Quick Detoxing! Stat Flush 5 Cleansing Pills Review

stat flush

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Stat Flush pills can save a day!

Drug tests are a common thing for most organizations, be it schools, companies to mention a few. Well, not everywhere you will be asked to submit drug test results but in most sectors, it is a requirement.

Count yourself lucky if at all your employer does not ask for drug test results, and in that case you tend to be a stoner.

It’s unfortunate if you are a smoker or uses any drugs, and you have to go through a drug test. If you are on any drugs, it’s impossible to present a drug test at the drop of a hat. This will cost you and may lead to you getting fired and facing other challenges like paying court fines.

There are ways you can use to pass a test despite being a smoker. Detoxing is one great way to achieve this. This is where you flush out toxins from the system, hence giving a clear pee for testing.

With most detox products, they do not permanently flush out the toxins but mask them, and that’s why you provide a toxin-free pee. Read on about Stat Flush Review.

Sat flush contents

These are pills meant to flush out the toxins from your system. They are fortified with minerals and vitamins, well formulated for the body cleanse to take place effectively. You don’t have to doubt the product; it’s made from natural ingredients, tried and tested for consumption.

The pills not only act as a supplement for cleansing but also raises your immune system; another added advantage.

This is all you need to detox your system of toxins within the shortest time possible. Stat is a saver especially when the test is due in 3 days or less.

Besides, other products may require 5 to 10 days to detox but stat flush only requires a few hours. For last minute rushers, here is the saver of the day!

Check Toxin Rid Detox plan which is my recommendation on the best detox pills!

What's in Stat Flush Detox Pills?

Stat flush has a well-formulated formula of natural ingredients. This helps you have a clean pee of toxins to pass that due test. Ingredients include;

  • Cinnamon bark
  • Uva ursi leaf extract
  • Grape skin
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Panax ginseng extract
  • Dandelion root extract
  • Gentian root extract
  • Milk thistle seed extract
  • Turmeric root extract
  • Barberry root extract

It’s easy with stat flush since no much preparation required. The brand contains 5 pills, to be taken 1 hour before the test.

All that is needed is taking a lot of water to down the drugs. This may sound so easy but at the same time have mixed thoughts on whether it works the same as other products bearing in mind it is a one day detox plan. Read on to clear any doubts.

Step by step method on how to use stat flush detox pills

Using stat flush is a piece of cake! No cumbersome procedures to have it done. The package contains five pills, and that all you need for detoxing. Consider the below tips.

  • Abstain from any drugs once you are aware of your upcoming drug test. This will ease the body in flushing the toxins.
  • Avoid any fatty foods and consider fiber foods. Fiber foods help in the quick release of toxins as compared to fatty foods. Drink a lot of water days before your test, not forgetting to watch your sleeping habits. Have enough sleep, in this case, 8 hours.
  • On your testing day, take the five pills at an interval of 10 minutes each. Take the tablets with a lot of water utmost 40 ounces of water and at least 32 ounces. Don’t overdrink since the pills may get too much diluted, and this might not work. Again don’t take too little water; drink as instructed.
  • Before heading for the test, pee at least three times to flush the toxins. I this case, avoid submitting your first pee as this contains lots of toxins. Your system will be clean for a time window of 4 hours and after that, toxins may start forming back in the system so, plan wisely and get tested within the 4 hours.

That’s it for the stats flush; taking all the pills, water and proper timing are all vital. 

Does Stat Flush Work?

Yes, this product is a charm; if it was to be ranged, it’s above average. It’s easy, effective, and flushes out all toxins for any kind of a drug. 

The downside part of stat flush, it depends on how often you take drugs and the impotence of the drug for it to completely mask all the toxins.

It’s never a dull day for light users; stat flush works like magic for light users. However, if you are a heavy user, you will need an extra bottle to mask the toxins completely.

The point is, stat flush works as long as you follow instructions, whether you use 1 bottle or 2.

Final Verdict

Stat flush is the product you need if at all you have a drug test in a few days or within hours as long as you have the brand with you. Since it does not require much preparation or several days for detoxing to occur, you can go for it at any given time.

All you need is to have excellent timing for your drug test to avoid any build-ups of toxins.

To get the real brand, consider buying directly from the manufacture. That way, you are sure that it is not an imitated product.

Other sources may have expired products, of which that’s not what you need. Buying from the manufacture is a guarantee of having a quality gem. The downside part of 1-day detoxing is that they have variable reviews on how they work. Some are claiming they are not effective and others giving it a green tick. That’s the only con I have come across for this product.

If your test is in a week or more, I would recommend you go for other products that need a 5 to 10 detoxing process like the Toxin Rid and Rescue 5 day full body detox. But if you don’t have enough time to prepare for your drug test, stat flush is what you need.

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