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Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox Review. Whenever there is a need to clean a body of toxins, the solution is to have a natural detox. In most organizations, drug tests are mandatory for new employees and also to the existing ones, done regularly as part of employment regulation. Passing a drug test while being a smoker would call for a Brainiac way to pass the test.

Naturally, our bodies detox. This however, will need self-discipline, not smoking or even taking any drugs during detoxing. A natural detox depends on one’s weight and how regularly you smoke.

By that, I refer to heavy users as daily smokers and light users as regular smokers.

Substances like THC stays in the body longer for heavier people, commonly above 200lbs. Marijuana is fat-soluble, and for you to detox with that situation, much time is needed than it is the case with less mass people.

Lighter people would go for a few days and have their bodies of toxins clean. You need to know where you land in case you opt for natural detoxing.

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Anytime you need to be fully clean of toxins and ready for a drug test, natural detoxing is the true -lest method. Toxins will be flushed out of the body over time.

This just does not come so easily, especially if you have been smoking over time. Abrupt stopping would trigger your daily duties, that quick switch from drugs may trigger the norm of the body function. While you need to detox naturally, consider;

  • Eating foods rich in fibre. Vegetables, fruits are key in the natural detoxing process. Avoid fatty foods since toxins are trapped in the fatty cells. That way, the detox process will take shorter than otherwise.
  • Exercise your body. Toxins will be flushed out through sweat.
  • Consume a lot of water daily. The 8 glasses monotonous, is still ideal per day. You will pee occasionally, and as a result, the toxins will be flushed out.
  • The most important, cut out any drugs. Including caffeine drinks, alcohol, and tobacco. Otherwise, you will be going on a wild goose chase.

However, the downside of it is that it takes longer than other methods. Nonetheless, discipline will have to prevail for a complete detox.

If in any case, a drug test is due in a day, then natural detox would not be a complete process. You will need a more advanced way. In a nutshell, you need supplements to fasten the detox process. Toxin Rid 10-day detox is your pack in need!

Toxin rid 10-day detox review, what does it entail?

The name reveals all. It’s a formula that gets rid of toxins within 10 days of detoxing.

Toxin rid has a formula for day 1 up to day 10, all with the same function but depending on your puffing habits for certain plan to work.

Some would go for the day 5 formula, 1 day, and still come out positive. The 10-day formula is as well more powerful and reliable; heavy users have it sorted for them.

It may be hard going for 10 days without your routine smoking, feeling the urge, and getting tempted, but well, since this is all you need to flush of toxins, you cannot escape this.


The test-clear manufactures toxin rid, and it’s composed of a 3 program compilation: pills, drink, and dietary fiber. The pills have extract known as alfalfa leaf, which flushes toxins from your kidneys and liver, hence instilling regular urination.

The drink and the pills contain electrolytes, such as magnesium, potassium, and chloride. The elements retain the urines’ natural look and won’t appear diluted. There is dietary fibre, which contains psyllium husk, responsible for catalyzing the drawing away of toxins from fat cells through your pee.

All combined makes one top-notch product for your blood, saliva, and urine test.

Unlike other detox products, which only mask the toxins, toxin rid 10 detoxes permanently clears the toxins from your system. So, there’s no clean window time frame; once you are done with the process, you are clean until your next joint.

Step by step guide on how to use toxin rid 10-day detox

To come out clean, instructions have to be followed. It’s a 10-day program, and the package comes with a set of instructions. Below is a well-elucidated method, follow each step to T.

Before that, the product consists of;

  • 150 pre-rid pills
  • Ounce fluid of detox drink
  • 5 OZ dietary fiber

Step 1: The Tablets

After 24 hours of drugs-refrain, take 15 tablets every day. Take 3 pills every hour for 5 hours a day. That’s sums up to 15 pills. For each 3 pills, down them with 8 OZ of water.

Have a smart schedule on how you will be taking the drugs. You can set timers as a reminder. If you decide to start taking your pills from 9 am, let this be the case for the rest of the days just to avoid skipping them.

During this process, drinking a lot of water is actually mandatory; this will purge out the toxins at any time you pee. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats during these detox days. On the other hand, fatty foods should be a nightmare and should not be dared.

Step 2: The Detox liquid

On the final day after taking the last set of pills, the detox liquid comes in. Two hours after downing the pills, take half of the liquid and down with 8-16 ounces of water. You can opt to drink juice for flavor purposes, but it is optional. After another two hours, drink the remaining detox drink, again with 8-16 ounces of water.

In between the 2 hours, avoid eating any foods and let the process sink. With the water/juice, you can mix it with the detox drink as a chaser for the detox. Again, avoid drinking too much water; more than enough might not work as expected. Vice versa should still not apply, drinking lesser water. Be on the verge for best results.

Step 3: The dietary fiber

One hour before the test, mix the dietary fiber with 8 ounces of water. Drink the mixer within two minutes. Chill for another 20 minutes and drink 16 ounces of water. At this point, you are clean and ready for a drug test.

Notably, the dietary fiber is not a must take. If you have a flush drink to take during your test day, you will not require the fiber mix. But to avoid engendering in peevish circumstances take everything as illustrated.

Does Toxin Rid 10-day work?

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According to my very close friend, it works! Before deciding to review it, we first tried it to give you the information you need.

Being a regular smoker, for overtime now, detoxing came to my mind for my friend, he actually had acquired himself a well-paying job, and as it is the norm, a drug test was part of the requirements for the job vacant. The aim was to secure the job so, he decided why not try detox?

Again from the online reviews, they promised that toxin rid works. Finally, after trying it, it worked and he tested negative. That’s the courage and assurance that this brand gives.

He didn’t have much weight, probably that too contributed to easing in flushing toxins. Whether you are a heavy mass or not, toxin rid 10-day detox still works.

Monitoring his daily detox was important, and having him take the drugs at a specific time without skipping days. So far so good, this product works, all you need is follow instructions and endorse into healthy eating like food rich in fiber and lots of fruits.

How will I tell that toxin rid-10 detox is working?

Just as you take any medication and tell if the medicines are working, body improvements or no improvements are the ways.

The same case with toxin rid 10; it’s not weird getting glued to the toilet. Urination becomes part and parcel during the detox process. This is a sign that the toxin rid is progressively taking its course.

Another way to use it is by having a home testing kit. Before the start of a detox program test your urine; of course, at this point it’s positive.

After completion of your detox program before the lab test, have another home test; there should be an improvement from the first one and negative results should be the expectation. Unless you messed somewhere along the process, you should test negative after the last day of the detoxing process.

I came across a particular review someone saying that it causes bloating. Well, people are different, my friend didn’t expect such side effect. All was under control, and he did his detox program without any problem.

From my own view, probably the bloating could have been as a result of weak body metabolism.

In case you are allergic, talk to your physician before consuming the detox.

What other detox methods can I use?

This is well answered by the following:

  • Weight is one of the determinants and a choice to help you know what formula you need for detox. With having a day 1, 5, 7, and 10 formulas, weight matters. If you are above 200 lbs, a 5 day and below detox may be average in giving negative results. This is because heavy people have toxins absorbed in their fat cells. Hence they may require much time to detox—10 day detox formula.
  • What you consume and the frequency at which you consume. let’s say, smoking daily, you tend to be a heavy smoker. Light smokers may do it twice a week and in little amount. Smoking frequently will need you to have a longer detox formula for clean results. For light smokers, a 5-day detox will work it out. All you need is to follow instructions on how to achieve.
  • Metabolism rate. This depends on age and how your health status is. The older the person, the slower the metabolism, and vice versa. This would not apply to everyone; it all depends on the healthy habits we undertake. If you have a slower metabolism, you need a longer time to detox.

Final Verdict

Whenever you need to detox, toxin rid 10-day detox is a charm. It’s a long process but worth every second of it.

In other cases, you may be short of time to detox. There are lesser days detoxing programs that you can grab and have yourself clean. Be cautious; some of these detox programs will only work for light users.

If you are a heavy user, and probably keeping track of the process becomes hard, you can go for synthetic urine to beat the test.

Buy your toxin rid 10-day detox from THE MANUFACTURER. They are the only reliable sources to provide you with the legit and original product.

Other resellers may have imitated the product, and you may land on fake products. Toxin rid day 10 is a prime to other detox formulas, but it’s worth it. It will give you a full-body cleanse.

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