How to stop smoking cigarettes: Beat The Urge To Smoke Easily!

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The urge to smoke tobacco can take over if you decide to always give in. It is a feeling that can only last for about 10 minutes and it will be gone.

When you thirst for nicotine, delay the want. Give yourself 10 minutes and before the time is over, keep yourself busy with something to occupy your mind.

Time will pass and slowly you will be in a position to control the urge whenever it rises. Check out these helpful tricks to help you stop smoking cigarettes.

Stop smoking cigarettes with these helpful tips

1.Try a Nicotine Replacement Treatment
One thing to help you stop smoking is doing something almost close to what you were used to.

This helps the body adapt easily to not having tobacco and at the same time reducing withdrawals which comes with quitting smoking.

Nicotine replacement therapy is the best way to go. Instead of unhealthy habit, replace with a healthy habit like: Prescribed nasal spray

  • Nicotine gum
  • Patches prescribed stop-smoking drugs.
  • Using nicotine replacement inhaler. Example of this is the FUM essential oils inhaler. It satisfies the hand to mouth craving.

The same way to smoke through the mouth is the same way with FUM, breath in through the mouth and exhale through the nose.
It is a bright idea of practicing healthy habit.

Tobacco replacement therapy will help in overcoming strong urges. While using NRT, you can as well use them in conjunction with hypnosis program to help you quit smoking fast. The program is downloadable and you can access it at the comfort of your home.

2.Avoid “just one”

If you decide to quit smoking, then you will need discipline all together. You may feel the need to only smoke one joint but don’t be denied this may escalate quickly up to 2 , 3 or more.

The moment you fall for this, then it might become difficult to quit smoking for good. Instead of just one puff, why not do just one fruit? or your replacement therapy?

Any time you resist the urge to smoke, you will always be closer to quitting cigarettes forever.

3.Ask for help
Doing away with smoking may require an extra person or a team that will walk with you together.

It could be a counselor, your church celebrant, spouse, family or just anyone that you will free to share your idea and someone who will walk you through it without judging.

If you cant access your helper physically, connect through chats, phone calls, zoom, downloadable audios and scripts, whichever method that makes things work.

4.Think of the gains

The benefits comes as a result of having reasons as to why to are quitting smoking. Upon quitting nicotine, you will be increasing your chances of good things like:

  • Healthier lifestyle
  • More savings
  • Saving your acquaintances from secondhand smoking.
  • Reduced risks of throat, kidney, liver cancer and other related diseases.

5.Be physically active
Engaging in physically activities can distract you and the urge to smoke will fade away with time.
Idleness may get you sneaking to smoke.

Take your dog for a walk or just by yourself, do some home workouts, clean the house, organize your kitchen and bedroom or cut the fence hedges, just anything.

If you are in the office, arrange the files, go online for more encouragement, take a short walk or write encouragement quotes from online or make some for yourself.

Remember not to strain yourself whatsoever, engage in activities that you can manage. Too much activity may end up exhausting you and the quitting process might seem to be difficult.

6.Avoid any triggers

Things that may make you have the urge to smoke again should be avoided at all costs. Triggers that may get you smoking are prone in areas like in parties, bars, smoking zones and in company of smoking pals.

Other times it my be taking in too much coffee, tea or any other caffeinated drinks. Identify your triggers and avoid them.

7.Choose healthy relaxation techniques
Having unhealthy reasons like smoking for stress management or to get good sleep should be avoided too. Smoking will relax you for a while and you will get back to your situation once the nicotine consumed wears out.

Best way to get good sleep, manage stress, rise immunity or increase energy can be achieved by taking in healthy supplements extracted from natural plants like the FUM flavored device to help you cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Optionally, go for massages, movies. listen to calm music, visualize or do yoga.

Benefits of quitting smoking cigarettes

Doing away with unhealthy habits makes way for healthy benefits. As long as you beat the urge to smoke, you will start seeing changes as soon as 1 week to a couple of weeks.

Effects of smoking may include physical, emotional or mental. Physical changes can be characterized by shaking hands. Once you avoid smoking , this will automatically end after some weeks.

You will improve mentally and emotionally in a great way. There will be no controlled mind where most of the times you only thing of smoking a joint.

More improved thoughts will avail and that’s how you will realize the value of not smoking.

More and more savings. Accompany your decision to stop smoking with manageable goals.
For instance, save the bucks you used to buy cigarettes everyday. Have a savings account for that or just note down the increments in your current account.

Your account will increase tremendously and you will realize how much money was being used in a wrong manner.

Save your loved ones from secondhand smoking. Smoking around people does not only impact on you the primary smoker, anyone around you gets affected too.

In fact the secondhand smoker is of no difference to the primary smoker. If you need to save your family, quit smoking.

Reduced risks of contacting cancer is among the benefits. Nicotine has caused many lives through throat, kidney and liver cancer.

Escape cancer and heart diseases with healthy living.

Effects of quitting smoking and how to control them

The most threatening of all is having the urge to smoke. Others like headache, nausea, feeling irritated are also common but manageable.

If you will be in a position to curb withdrawal symptoms, then you will be very close to achieving the goal.

Cut the urge to smoke with replacement therapies. Stopping abruptly may be almost impossible. The body requires an aid to enable it cope and adjust the usual habit it was used to.

FUM essential oils inhaler has come in for many people and it is still saving big time. It is designed to kick the bad habit and welcome in healthy habit.

It empowers you to create positive habits and offer reinforcement in quitting nicotine. FUM has no vapor and no nicotine, its made from natural plants extracts.

FUM comes with infused cores from natural plant, organic and ethically sourced which you place in the non-electronic fum tunnel, ready for use.

There is no vaporization, only uses diffusion process to pass the scent and flavor.

This is the best method that works magic with dealing with the urge to smoke. The same way you hold a cigarette is the same case with FUM.

The good thing with FUM is that, it ends the sad feeling that comes with quitting smoking and deals with mental torture by the help of the infused cores, that may arise after quitting smoking.


What is the best way to quit smoking cigarettes?

The first thing to do is find a way to curb the urge to smoke. Once that is achieved, then you will be a step ahead and other challenges will be easy to control them. Get a nicotine replacement therapy and kick the habit.

What can I replace cigarettes with?

There are smoke patches, gums or inhalers. To begin with, replace cigarette with something else as the first thing to stop smoking. It will help you avoid the “just one” saying.

How do you clean your lungs from smoking?

Taking healthy supplements is one way to rejuvenate your lungs fast. Optionally, talk to your healthcare provider for more guidance and how to take medication.

What should I eat when I crave cigarettes?

Things like coffee, tea, sugary foods can make you crave smoking. Avoid high calorie foods and replace with foods rich in fiber like beans, lentils, chia seeds and fruits like avocado.

Final verdict

Beat the urge to smoke first and you will be in a position to control any negative effects that you may experience when trying to stop smoking.

Be disciplined, patient and consistent with yourself. Get replacements for nicotine, talk to a friend, join movements of people trying to stop smoking and listen to testimonies of people who managed to quit smoking.

Nothing is impossible, all you need is taking the first baby step and make the decision to quit.

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