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How long does quick fix urine last? Does it go bad?

As much as anyone wish to possess that dream job, all those luxurious things in life may not be easy to sustain. The urge to achieve and acquire the best life from that lucrative job is a wish for all.

Can you maneuver through if you are asked for a drug test? Whatever you consume will matter, by this i mean, do you smoke? take any drug?

It’s not necessarily that your employer will at one time get you smoking say, marijuana. But drug tests are carried out  to the employees from time to time.

The reason is to maintain a drug-free working zone. Perhaps, you may be a driver in the company, goods transporter and so on.

However, such duties call for discipline, in that you can’t just decide to be on transit yet under the control of drugs. Such measures are there to be followed and adhered to. Now, you can’t imagine losing your job, failing in an interview for a positive result in urinalysis, hair or blood tests. 

Long story short, there’s is always a second option for everything. You can purchase synthetic urine that you will use to pass a lab urine test. Such like quick fix synthetic urine, you are ready to beat any urine test that comes your way.

You probably are in a dilemma on whether quick-fix expires, how long it takes, and so on. Like any other product, quick-fix also expires, but it has a shelf life that will keep you at lane on when to, and not use it.

It has  quite a long shelf life of 1 year. So, you can buy it and use it after some time. With proper handling of quick-fix, you can always use it anytime a need arises.

It is always indicated on the instructions guide on its expiry date. Always check for that to know how much time is left before it goes bad. You can always consult a quick fix representative to confirm your doubts.

Even though it has a shelf life of up to 1 years, it can expire before then. This depends on how you store the product. Check below on how to go about its storage.

How to store quick fix urine

You want the product to last to its shelf life, but how are you really handling it? Where and how you store it, matters. You can consider ways to have it in the right condition and not affect its effectiveness.

1. Store it in a room temperature

Storing quick fix at room temperature is one of the best methods to maintain its efficiency until the day of use. At room temperature, it’s not vulnerable to temperature changes.

A room temperature is approximately between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is acceptable for maintaining the right conditions for the quick fix urine.

Also, the room should be dry to avoid contaminating the product. If the product is left directly to the sun rays, the elements will automatically break down. This contamination will leave the product void for use.

While in a room, the beams should not pass through a window. This, too, can damage the product. Avoid sun rays at all costs.

As much as you store it in a room temperature, the product should always have a lid. The sample should not react with oxygen since the fake pee may be oxidized. In case you had it exposed, the only option left is to dispose it.

Don’t make the mistake of preparing altered urine for a drug test. The lid should be well tightened.

2. Store in a freezer

Although this method usually is not encouraged, it as well works. You may freeze different samples depending on when you will need it for a test.

With that being the case, you should label the models with the date they are  placed them in the freezer.

Freezing is applicable in case of a future drug test. Let the sample remain in the freezer to the day it’s required, avoid removing it from time to time.

Storing quick fix urine vs. real urine for a drug test

There are times where you may decide to store your real urine. This is the case whereby you’ve been drugs-free.

Now you may choose to have your pee stored in case you are asked for a drug test, and maybe you are not sure if for the coming months you will involve yourself in any drug.

So, even with such kind of a decision, this comes with its implications.

  • Real urine breaks down faster than the synthetic urine.
  • Human urine cannot be used severally for urine testing as it’s the case with fake urine.
  • Synthetic urine can last longer than human urine.

To be honest, you cannot depend on your urine for any future drug test, reasons as seen above, some of the biochemical elements may have broken down with the real urine, this disqualifying your test.

If you need to store urine for any drug test, synthetic urine will always be the option. Keep proper storage measures, and you will always be a star when it comes to drug tests.

Why Go For Quick Fix Urine?

Well, to say, this is a very quality product you can always rely on. Its manufacturers are super and have retested the product to ascertain that it really does work.

Quick-fix has all the properties found in the real urine; all that lab techs check during a urine drug test is present in the quick fix. Components such as urea and uric acid are tested in the lab, of which you will get them in the quick fix urine.

Quick-fix comes in 2 ounces and 3 ounces bottles, so you can always decide which one suits you or the amount you need for testing. Quick-fix is so effective, with approximately 99.99% accuracy. You can still have a settled mind whenever you present the urine for testing. It will always work!

Whether you are using any drug or not, tests will always be administered over time in most states. In schools, workplaces, among other places, this is mandatory as long as you are among the organizations.

It would result in embarrassment or even facing the law in case you are caught under any drug. This should never be a hindrance to whatever you want to attain or achieve. That’s why quick-fix is here for such times.


Q; Can you re-use synthetic urine?

Yes, you can re-use the product. Heating it again will not affect quick-fix at all. As long as the product is not yet expired, this can still work.

You may heat your sample and, to some point, get cooled to room temperature before administering a test. You can always reheat it.

Even with reheating being acceptable, too much of something is poisonous, so multiple reheating will affect it. Water levels will reduce, which may affect the volume required for a test.

You can consider having a heating pad so that if you heat it for the first time, the heating pad will keep the sample warm.

Q; Can you mix quick fix with water or human urine?

No, avoid that. Adding water or human urine to quick fix will interfere with the chemical composition of the fake pee. Quick fix is a quality product with all the required substances tested in the lab. Therefore, you don’t need to add any human urine.

If you add water, then you will be diluting the synthetic urine. You should not add water since lab technicians will recognize a diluted sample.

You can always opt to buy an extra quick fix to escape incidences where it’s not enough for testing, to the point of adding water or human urine.

Q; Can I mix two batches of quick fix urine?

Yes, you can as long as none of the products is expired or was under extreme temperature conditions. One ounce bottle of quick fix is the same as the other, so mixing two or more would be of no harm to the sample.

Q; How much synthetic urine do I need for testing?

In most labs, they ask for a 2 Oz urine sample. Quick fix comes with 2 Oz bottle which well fits or testing and also in 3 Oz bottle. Sometimes accidents happen, such as spilling.

In such a case, you are recommended to purchase more of it. But as long you are careful enough, 2 Oz is still enough for testing.

Final Verdict

You now have the idea concerning quick fix urine. Its shelf life, how and when it can quickly expire. It’s as well a reliable product you can always count on.

It’s easy to prepare, and you don’t require many tedious preparations.

With that information, you can comfortably walk into a lab for testing smiling since you are assured of a go through process. This will always be effective when you follow the instructions keenly on using it—not forgetting how to store it since this is a VIP measure to adhere to.

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