Oral Clear Gum Review: All you need to know

oral clear gum

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Having a kit of a saliva neutralizer is a need for cannabis lovers. To handle every mouth swab drug test, an oral clear gum is all you need.

Saliva test commonly known as mouth swab drug test can get you off-guard and not with likes of a urinalysis, hair follicle or blood test which in most cases you are notified on when your test is due.

Also, you can have a scheduled saliva test for instance from your employer. Impromptu saliva tests are done by the roadside by the traffic cops to motorists and drivers, so you may not tell when you will come across them.

This does not mean that urgent saliva test will always lead to a test failure, the technology goes beyond that and there is a way you can pass your test within seconds using oral clear gum.

What is oral clear gum

It is a saliva neutralizer that is taken orally to clear drug metabolites from saliva. Just like any other gum, oral gum involves chewing it for a whipping 30 seconds and all the toxins are disabled, meaning if you take a mouth swab test in the next 30 minutes, the drug toxins will not be present.

Oral gum is the #1 leading brand and the most effective when it comes to saliva drug test remedies. You can use it even at a blink of an eye and manage to clear toxins from saliva.

The good part of it is that you do not need any abstinence period for you to use oral gum, which is different with detox supplements which requires you to quit smoking for at least 48 hours for you to start the detox plan.

How to pass a saliva test using oral clear gum

Mouth swab involves collecting some saliva from the mouth using a swab or a cotton bud and using a testing kit to deduce any drug toxins present.

With this practice, there is no specific professionalism needed since it is easy and fast to conduct. In most cases, it is done on the spot by traffic police officers, by an employer after an interview/ on a normal work day or by a laboratory technician in a testing facility.

In the case where an employer gives a notice of upcoming saliva test, it becomes easy. All you will do is thoroughly brush your teeth and the tongue several times that morning of the testing day using Listerine. This process will be effective for light users, heavy users should instead use a better procedure like using a mouthwash or oral gum for better results.

Notably, not always that you have to get a drug test memo, other times you are bumped unprepared. Not unless you have not been smoking for days, testing positive for the previous day joint is close to 100% failure.

The point is, always have oral clear gum with you. It is easy to pop it in your mouth and save the day!

Why you should have a kit of oral clear gum at anytime

If at all marijuana is part of you, why not oral clear gum? Not only does oral gum clears marijuana strains, it does so for any illicit drug that could be tested.

It is an instant saliva neutralizer. You need this stuff to always be on the win side in case you bump into unexpected swab test. A traffic officer may stop you and within 5 seconds you have picked your gum and already chewing it. The first 30 seconds are enough to have cleared toxins form saliva.

Overall, it is the leading selling brand for saliva test. Well, this is how it becomes a necessity for swab tests. Bearing in mind that there are no reliable ways of passing the test than this, then you have no excuse as to why you have to fail a saliva test.

In other words, alternative ways of passing a saliva test are minimal; in fact, there are no guarantee ways apart from using a clear gum.

Saliva test is different from other tests like urinalysis which have options on how to pass a urine test, whereby you have a choice to make between using synthetic pee or detox program.

Last minute saver. Whether your test comes in a rapture or as intended, oral clear gum will always be the solution.

The fact that it works within seconds, then passing the saliva test will be like taking a glass of water and going on with your daily routine. Simple, easy and fast.

Being a life saver, that’s how fast the toxins will be cleared from your mouth within a short period of time.

Oral clear gum has a 99.9% consumer satisfaction rate. So far, oral gum has been a gem everyone goes for. Starting with the high rate of positive reviews to being an easy task to handle.

In the market today, it is the only quickest method that you can use in a mouth swab test. For me to give satisfying reviews, I take at home tests of these brands to make sure what the internet suggest is what the audience really needs.

Not only do I rely on my testing skills, but I also involve a professional who advices and does the testing for me to certify my acquired results.

No drugs abstinence period required. The idea is, you can still pass a saliva test even having smoked hours ago. Quitting smoking to some appears to be so elephant and instead, they do better with a daily joint.

There is no specific time needed for one to abstain from drugs not unless you decide that. As long as you have the gum in case of a test, then you do not have to tension on whether you will pass or fail. For this reason, mouth swab is the easiest test to pass.

It is discreetly packed. The reason for this is to make sure that you are able to use it anywhere at any time without creating any suspicion.

Being a gum, then no one can tell that it is a detox gum since they have no evidence that it is different from the normal chewing gums.

How to use oral clear gum

The process is easy peasy being even with an emergency test or not. Collecting yourself up is the key whenever you come across a stop with the need to conduct a saliva drug test. Before the testing personnel even reaches where you are, you will have toasted the gum in the mouth so quickly without him noticing.

Here is a 3-step process to follow.

  1. Open the tube and remove the gum
  2. Pop it in your mouth. Swirl the gum in your mouth and you will have more saliva being produced.
  3. Chew the gum for 30 seconds and you are ready for the test. You only have the first 30 minutes to test clean. You may decide to swallow or spit the liquid produced during chewing, and likewise with the clear gum.

That’s it! Be on the look to know whether you will need to line up for the test, or you are within the shortest time to act.

All in all, you are not trapped, there is room to put everything to perfection even within a short period. Always be discreet while using the gum, like the smart mind you are.

Does oral gum work?

Clear gum works. Through stimulating saliva, what comes along is attraction of any drug metabolites in saliva to the gum. Besides, the gum leaves the mouth clean and fresh.

Chewing the gum is not harmful, neither is it allergic. The main ingredient used is hydrogen peroxide which acts as an oxidant as well as adulterant.

Oxidizers destroy the drug residuals through a chemical change that takes place. The process involves transforming drug toxins from being illicit to non-illicit substances. In a nutshell, preventing drug metabolites from showing up during a test.

Most of mouth drug tests are done without prior notice, so why not have a kit standby for the unknown day?

Alternative for Oral clear gum

There is another way of passing a mouth swab drug test by using a mouthwash. The common one is the Toxin Rid Rescue Wash. It is in a liquid form but has its limits while using it.

The problem with a mouthwash is the discretion. It comes in a bottle and that may make it hard for one to use in case the testing personnel is nearby.

It requires more time to work. Unlike the gum which requires 30 seconds, mouthwash requires you to hold in for 3 minutes to clear the toxins.

A repetition is necessary while using a mouth wash at least twice. Conversely, the gum is a one time use and you are clean.

The oral gum can be used with an emergency test, but it may not work with a mouthwash bearing in mind you have to hold it for 3 minutes in the mouth. For an urgent test, mouthwash will not be the product to rely on.

Where to buy saliva neutralizer oral clear gum

To pass a mouth swab using oral gum, you will need to get it from the original manufacturer. You may be asking why not on Walmart, Amazon, eBay or at a nearby smoke shop?

The only way I can assure you of getting the legit product is getting it from the source. Someone will buy it somewhere else and come claiming that the gum failed, who is to blame?

The only guaranteed seller is TEST NEGATIVE. Just order online and your package will be delivered within a couple of days.

To be organized, have a kit in your car, wallet or anywhere you feel comfortable carrying it in case of a contingency test.

Final verdict

No oral gum alternative is so reliable to clear gum. I would recommend using it since you will be giving yourself the best.

Bearing in mind that it works fast and has a long shelf life, then it is of no loss keeping the gum to avoid being in a middle of a crisis.

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