How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm: The Most Applicable Ways

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Having fun during the weekends, at family gatherings, parties and such is all together energizing. Such activities come along with foods, drinks, and laughter. But do you even remember that you can land a drug test note on Monday morning at your work place?

Come on, you know what you involved in right? Sometimes, you assume that whatever you consume during a weekend may not impact to anything. Yes, it will and especially if you undergo a drug test and drug metabolites show in a lab test results.

Everyone deserves happiness, cheering and in particular after a busy week! Well, let’s say for instance you smoked cannabis, or any other illicit substance that is illegal in your work place. You cannot imagine losing your job just from a one weekend puff, what you need is deducing the best ways possible to pass the test despite having drug strains in your body.

You can decide to allow your body detox or go for fake urine kit in case of a urinalysis. Whichever way you choose, consider factors like how close the drug tests is, and the efficacy rate of the method. Here, you will learn on how to go about synthetic urine and how to keep it warm, ready for the test. On top of that, you will learn how to sneak in the synthetic urine sample inconspicuous!

What is Synthetic Urine?

Commonly referred to as fake pee. It is a formulation that is designed to mimic the real human urine. From its appearance, you may not even differentiate the real and a fake pee when placed together. Synthetic urine is chemically made and used in lab equipment calibration, animal repellent, pranks, and what most people will not tell you `dodging a drug test’.

Just like what makes up human pee, it is exactly what comes along with fake pee. Synthetic urine contains creatinine, uric acid, ammonia, specific gravity, and certain Ph. Fake pee will even produce foam when shaken, indicating that it has the same composition as that of real urine.

Synthetic urine comes in different forms; the pre-mixed and the dehydrated powdered form. Regardless of their chemical nature, they both serve the same purpose, only the preparation procedure that differs.

With the pre-mixed brands, all that is needed is warming the sample and getting it to the correct human pee temperature of 90-100F. When it comes to the powdered urine, you will have to mix it with warm water to make a solution. There is no human urine that is in powder form, so adding water is what that makes sense.

Why do we need the fake pee warm?

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This is an obvious thing that should always be. First of all, when one pees, the urine is usually warm and that’s why we need the fake pee to be warm. You cannot submit a cold sample for drug testing in that case. When submitting your own pee for the test, it is very easy, just peeing in a lab cup and handing in for the test. Remember that you are using a kit of fake urine and comes at room temperature.

When you submit urine for a urinalysis, the medics not only test for the presence of any illicit drugs in the urine, but also the temperature of the urine submitted. You may have achieved by having the best synthetic urine kit but end up failing the test for submitting a cold sample.

You know what follows after handing in a sample in the wrong temperature? It will raise eyebrows and create suspicion to the medics that you attempted cheating a test using synthetic urine. The repercussions that comes with the situation is you losing your job and may even lead to imprisonment.

Warming and how to Keep the Synthetic Urine Warm

The need for warming fake pee comes when a drug test is due in hours. That is the only time that you switch to preparing it for the test. You can opt to purchase a kit of pee and store it for future use, or buy it a few days to the test. The shelf life of most synthetic urine kits is around 18 months, which gives you an opportunity to buy and store it till the date of use.

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When time for the test is due, if you had stored it in a freezer allow it to thaw and then use your way of heating. Apart from freezing you can store it at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Be on the know what time is your test to avoid last minute rush or again heating it too early and end up cooling down before the screening.

When it comes to heating the sample, what you actually need comes with the package you purchased. Most of synthetic urine kits comes with a Heating Pad. This item is what you use to warm your sample, and acquire the right temperature.

A heating pad generates heat after it is activated. The instructions set in the package box explains it all on how you will activate the pad. It takes about 45 minutes to acquire the right temperature by using the heating pad. The good part of it is that, there is no risk of overheating the sample and also maintains the temperature of the sample for 8 hours without the urine cooling down.

While heading to the testing facility, once the fake pee is warm, and with the heating pad attached, have it intact your body. The reason behind this is that the sample will not cool even after the 8 hours since it will stay at body temperature. Place it underneath you clothing where it cannot be noticed. Check the temperature of the sample using a temperature strip before submitting it for the test.

Other methods to warm synthetic pee

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There are many ways to kill a rat. The same case there are many heat generation processes. Apart from using heating pads, there are other applicable methods to have the urine to the required temperature.

  1. Heating Using a Microwave

When you buy a kit of fake pee, you will realize that it states you use a microwave to warm the sample before using a heating pad. Well, it is optional, if you have the time, you can skip this step of using a microwave and go direct to using a heating pad. The only advantage that comes with a microwave is that, it is fast and will save you in case you have lesser time to the test.

Place the sample in a microwave and heat it for 10 seconds. Take it out and use a temperature strip to check the temperature. If you will not have achieved the right temperature, toss it back to the microwave and warm at intervals of 5 seconds as you monitor the temperature of the urine.

Note that; while using a microwave, you need to be cautious to avoid overheating the sample. That’s why you need to heat it at intervals of seconds. Overheating it may ruin the sample which may lead to the separation of elements in the brand and reduce the efficiency rate.

It is not that complicating, just heat it as instructed and you will achieve the expected results. After acquiring the temperature by using the microwave, you can use a heating pad to prevent the sample from cooling. Again, place it intact with your body to maintain the temperature.

  1. Heating using hand warmers

Hand warmers play the same role as that of heating pads. The aim being generating heat and keeping the urine warm for some time. You will get hand warmers in most of fake pee packages; ounce of fake urine, hand warmers, temperature strip, and the instruction set.

It’s well illustrated on how to use the warmer. Involves opening and activating the warmer, and you may be advised to first shake the urine sample, and then attach the hand warmer. After activating the handwarmer, give the urine sample time to warm, then use a temperature strip to check the temperature.

To some point, you may use two hand warmers to fasten the process, but this is optional since one hand warmer is enough for the process.

  1. Heat Activator Powder

This particular product comes with specific synthetic urine brands. Heat activator is in powder form and hence is available in the packages of the dehydrated fake pee like the clear clear choice sub-solution urine. The activator is made of lithium chloride, and this is what is added to the fake pee to warm it.

Contradicting? It’s this simple; Buy the sub solution, add warm water to make a solution, then add the heat activator powder to the formed synthetic urine. You will need one third of the heat activator to warm the pee.

The good part of the activator is that, you will not require to use a heating pad, hand warmers or even microwaving. Besides, the activator does not interfere with the chemical formation of the urine.

Even though that being the case, avoid adding too much of the activator, if the one third is not enough to warm the sample, add little by little as you monitor the temperature.

  1. Body Heat

Our bodies have the right temperature, the same one the urine reads once you pee. So, you can opt to place your urine sample intact the body. For the urine to warm, place it underneath your clothes, and mostly under armpits, or between the thighs; should be somewhere the body is generating more heat.

Optionally, you can use a belt with a reservoir and tie it around the waist. Pour your urine in a cup and place it in the reservoir, but you can still get this belt with its own sample of fake pee, which saves you from overspending on fake pee and the belt.

Unfortunately, you realize that warming a urine sample using body heat is the slowest method. It may take longer before attaining the required urine temperature. Use it if you cannot afford the other methods or have enough time to wait the warming process.

Body temperature works best after using other methods. Use a microwave, once the temperature is attained, use a heating pad or a hand warmer and sum up the process by attaching close to your body. The heat activator works specifically on powdered urine.

How Often Can One Reheat Fake Pee?

At times, your test may be postponed for one reason or the other. Having prepared your sample for the test, the heating pad becomes a waste since they are irreplaceable. That is not the problem, what about the synthetic urine? Will it be contaminated, and can I use it again?

The answer is yes. The best synthetic urine kits are well formulated. Thereby, they can be heated, cooled and as well reheated without interfering with the efficiency and chemical composition of the product.

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Best Fake Urine with Included Heating (SUB SOLUTION)


From ultimate and extensive research, the sub-solution urine takes the first position. It is through self-testing of various urine kits, and coming up with the most complying brand. Apart from its capability to pass a drug test, the shipping is convenient and you can get it delivered the same day of order.

This brand chips in whenever you have an emergency test. It has a long shelf life than most of urine kits. The reason for it to come in powered form is to last longer compared to the pre-mixed products which may at times have the elements separate.

It is highly formulated with a quality lab processing. Having a composition of uric acid and creatinine which some kits lack and tested in a lab. Not only that, the Ph is well balanced and have a specific gravity. It comes with a heating agent, and that is the heat activator. Therefore, you can have it prepared anywhere since no other heat source is needed.

What if I have a supervised test?

A supervised test is where you draw your pee in the presence of a medic. It may be tricky taking your fake pee and trying to transfer the sample to the lab cup. Nobody wants to lose their job neither fall for imprisonment getting caught with a kit of fake pee.

To curb such a situation, there are urination devices like the monkey dong (for men), which is a prosthetic penis, and monkey whizz (for women). Both of them are designed to fulfill the needs for each gender, and one can easily dispense their pee even in the presence of a lab technician and come out unnoticed.

Final Verdict

What hard with keeping urine warm and at the right temperature? It’s a go-by thing. This will always be tested in a lab during a urinalysis and a wrong temperature will have the urine disqualified.

It is not only about having a quality brand, but heeding other issues that comes with a drug test. Here, you are guided on how to tackle drug testing predicaments in the right ways. Don’t be ignorance and do the necessary, thank me later.

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