Can You Freeze Urine For Future Use

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You are probably on search on how you can store your purchased synthetic urine. Having synthetic urine and not sure about how to go about its storage? Worry not we got you. Most people ask a lot concerning how best and when to store your synthetic urine

There are different methods on how you can store your urine.

Some of the suitable techniques are keeping your brand in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Another method is freezing the fake pee. This will, however, determine how long you need it frozen.

To clear your thought, we have analyzed each detail on how to go about the topic in question. With the information provided, then you will be in a position to know better. Read on to capture the idea on when and how to go about freezing the fake pee.

At a glance, Sub Solution urine is among the best fake pee reliable for drug test. With this brand, it has s a long shelf life and freezing may not apply as a means of storing it.


How to Freeze Synthetic  Urine

Freezing synthetic urine is simple. But honestly, this comes with its pros and cons all depending on how you do it. Just as every aspect has its positive and negative part of it, there will always be a solution for everything.

On matters on how to freeze urine, this, however, comes with various factors—the container you use for storage, its size and composition. Not forgetting the time you placed your brand in the freezer.

Have a heavy-duty container, avoiding any glass material. Choose products that work similarly to real urine collection containers.

Whenever you freeze something, it increases in volume, here, choose a perfect size say between 8 and 16 ounces. It gives room in case the urine expands, remember not to fill the sample to the brim, to allow for expansion. With the mentioned size, the container will not occupy much space in the freezer.

Point to consider, make sure the lid is well tightened to avoid any aeration in the sample. Air presence will breakdown the components in the sample hence can contaminate the product.

As you fill in the urine, let it be close to the top and not to brim, creating meniscus, no. Leave a level of space, and once the sample starts expanding, remove excess air.

On top of that, you may decide not to squeeze out the air, you on the track, fill the container leaving some space on the top. Here place your sample in the freezer, this time without the lid.

Since the pee will start expanding, have it placed on a tray to avoid any contamination in the freezer since the sample could even overflow. Keep checking on the expansion progress of your urine content, once it’s at the brim, level it up and have it sealed. That way, you have it well kept. You can decide the best method for you.

The period to freeze the urine

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The fact on how long you can freeze your urine is up to a year. However, this will depend on the shelf life of your product. The best synthetic urine has a longer shelf life of 18 months. However, you can freeze your sample to when you need it for a drug test.

As long as the product has not surpassed its shelf life, then you can have it frozen, longer than a year. With a more extended freezing period, make sure the product is not altered in any way; otherwise, you will have it rough when you carry out your drug test.

It’s possible to have complications either with your freezer or any other issue such as power loss, freezing it for a shorter period would save on the time to time issues, as considered to pro-longed freezing.

Protection is better than cure unless you are sure of the freezers’ capability or your power supply is a through-out system.

Meanwhile, despite the time your synthetic pee stays in the freezer, consider the method of storage above. You may have different samples in the freezer and frozen at other dates. Labeling them makes it easier to identify the product and the date it was placed in the freezer.

When to freeze urine

The appropriate time to freeze your urine is now. We assume you already have it with you. When you have the fake pee frozen, chances are you are doing it for a future testing day.

You probably want to avoid the last-minute rush, freezing it now will save your tomorrow, quote that “tomorrow’.

Unless you need the sample at that particular moment, then have it frozen. Not all the days are summer and winter, and the temperature would change over time.

So if you aim to make use of the product at a later day, then freezing it will not tamper the pH levels.

How to heat the urine ready for testing

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When your day of testing is due, then you have to present it in the condition. Of course not directly from the freezer. The product has to be heated up to the right temperature, the same as the standard urine temperature level.

Here, you have options on how to have it heated;

  1.  Thawing,
  2.  Using a heating pad
  3.  Use a microwave

Thawing is the process where the frozen sample warms up at a room temperature to liquid. This method is so suitable if only you preferred it. With this, you need time to have the frozen pee thawed. If your required test is not so emergent, then consider this method since there are no risks that may come with overheating. Let it thaw to the needed temperature.

Another form is using the heating pads. Most of the best synthetic pee comes along with a heating pad. You will need to place it on the heating pad, and the sample warms up to body temperature. It will heat to the required urine temperature as it would be the case with real urine. You can consider checking the temperature of the sample for authentication purposes.

You can prefer using a microwave to heat the sample. Even though the process is applicable, it’s not very advisable since there’s the risk of overheating the sample. Despite the danger, if you follow the right procedure on how to heat the urine sample, then you can be in a position to use the method.


Q; Can you freeze the urine multiple times?

Re-freezing your brand will come with consequences. Once you have the fake pee heated, freezing it again will tamper its efficiency levels, more to getting it contaminated.

Though freezing the product again is possible, you need to be cautious on how you do it and consider having the best quality synthetic urine from the store.

However, you are at risk of having the sample damaged, the best way out to avoid refreezing, store the models in multiples, you can freeze to the amount that you will require while carrying out the test.

Here you have already made your work more comfortable, and there is no room for refreezing, having used all the amount.

Q; What if you don’t have a heating pad?

It’s okay to have the fake pee without a heating pad, don’t panic. As we mentioned earlier, thawing and using microwave are proven ways. For microwave risks are prone. Now go for thawing process, you need to remove the sample from the freezer like an hour before the testing time.

Again without the heating pads, you can place the sample under your armpits. The sample will heat to your body temperature and ready for testing. You need to give it time to heat, but placing it under your armpits would work faster when the product has gone through the thawing process.

Do you need to have it under the armpits? Well, that’s also a choice. But on the other hand, there is quality fake pee that comes along with a heating pad.

You can leave it on the heating pad as you carry on with other activities, using a heating pad takes to about 45 minutes.

Q; Can lab urinalysis detect that the urine was frozen?

Most people have successfully passed a test from using a sample that had been frozen. Unless your pee is not in the right conditions, by this we mean the temperature reading. It should range between 90-100F. Presenting your sample in the proper condition? Then breathe and relax, waiting for a test pass.

There are several conditions that the lab tests, the pH, gravity, glucose, nitrite, urea and other properties found in the real urine, should be present in the synthetic urine too. The lab professional’s deeps a strip in the sample, the strip reacts with the chemicals in the urine.

It then changes color, which they compare using a chart where they come with the results to either positive or negative. This also will determine whether the required elements are present in the urine. During freezing, chances are the gravity level, and pH could be altered, of course not exceptional for urinalysis. Check the importance of both gravity and ph.

The Gravity

Gravity gives the comparison of density level of both water and urine. Water in the sample freezes differently to the sample itself and therefore during thawing the gravity level may be tampered with. Giving the possibility of gravity test fail.

Normal urine gravity ranges between 1.004-1.030. Normal ranging may vary from lab to lab, so this won’t really affect the results unless your sample’s gravity is far from the estimated one. Chances are you could have diluted the sample or tampered it, be keen with how you handle the product.

The Ph Level

The pH of real urine should be the same as that of fake urine. Lab tests for pH level to determine the acidity or primary level of the urine. Normal urine ranges between 4.5-8.0 for acidity level as real urine is quite acidic.

This Ph level will only be altered if there was dilution or much concentration of the sample; this also can happen during freezing and thawing processes. Again measures for the best product should prevail to keep the model at the Ph range.

Final Verdict

So now you have the idea that sure you can freeze your sample. With proper measurements, this is a go through. Here you have to get yourself the best products and suitable for freezing.

Although storing the synthetic urine in a room temperate works, consider a product to use in the future it would be safe in the freezer as well. You perhaps are not having conducive environs probably the temperature would be so hot or otherwise. Go for it, freeze it!

As we wind up, there is synthetic urine that does not require freezing. They are in dehydrated form; that way, they can last long even without any freezing. Storing them in a room temperature will always work for them. Clear choice sub-solution urine is what we are talking about, it is reliable and we thereby recommend it for you. Buy sub solution from the manufacturer for assurance of getting the original product.

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