Certo Drug Test Detox Method: Does It Work as a Home Remedy Option?


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Having to go through a drug test is something that would call for own research on how all is tackled. You may have landed on this page trying to figure out how best you can pass a drug test with the certo method, commonly known as the sure jell method.

It is a homemade procedure that one can apply with the aim of detoxing the system, being on the hope to be clean by the time the test is done.

The elephant question is, will it ace with passing a drug test or it’s just like jumping from a frying pan to the fire, trouble after trouble?

Keep reading and see how best this can work and the cons that come along with it. You will have a choice to make through learning other alternative methods that could be better to the certo drug test method.

What is certo drug testing/ sure jell

I will explain it this way; when you smoke or take drugs, they are absorbed in your system and their traces can show in urine, sweat, saliva, blood and/or in the hair.

With marijuana, it may show up during your test depending on the kind of a test that you will have to go through.

At a glance, hair follicle test will show drug metabolites up to 90 days, urine up to 30 days, blood test up to 4 hours and saliva test up to 72 hours.

               Learn here how to pass a hair follicle drug test.

THC in marijuana is fat soluble and may take longer to get flushed out of your system and may show up even in a test like a urinalysis even being free from drugs past 30 days.

Factors such as type of drug you consume, amount taken, how frequent you smoke and your body mass will determine whether after the 30 days you will be clean of any drug strains.

Certo method comes in here. To make sure one is squeaky clean, this home remedy is applied to flush out any drug metabolites.

It is not necessarily that you have to apply the process after days of drugs abstinence, you can still choose to use it despite being a daily smoker.

That said, you will involve a sports drink, oz’s of water and the process itself.

Requirements for the certo detox process

  • Multivitamins
  • Vitamin B2
  • Creatinine Monohydrate
  • Two packages of certo, sure jell or a fruit pectin
  • Two sports drink, amounting to 32 oz like Gatorade which is common with the process

The Process

  1. Two days or more before the test, drink a lot of water daily to increase the urination process. This way, you will be flushing out more toxins from your system.
  2. A day before the test just before heading to bed, mix a packet of certo with a packet of a sports drink. Make sure you shake the mixture well to have pectin completely dissolved.
  3. During your testing day, drink a lot of water 32 oz will do, 3 hours before you show up for a test.
  4. Two hours prior the test, mix the other packets of sure jell and sports drink. Mix them well through shaking. Pee severally after this process.
  5. Lastly, an hour before the test, drink a lot of water maintaining the 32 oz measure. Now take the multivitamin together with the vitamin B2. Expect more urination from the water you will have taken.

That’s the ultimate guide for the certo process. If at all you are short of time and may not have 3 plus days to start off the process, you can start the procedure at point 4 where you will only have taken a packet for the sports drink and the sure jell. Sum up with process 5.

However, you may be so lucky having passed the test without the full process; but unless you are a light smoker, or have not been on drugs for a while.

To increase your chances of passing, avoid mistakes like not using the sports drink, not using the creatinine monohydrate, overhydration and using it too close to the test.

Does certo drug test detox work?

This is what everyone wants to know before jumping into the process. You realize that most people will be on the goal to save a few dollars that they would have spent on expensive detox supplements that are even far better that the sure jell.

The fact remains; the more quality a product is, the higher the chances of giving best outcomes. Certo drug test process being a home remedy has no scientific proof that is works.

When you compare it with other methods, they are scientifically proven from going through a laboratory check, to being certified as tried and tested processes.

Taking fruit pectin do not necessarily hide the toxins as it is believed. Let me take you through what people believe certo does.

  • Pectin lines on the bladder, stopping toxins in the system from flowing into the bladder for some time.
  • Pectin contains fiber (true) and that they can absorb the toxins from fatty cells in the body, and from the bladder thereby passing them through intestines.

 To be certainly clear, here are some facts on sure jell detox process.

  • Pectin will get digested in the stomach
  • Fiber contained in pectin accelerates bowel movement which leads to dragging out more metabolites from the body.
  • Since fruit pectin is fiber and sugar, the function will take place in the bowel and not in the bladder. The fibers are then expelled through the defecation process.

You now know the misconceptions people have concerning the process.

It does not line the bladder, meaning it is not a sure bet that no toxins will show during a test, and neither will the toxins get absorbed once are in the intestines.

The pass rates are equivalent to failures. How one manages to pass a test using the process comes to our attention that they are light users, occasional smokers, and are not heavy in mass. That’s the only way you can figure it out between a person who failed and the one who passed a test.

Even though that being the case, I once applied the process and did a home test which came out positive. I am not a regular smoker neither I’m I a heavy smoker.

The process is somehow contradicting. What I would advise is, go for other more reliable ways of passing a drug test.

Alternative methods to pass a drug test

The only way to be sure of expecting a drug test pass is going for what works best and with high positive reviews. There are two ways you can adhere to, all with the aim of making sure you pass the test.

  1. Using Synthetic urine

Synthetic urine or fake pee has the same make like real human urine. It is formulated to have the same characteristics like color, smell, and the chemical composition like real pee. Fake urine is of different types all with different effective capabilities.

The best synthetic urine brands are so reliable when it comes to dodging a drug test. You can as well use any type of pee that you want but for other purposes like pranks, animal repellent and so on.

A brand like Quick fix urine (Click Here For Full Review) has been on use for years, with the highest pass rates. The good part of it is that it is less than 40 USD. The manufacturer wants to have everyone included and be in a position to afford it.

The only mistake you can do is submit it in the wrong temperature, your test may turn out a nightmare since the lab techs will tell that you used a kit of fake pee to cheat a test. You do not want this to happen, keep all discreetly.

 The second choice of fake pee is the clear choice sub solution (Click Here for Full review). It is a dehydrated powdered urine. To prepare it, just add some lukewarm water to form a solution.

You will not need to microwave it as it is with other premixed samples where you use a microwave to warm it up.

The good part of sub solution is that, it comes with a heating activator in powder form. This is what you add to the formed solution to keep it warm. So, it is not always that you have to rush home to use a microwave.

You can add the heating activator even a few minutes to the test once you realize the temperature is not at the required range of 90-100F.

Apparently, sub solution assures no room for any worries of heat pads failing to supply heat since you even don’t need them with this brand. Sub solution is expensive to quick fix but a charm to go for!

  1. Detox Drinks

The main purpose of detox drinks is to speed up the detoxing process. Our bodies detox naturally even without the help of any supplements. But for the case of a drug test, you will a need a detox kit to have drug toxins flushed out faster.

On that note, most of detox drinks act as masking agents and hide any toxins that may show up during a test. The process is easy since detox drinks will require you to abstain from drugs at least 48 hours before the test.

More to that, other detox drinks can be taken on the same day of the test without any abstinence, but chances of failing a test with a one-day detox are high to several days of detoxing.

The leading detox plan is Mega Clean (full review here), which will need you to quit smoking at least two days before using the detox drink.

  1. Detox Pills

Pills come from a day 1 to day 10 process, with others of 5 days. If you are a light user a 1-day program can work, but for heavy users the bet is going for 5-10 days to have the toxins flushed out in large amounts, so that any toxins that remains may be fully masked.

Toxin Rid 10-day Detox ( Full review here)is the leading, with the highest detox program equivalent to its success rate. If you are short of time, toxin rid 5-day plan will still not disappoint.

Final verdict

It is better to spend more on something that will work, rather than trying to act smarter in your own ways of which will lead you to a worse situation.

I would advise you not to rely so much on the certo method, especially if you are a heavy smoker. Go an extra mile and make better plans as advised in this article.

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