Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine: Top Notch Fake Pee

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Clear choice sub solution synthetic urine: Is It the Best?

Ever wondered what could make you lose your job? You could be the most active, transcendent, and self-driven employee, but failing in a drug test could be a turnoff.

Drug tests are conducted on employees’ whether new or current. The employer well knows the reason for bits `n bobs. To some, it’s a way of having a drug free zone for everyone who visits the premises.

For instance, the drug-free term is wholly regarded in food processing companies, to truck drivers also applies and many other occupations.

This is not a new thing for most people. If you are hearing this for the first time, read on to the end and learn. Smoking a joint and heading for a drug test is nothing but alarming the testing facility to give out positive results.

That is crazy, right? Don’t expect miracles. There is a myriad of ways to pass a drug test. Synthetic urine can save your butt in a blink, don’t just have synthetic urine, but order the best quality for the best results.

Another method is detoxing. You can opt for natural body detox or detox drinks and pills. All these methods go well with your own suit and how well you go about it.

Clear choice sub solution synthetic urine is a super-duper brand that you can comfortably use to pass an upcoming drug test.

Like any other synthetic urine, the sub solution is fake urine, formulated to mimic the real human urine.


It has the same colour, odour, specific gravity, and Ph. On top of that, uric acid is part of the product, creatinine, urea, potassium, and sodium, and that’s not the limit.

Clear choice sub solution urine is amazingly different from most urine brands. It’s in dehydrated, powdered form while other brands are in premixed form.


This feature makes it have a longer shelf life than other products. With premixed urine, they may separate at times and have the elements separate. This is pure seldom with sub-solution urine.

During the preparation, you only need to add a certain amount of water to the solution form. Human urine is not in powder form whatsoever. Hence you cannot submit the sub solution with its original state. It may sound tedious or contradicting; it’s, however, as easy as ABC.


This product is unisex. In a layman’s language, it can be used by both men and women.

Therefore if you and your spouse, or else anyone have to go through a drug test, all that is needed is to buy two or so kits of clear choice sub solution from test-negative. Actually, you get it together with a home testing kit to test before heading to the testing facility.

Will the lab detect that my sample is a fake pee?

The technology improves day by day. LabCorp’s testing labs have advanced, which means they know that people tend to sneak in fake urine and submit for testing whenever they are not supervised.

Besides testing for the presence of components such as uric acid and temperature, they too test for preservatives. In a real sense, human urine has zero preservatives, so despite having the very best urine sample, the presence of preservatives will automatically have your sample disregarded.


Fortunately, clear choice sub solution has no preservatives with it. Phew! What a relief. Most synthetic urine adds biocide as a preservative for the product to last longer.

Clear choice with its dehydrated form enables it last longer. It has a shelf life of six months. After buying, the first thing is to check and re-check the expiry date. Expiry products are redundant and will not work for a drug test.

Keep the package sealed until the day for the test. Opening it will reduce its shelf life to 24hours.

24hours? So limited!

That’s the point here. With any product out there, not only synthetic urine, whenever it’s opened, its shelf life it reduces. Anything can go bad before its actual expiry date.

If something has to be stored in a freezer, do it; if another has to be stored at room temperature, the same case should apply.

With sub solution synthetic urine, the instruction is simple, don’t open it until the day of the test.


There are reasons behind every statement. Opening the sample will have it react with oxygen.

Hence, this will have it oxidized, attracting bacteria growth, and the results are not pleasing. Thereby the efficacy of the product will reduce. In such a condition, whether it is prepared and submitted at the right temperature, the test will be a failure.


You only have 24 hours after opening it. After that, my advice is for you to purchase another product; that’s the only way I can assure you a clean test pass. Save that extra dollar for other uses; we don’t want you to be a money-thrift and end up spending more than the actual figures.

Since preparing it is easy, have it opened and prepared a few hours before your test.

Step by step guide on how to prepare sub solution fake pee

To pass a drug test, all that is needed is following instructions to T. In any case, someone said they failed a test, and it’s probably they didn’t follow instructions; how to prepare a sub solution is easy. The package contains:

  • The synthetic urine mix
  • 3-ounce mixing container
  • A set of instructions.

We have detailed instructions for an easy read-through.

  1. Hours before the testing, unwrap the package. Remove the fake pee vial and the mixing container.
  2. Remove the cap from the container, add lukewarm water to the container and fill it under the cap.
  3. Add all the powdered urine sample to the water. Seal the container with the cap, gently shake the container until all the powder is dissolved. The liquid should appear clear and not powder particles in the water.
  4. Using a temperature strip on the side of the container, check the temperature of the solution. Should read between 90-100F.
  5. You are done; the solution has up to 8 hours before you submit.

Oops! The temperature strip is not reading.

While monitoring the temperature using a temperature strip, it may not read. That only shows that the temperature is below 88F. In that case, the sample is not ready for testing; action is needed.


Add the heat activator powder to the mixture, start with one-third of it and check the strip reading. As you add the heat activator, remember to shake the mixture well for it to settle. If need be, keep adding the heat activator until the required temperature is achieved.


Real human urine temperature ranges between 90-100Fand, so should be the case with synthetic urine. As you submit the urine sample for testing, the temperature is one key component tested.


Wrong temperature reading equals a test fail. The testing facility only accepts a urine sample at the right temperature; keep that in mind.


Once the sample is at the required temperature, place it underneath your clothes and intact with your body. This is to ensure it does not cool to room temperature before it is submitted.


You will need a heat activator in case the fake pee cools, to know the correct amount to add, one-third of heat activator for temperature below 88F and one-fourth for temperature ranging between 88F-90F.


Shaking the container after adding the heat activator should not be a miss. Again, if you have too much heat activator added, place the sample against a cold surface to cool back to the correct temperature.

Can I use a microwave to heat my sample?

The only safest way to heat clear choice sub solution is using the heat activator. It’s hereby not advised to use a microwave to heat it.

Use the heat activator to avoid tampering with its properties. Again, using a microwave may cause evaporation of the fake pee. Not only a microwave, don’t heat it using sun rays. It may get to the correct temperature, but what about the chemical structure? Its accuracy and efficacy?


Sun rays will distort the sample by breaking down the components. The solution can even separate from its structure, and remixing it will not be the solution. In case it’s accidentally exposed to sunlight, dispose it and get a new package.


Note; the heat activator does not interfere with the chemical composition of the solution.

Does Clear Choice sub solution synthetic urine work?

Definitely yes! Clear choice urine solution is rated as one of the top best fake pee out there. The manufactures update the product’s formula over time to have it at par with improving testing skills. It’s used to calibrate lab equipment that giving it a green-tick in its reliability for the drug test.


You may as well fail a test, don’t get flattered when you submit a sample at the wrong temperature, particles floating on the solution will be a downfall for you. Use the temperature strip to monitor the temperature, and not forgetting to shake it well to dissolve each particle.


Apart from placing it intact in your body, you can use heat pads to keep the sample warm. The heat pads may fail, but the body temperature is steady; that the best way to have it warmed up. Failing a drug test with a clear choice sub solution synthetic is rare urine; only your mistakes can fail you.


Q: Is the heat activator necessary?

Yes. This what you will use in case the sample is below the required temperature. In case you feel it’s a lot of stuff adding the heat activator, use lukewarm water to prepare your mixture. You may even not end up adding any heat activator.


Q: I bought a sub-solution, and my testing day was postponed. Can my wife use it for her upcoming test?

She can as well use it. This synthetic urine is unisex; its composition does not hinder anyone from using it. A brusque test dismissal may occur for various reasons. That’s why you are encouraged not to open the product until the day of the test.


Q: How long does it last after mixing it with water?

Utmost 8 hours is the ideal time to have it before submitting. If I were you I would be wiser, prepare it and not exceed 3 hours after preparation. At this time, it’s highly efficient and freshly made. Using your noodle on this will not cost you anything but will give you a smile after testing. Be smart!

Final Verdict

A leopard can’t and does not change its spot. You feel you cannot avoid having a joint, not probably daily, but once in a while. At the same time, you have to go through a drug test. Synthetic urine will always be the best option and, in this case, clear choice sub solution urine.


It may include some cumbersome, as you may call it, method of preparation, but worth every energy. Sub solution is also much expensive than most synthetic urine. This should not be a reason as to why you should go for cheap unreliable products.

Clear choice has several preparations procedures, from mixing it to form a solution to adding heat activator to maintain its temperature. Here you may decide to go for quick fix urine which comes in a premixed solution, it is cheaper as compared to clear choice, and above all, it works just as sub solution.


Don’t fall for a pound of cure, which could have been solved by the sub solution ounce of protection. Buy it directly from THE MANUFACTURER and rest assured of securing yourself the original, top-notch product. Don’t fail a test for minor mistakes like wrong temperature reading; you went so well with ordering your product, prepare it as instructed.




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