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My name is Jessy. I’m a fanatic aiming to burn the curio and passionately seek to share more concerning therapeutic marijuana. Over a while now, I’ve discovered what people go through by failing a drug test. This has thrilled me, and so far, I’ve learnt more about how dodging a drug test goes.

With that, I will be sharing with you how to go about drug tests. No law, neither do I condone the use of illegal drugs.

Silent-test has come to your rescue with comprehensive information from my life expediencies, internet and close friends’ experiences. I’m here to answer all your questions, and I hope you get what you are looking for.

That said, consider every product on silenttest.com for self-administered tests and not for illegal purposes. The information provided is solely my own opinion. Therefore, please do not consider it as a piece of medical advice.

I acknowledge new and current visitors to silenttest.com. However, you agree that the information and products listed should be used at your own risk by visiting. Be wiser and feel free to contact me on my contact page.


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