strip comes in.

All you need is to attach the strip to the bottle, preferably on the side part. With its sticky backing property, you can easily read the temperature from the side of the bottle. Should range between 90-100F. It’s that simple! Passing a drug test using fake pee is of no disgrace.

Step by step Method on How to Use Quick Fix 6.2

Unlike other products that require much preparations, quick fix is exceptional. When you need to pass a test, before leaving your apartments for a lab urinalysis, heat the product in a microwave.

You need to be a bit careful not to heat it under high temperatures, but though, quick fix can withstand that since giving it time to cool will not tamper its composition.

After heating it in a microwave, use the temperature strip by placing it on the side part of the bottle. Monitor the temperature rate of the product, and if the product is above the estimated urine temperature, allow it to cool down with the strip attached to check the temperature.

 Give it time to cool and avoid quickie decision like placing it in the freezer to cool fast, this will only crystallize the product hence contaminating it. Avoid all that at any costs!

At times you may heat the solution and the temperature ranges below the required level. Toss it back in the microwave but at a low temperature, and closely monitor the time at which you expose it to heat.

That said, you are now in a position to achieve the required temperature, assume that’s the case.

Wrap the bottle with the sample around the heating pad. Use tapes or rubber bands to have it well fixed. This maintains the temperature rate of the solution, for the few minutes you take heading to the testing facility, even though, the heating pad keeps the solution for up to 8 hours before cooling down.

Upon arriving at the testing facility, don’t expose your fake urine. Remember you are cheating a test, of which the aim is to fool the lab specialists so, conceal it. Before submitting the sample for testing, recheck the temperature and ensure it’s in the required range

How do urine tests work?

It’s simple, you pee in a container and submit it to the lab technician for testing. The same case with fake pee, switch the sample from the bottle to the laboratory’s container, and administer it for testing.

Urine tests are the most common methods used. They are quick, easy, painless and cost effective. Apart from detecting the components in a real urine, they also detect for any diseases like diabetes, illicit or/and prescribed drugs. The screening determines whether you have used drug for the past weeks or even months.

Different organizations may ask for a drug test for various reasons. For instance, some employers ask for drug tests to new or/and current employees. This is commonly in workplaces that require high levels of safety, like the transportation sectors.

Other drug tests includes hair follicle tests, blood, and saliva. Urinalysis is the most practical and fast, but all in all, the rest are still carried out; clearly discussed in this website. 

Various tests have different detection windows. like the urine test, detects the presence of drugs for the past 30 days while hair drug test can detect up to 90 days or more.

Can a Quick Fix Test Fail?

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With proper usage and following instructions, quick fix testing never fails. It’s a quality product that the only option is a test pass.

However, if your product is expired and in the wrong temperature, then you have a perfect chance of failing the test. Avoid taking chances with inappropriate measures. can you really submit a cold sample? Make use of expired product? You will definitely be slamming your own self.

1. The temperature issue

 Considering a human urine ranges between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit, this is what a lab looks for and would only consider a urine with such temperature range.

You may have the product right, but get yourself failing from having it in the wrong temperature. A lab technician can discard a urine even without testing it for having the wrong temperature readings.

To curb such a situation, that’s why the quick fix manufactures includes a heating pad to keep your sample warmed up before presenting it for testing.

The reason why it should be warm is that, the lab tech asks for an immediate urine sample, which of course, they expect it to be warm. That’s why you should ensure your quick fix sample is also warm and to the required temperature.

Check out this helpful idea that you can apply to prevent the urine sample from cooling down. First of all, avoid purchasing quick fix from other resellers. The reason behind this is to avoid possibilities of falling for a fake brand. With an imitated product, expect more problems like the heating pad failing to work.

On top of that, the included heating pad from the spectrum labs aids in keeping the urine warm. But to be smarter, after heating your sample, keep the bottle attached to your body. The urine will stay in the body’s temperature and hence no chances of the pee cooling down. This another idea you need to always try.

2. Purchasing the product from untrusted sources.

Everyone is out there looking for a better life, and on top of that, other people do it the wrong way, with an aim of gaining quick money.

 You may at times come across such prey of people in the market and maybe selling the product at a cheaper price.

Mostly, they even sell expired products and before you realize, it is be too late. Most of the resellers have the guts to tell you that it is not their responsibility in case you fail a test, they claim that their work is to sell.

To be on the safest side, buy the product directly from the manufacture or an authorized trusted reseller. Through buying from the manufacture, a fail test will only be accompanied by your own mistakes like submitting a sample with incorrect temperature.

Quick fix manufacturer give a warning about buying the product on EBay, Amazon, and/or any discount websites. There’s a possibility that these products could be expired or selling a completely different product with imitated covers.

You may not realize any difference in these products from quick fix producer until you buy them and submit them for a test. A terrible fail will open your eyes.

In a nutshell, there are no authorized sellers in EBay or Amazon.

Is it possible for a lab to detect quick fix 6.2 urine?

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This will depend with the technicians carrying out the test, and the equipment used. Despite their techniques, it would not be possible for them to detect the sample as fake pee.

Quick fix has no trace roots of detection. It is therefore achievable if at all you clearly followed instructions prior testing.

To start with, the technicians are a forefront obstacle. Quick fix has no suspicious looks that may create tension for detection. The brand has a pass visual rate hence no lab tech should make you shiver.

The other thing is the lab equipment. In each an everyday, technology comes along with new innovations. Also with the labs, they also advance overtime, and so with their equipment.

Labs may check for unnatural chemicals present in the fake pee to catch up with any fake pee. Most of premium drug tests even test for the presence of components in the urine and whether there are any drug strains.

Also, others test for elements like the preservatives. These testing facilities know that people sneaks in fake pee, so they now test for the existence of biocide used as a preservative in most products. Luckily enough, quick fix has zero preservatives in it, so this another pass rate it promises.

So far, quick fix has not reported any cases of going through such a test, but now you are on the light in case that happens. The good thing with quick fix synthetic urine, its formula is updated time to time to give the best of all. 

The best thing is to always keep an eye on the latest products of quick fix to be on the same lane with lab techniques.  That’s why we are here to keep you updated on the latest products and new procedures, keep checking here!

Who makes quick fix fake pee?

Quick fix 6.2 is manufactured by the Spectrum Labs. From their first formula quick fix 4.0, then 5.0, 5.7-1, 6.0, and 6.1 to the current version 6.2.

They have been improving the formulation of this product to make sure they offer the best. It’s my hope that they will keep updating it and giving it more strength to equate a drug pass.

Spectrum labs in the line of production of quick fix urine has ranked as #1 in keeping a lane of the best artificial fake pee, for over 2 decades in service. From a wide range of positive reviews online of pass rates to personally testing the product using a quality home testing kit.

This is the product! How will I sneak it in?

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This is a puzzle for many. How to sneak in the urine and not getting caught by the lab techs should be a walk through. Well, how you hid the sample depends on how smart you are.

There are cases where you will be free and alone in the washroom as you transfer the urine into the lab testing container, and other case where you are supervised peeing.

Look at it this way, you walk in a lab and the technician hands you a container to pee and tells you to do it there and then. He or she may not directly look at your genitals to make sure you are really peeing, but how will you do it?

Quick fix offers a whole` fetish’ kit with devices. These includes; stash leg strap, stash undies and a synthetic urine belt. How they work is easy, for instance the belt has a dispensing tube that will enable you switch the sample without being noticed. The belt is tied on the waistline.

Other urination devices that will enable you ace the testing process includes;  Monkey dong and monkey whizz respectively. The Monkey dong, which is preferably for males while monkey whizz made for females, will save your butt whenever there is need to fill the container with someone supervising you.

To make things easier for you, you can buy all you need like a week or a few days before your test. It will enable you to practice on how to use the device and also how to walk properly without acting weird.

Does quick fix 6.2 really work?

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The best term to use for this is excellent. No doubts with this brand. Having an improved formula makes it more reliable. I can assure you that this product as long as it is well prepared, there are no chances of a test fail.

Whenever you don’t know what to go for, this is a product you can trust! With a 99.99% pass rate.


Q; Can I add some water or a sample of my real urine to quick fix if at all my quick fix wasn’t enough?

No, you can’t do that. Reason being, adding some water to the product will only dilute it, this will automatically give a fail in the test. You will end up getting caught by the lab techs since they will know that you presented a fake urine for testing.

Another point to note, adding a sample of your urine to the quick fix is a fail, the reason you decided to purchase quick fix for a test is because you actually don’t trust your urine for a test, right? Then, there’s no need to add your urine to the quick fix synthetic urine, it will contaminate the product.

Probably you are likely to get yourself in such a situation if your product sample isn’t enough. Most labs will ask for 2 ounces. Quick fix comes is of 2 Oz or even 3 Oz bottles, the best idea is to purchase more than you actually need to escape incidences where the sample is not enough. They even have combo packs for that.

Q; Can I place my sample to direct sunlight to heat in case I didn’t have a microwave?

Under no circumstance can you decide to have the fake pee heated up under direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will completely contaminate the product, breaking down the elements in the solution, to an extent of separating the elements in the solution. The sun rays will affect the biochemical make of the product.

 If you don’t have a microwave, then there’s no need to worry, the only proven method is using a heating pad. It is a slow method but with no otherwise, this what you will need. You can be wiser and dress warmly, place it underneath cloths, and it will definitely get heated. It will take about 45 minutes to have the urine ready, at 90-100F.

Q; is quick fix illegal to purchase?

It’s not illegal, all depending on the state or country at which it’s being sold. You may wonder why a lot may cost you if lab techs catch up with you using a fake urine to cheat a test.

Here, the techs want to carry out their work impressively without tints. This however does not make quick fix or any other synthetic urine illegal for purchase.

Q; Can I reheat quick fix urine?

Yes. Although this is not as much encouraged, it’s however possible to reheat quick fix in case it cooled to room temperature. If you are using a microwave, be cautious to avoid overheating as this is prone. Reheat the sample in intervals of 10 seconds. Monitor the temperature using the temperature strip.

To hedge one’s bet, so after heating the sample, use a heating pad to keep the sample warm and avoid cooling. A heating pad will keep it warm up to 8 hours. In case you didn’t make use of the fake urine, it can be reheated, what you need is purchasing extra heating pads or the leg strap.

Q; what is the shelf life of quick fix 6.2 synthetic urine

1 year. Quick fix has a long shelf life than most of fake pee. There is an insert leaflet in every package showing the manufacturing date and instructions. The manufacturing date may be stamped on the bottle, but you will still find it at the top left hand side of the directions.

Q; the temperature strip is not reading, I’m tensed!

This is a common mistake done during preparations. If you do not have a reading, or have an inaccurate reading, it is because your sample is too hot.

Worry not, allow the sample to cool at room temperate. It will take a few minutes, so be patient. Once it has cooled back, repeat the process properly.

Q; can I mix two batches of quick fix synthetic urine to make one sample?

It is possible as long as the batches are current and are not expired. Always re-check the batch numbers before the mixing. My advice on that, it is better to spend extra dollar purchasing another product rather than risking it all with the mixing.

It is possible that you could have made a mistake during the storage of the products and didn’t realize, of which may affect your results.

Q; is the 2 Oz bottle enough for a test?

Yes. The 2 Oz will fill the standard testing cup to the required amount. But to be on the safest side, quick fix also offer a plus size. I would suggest you go for the plus size since accidents like spillage are common, and with the 2 Oz, spillage may lead to having a less amount, insufficient sample for testing.

Final Verdict

From this review on quick fix 6.2 synthetic urine, you can now attest what’s good for you, when and how to go about. Spectrum labs assures of the best products, quick fix urine being one of them. Buy directly from THE MANUFACTURER for assurance of acquiring the original product.

Other selling sites like Amazon may be having fake products, no matter how convincing they are, do not make a mistake of buying from them. It is for your own good whenever you order from a manufacturer.

To pass the test, follow instruction to T. Avoid unnecessary practices like trying to heat it from the sun, keeping it open exposed to air, or/and mixing it with other elements such as water or your own pee. Quick fix synthetic urine is a top-notch product. Go for it, and walk out of the testing facility enthusiastically with negative results!

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