Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo Review: Flush Out Drug Toxins From Your Hair Easily

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Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo, well known for passing drug tests.

 Imagine having a public holiday on a Friday. It’s on a Thursday evening, and need to wrap up weekly duties since after all, a weekly report is inevitable. You get your knickers in a twist to reach the target. Well, there is no option. After it’s done, you feel you need to take a break and the long-long weekend to relax and rejuvenate.

On Friday evening, it is always a time with your friends, what follows? A through-party. You didn’t necessarily do that from peer pressure, and you needed to replenish a bit. Puffing works for you in relaxing the mind. Sounds solid, but hey! It could turn out as dare the devil, reap the fruits. You had fun all through. Of course, you were in a dog’s dinner and acted peachy to amuse and feel yourself.

The holiday comes and goes, and have to report to work on Monday. At the receptionist area is where you sign in and out for employees’ monitoring scheme. On that Monday morning, you had to sign in and pick a sealed envelope. What does it entail? An upcoming hair follicle test in a week! You feel like the world has turned on you, heart in your mouth, and cold blood runs through your stream.

Let me make things easier. You don’t have to panic but get ready for it in a simple way. You need the best detox shampoos like old-style toxin rid shampoo to clear toxins from the hair. This an assurance of the product by using the macujo method to clean the hair, leaving it squeaky clean off toxins.

This is a method of testing for drugs in the system. It’s done in most facilities, workplaces for new workers or at random instances, as it’s our case here.

A couple of a hair bunch is extracted from your head, done at different patches to avoid bald- patches. A hair test can detect drugs for the past three months (90 days), unlike other tests such as a urinalysis, which can only see for the past few days.

If you have no head hairs, the tech may collect hair from your other body parts. Weird right? But it’s possible.

Hair follicle tests for various drugs

Typically, a hair drug test is conducted to test for the below; the list is not limited.

  • THC in marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamine
  • PCP
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opioids like codeine, acetyl morphine, and morphine

Let’s for instance, pick marijuana. With this, the strains do not disappear after using Mary- Jane.

Besides, it stays in the system longer than you can imagine. The reason is, it has a substance known as THC, which flows through the bloodstream to other parts of the body such as; kidneys, liver, and of all your hair strands.

The hair is part of the body system, and as it grows through the blood carrying nutrients, it’s the same way it will grow with toxins in the blood stream.

THC is fat-soluble. People with more than 200 pounds, marijuana stays longer in their system to people with less weight.

I Think I Need To Shave My Hair To Skive The Test.

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Well, choices have consequences. Shaving your hair will only raise suspicions that you are trying to be dodgy. That could be the beginning of a great fiasco.

Whether you shaved the hair, they would as well use your body hair for the test, as mentioned above. You have been at the workplace, they see you each day, with that long curly hair, and now you decide to shave it before the test? You are only ruining and calling for a horrid situation.

So, that should not linger in your mind at that particular time. Another idea to grasp, you should not dye your hair in an attempt to get rid of the toxins. This never has and will never work for a hair follicle test. Hair tests still detects for toxins in dyed and un-dyed hairs.

The only tested and proven method to go about this is the use of hair detox shampoos. The #1 brand is old style aloe rid shampoo. I can assure you a pass with no doubts. I have friends, including me, whom we have used, and it worked with no compromise.

What is Old Style Shampoo?

As the name suggests, it’s a hair shampoo. This is far different from the usual hair shampoos on the market shelves.


Old style toxin rid shampoo has a well-formulated formula to clear of toxins from the hair. Remember, you cannot use any shampoo for this process.

Old style toxin rid shampoo is manufactured by test clear for over two decades in use. It’s a 5 Oz bottle liquid ready for use right from the box. Before we go deep on how and what it entails, have a look on how old style shampoo came to exist.

At first, there was Nexxus aloe rid shampoo, designed to remove radicles from hair strips. It was a robust product mixed with different chemicals. Well. It removed toxins but left the hair dry, hair breakages and some other problems.

That’s was its downfall part of it. After such complaints, test clear came up re-branded and reformulated it to old-style toxin rid.

With the improved formula, the product still conducted its role well, getting rid of toxins, and this had no hair damages at all. Old style leaves the hair soft and do not cause any hair breakages.

Nexxus rid is off for use. For instance, any products on Amazon or eBay are fake or out of condition and will not work in keeping the hair in the right conditions.

With a hair drug test, buy old style toxin rid from test clear for incredible results. Some reviews still talk of nexxus, but don’t be misled. We are here to direct you on the right choice and the best product for your needs. It’s clear; you don’t want to experience hair breakage after wash.

How To Use Old Style aloe toxin rid Shampoo. Get rid of hair toxins without hair damage!

Before that, it is vital to know what makes up the shampoo. Without listing all the ingredients and concentrating on the crucial one, old-style toxin consists of propylene glycol. This helps remove toxins from the hair shaft and leaving no hair damage. This shampoo also moisturizes the hair giving it a soft and shiny look after washing.

Now, how to use this shampoo is the same method as any other shampoo. Using the macujo method to get rid of toxins is all you need to follow.

Wash the hair from 5 days to the day of test, do it daily for thorough cleaning. If you have lesser days to that, give it multiple showers a day, clean it at least 15 times before the testing day.

As you make use of old-style shampoo, first moisturize the hair with water. Now, apply and massage every bit of it with the shampoo, let it sit for at least 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

The Macujo Method has a seven-step approach on how you can have hair detoxification. This will effectively work and get rid of the toxins. The procedure is well outlined in this website.

With repeated washes, old-style rid will definitely give you a pass since it will have cleared the scalp and cleared the toxins from the hair follicles.

That said, there is more to capture. Old-style rid shampoo works more perfectly with zydot ultra-clean shampoo. This combination will give you the best than you expected. There’s always the good, better, and best, here we give you the best. Use your old-style rid shampoo days before your test day.

On the day of test, use ultra-clean to put you in the cleanest window frame. Ultra-clean is a hair purifying treatment that removes chemical buildups and other impurities from the hair. It’s a deep cleaning shampoo with conditioner and purifying treatment.

Why Do I Need the Ultra-Clean Shampoo?

As we have said, for great results. Both products are needed. This is why

Our hair consists of three layers;

  • Cortex
  • Medulla
  • Cuticle

So, somebody will convince you that aloe rid shampoo will have the cuticle layer open, but as a matter of fact, aloe rid needs to be combined with other components such as ultra-clean for a complete process.

Don’t be deceived that old-style toxin rid will work on its own to have all the toxins flushed. Zydot ultra clean is an internal hair purifying treatment.

 With the macujo method, get rid of toxins from the hair shafts using old style and zydot ultra clean.

CLICK HERE to get zydot ultra clean shampoo.

So, Am I Ready To Go?

Yes! The package is up for grabs. Just as you can get old style aloe rid shampoo from test clear, you will still get ultra-clean from them. Buy the combo from them; it’s way much expensive but worth every penny.

Don’t beat corners trying to act cheap stake by buying cheap and unreliable products from other resellers.

Test clear, have original and reliable brands, and you will not regret the money and time spent on them.

Follow instructions carefully to T, and you will achieve. Follow the macujo method, and do not forget to use the zydot ultra clean shampoo on the test day.

It cleans up the remaining loose toxins. Ultra clean is a one application pack.

Points To Remember While Using Toxin Rid Shampoo

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Old style toxin rid shampoo will ONLY help pass a hair follicle drug test. This will not fool any other administered tests such as urinalysis, mouth swab, or blood test.

If your test do not involve hair follicle test, then other methods are used for that—discussion for another day.

Once you start the cleaning process, wash everything in contact with your hair for the entire time before the test.

Pillows, beanies, and towels are the most contact items. The need for cleaning them is that, they may reintroduce the toxins back to your hair even after washing it. You can as well opt to replace them with new ones. This is up to you to decide.

Expect to make use of the entire old-style shampoo bottle before the test. This is possible, especially with heavy users. Heavy users have more toxins deposits than light users.

They need to be much thorough with the scrubbing and the shampooing. Take your time with the cleaning process.


Can aloe toxin remove all traces of drugs?

Yes. It’s formulated to remove all the drug toxins from the hair. Even with the problematic THC in marijuana which is fat-soluble and hard to remove. Fortunately, it’s possible with old style toxin rid shampoo.

Will I have any allergies to using the shampoo?

Old style shampoo will not have side effects, especially on the hair, since that’s the application area. It will not affect your scalp too. It is well formulated to leave the hair soft and soothe your scalp.

In case you are prone to allergies, always consult your physician before use to avoid laxative effects. But it’s so rare.

Will old style shampoo work for all the hairs?

Different people have different hair textures, volumes, and growth rates. For instance, black Americans have thicker, and their hair grows slower than other hairs.

As a matter of fact, we are all created differently, different races, one love. Back to the question, the old-style shampoo will work perfectly for all the hair types. Even for the dyed hair, it still works!

For how long will my hair stay clean of toxins after using it?

As soon as you begin using drugs. Old style toxin shampoo has a permanent strip. As soon as you start using drugs, metabolites form again.

Unlike other shampoos that temporarily mask the toxins and have a separate clean window, old-style aloe toxin rid shampoo lasts.


Final Verdict

You don’t have to be in a stew from a drug test notice with the discovery of an improved shampoo formula. Instead, be cool, gather yourself and order your old style aloe toxin rid shampoo together with the zydott ultra clean shampoo.

Follow the steps as directed; what follows? A drug pass, negative results!

While purchasing the products, always buy from TEST CLEAR, ignore any other online seller to avoid being scammed with fake and unreliable products.

But straight from the manufacturer will not only guarantee you having original, reliable, and a top-notch product, but also a pass!

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