Quick Fix Pro Belt Review

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There are things that are common, and in the years to come, they will still be existing. For instance, paying taxes has been in practice, is and still will be even in the coming future. The same case drug tests are and will continue being administered from time to time and within a particular period.

Drug testing is done at various companies, depending on the company’s regulations. Most of them do it to every new employee and to the existing ones after a certain period. Regardless of when it is done, you should not panic whenever you have an upcoming drug test.

It is easy to pass a drug test despite having taken illicit substance in your past days or months. Likewise, it easy to fail a test, and this comes from using the unreliable methods of trying to finagle a test. You can opt to allow your body detox naturally or use the detox supplements to speed up the detox process. The other method is using the best synthetic urine kits, and this is for urinalysis purpose. other test such as hair follicle and blood tests will not need a urine kit in that case.

Quick fix synthetic urine

With our topic in question, let’s look at this particular fake pee brand; Quick fix synthetic urine, which is among the top synthetic urine kits that are tried and tested. The pass rate of quick fix urine is 99.99%, so you can tell that its formulation is like no other. In fact, it takes the top position when it comes to rating of various fake urine products.

Just like the real human urine, quick fix urine has the same appearance. The yellow-ish color of real urine and more to that, quick fix produces foam when shaken and can still create bacteria like human pee when left in open air. It is of no difference to human pee.

Apart from testing for illicit substances in the urine, the medics also screen for elements that should prevail in real urine. That’s why, when quick fix in being manufactured, components such as; creatinine, uric acid, urea, and ammonia are included; and the list is not the limit. In case any of the element misses during a test, then it will only raise suspicion that you are using a kit of fake pee. The good thing with quick fix urine is that it contains all the elements found in real urine, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The common question that most people ask is whether quick fix urine can be detected in a lab test. The answer is no; this brand is one of a kind since its formulation doesn’t give a room of detection whatsoever. The only thing that can be detected is giving the technicians a room to conclude that you are using fake pee by submitting it in the wrong temperature. Always ensure the temperature reading is withing the required range.

When it comes to preparation of quick fix urine, it is easy as ABC. Well, the only thing that you need is warming it. The package comes in a premixed form, hence no mixing is required as compared to the powdered brands.

Another lifesaving point is that quick fix urine is cheaper than most of fake urine kits. Generally, it is an affordable gem and works as expected. To sum up about this brand, how you sneak it in the testing facility matters, especially when it comes to drawing your pee from your cup to the laboratory cup. What you need is a quick fix pro belt kit to make everything easier and discreet.

Quick fix pro belt kit

Like the name reveals, a quick fix pro belt is a belt-kind device which aids when it comes to switching of fake pee unnoticed. Quick fix pro belt kit is manufactured by spectrum labs the same who manufacture the quick fix urine.

The pro belt comes with several kits to be used during the process;

  • A universal sized belt synthetic belt
  • Medical graded vinyl bag
  • Heating pad
  • Temperature strip

The belt is designed to fit to waist. Since it is just like the normal belt, you will tie it round your waist, not too saggy and not too tight. Place it in the most comfortable way and avoid discomforts. That way, it will not be noted and hence you will have an easy way squeezing out your pee.

With the urine bag, it is medically formulated and sterile just like the real urine. The reservoir is well ripped to avoid any leakage, and hence you will not walk around all wet and smelly. On top of that, the bag is microwave safe meaning, you can heat the fake pee in the bag in a microwave and alter nothing.

There is need to warm your urine before submitting it for the test. You can use two ways, first using the microwave and second, using the heating pads. With a microwave, there’s need to be extra careful to avoid heating the sample for so long since this may lead to distortion of the urine sample.

Note that the urine bag is not refillable. You will need to replace it after use since damage may occur from repeated usage. Again, there may be contamination in the process as a result of re-using it. You will get the pro belt together with 4 ounces of quick fix synthetic urine from spectrum labs.

How to use the pro belt kit

This is a very key area to check and re-check again before submitting the sample.

  1. The Heating Process

Heat the sample in a microwave at intervals of 5 seconds and monitor the temperature using a temperature strip. After every 5 seconds, remove the sample from the microwave and check the temperature using a temperature strip until you achieve the required urine temperature of 90-100F.

The other method is using a heating pad. This is where you attach the sample against the pad for it to gain heat. The process takes around 45 minutes for the urine sample to get to the required temperature. If you are careful enough, it is fast and easy to use a microwave. After the pee is heated, use a heating pad to maintain the urine temperature and avoid cooling down.

Once you have the sample attached to the heating pad, it is always advisable to attach the kit intact with your body. The reason being is to avoid the urine sample from cooling at any costs. The sample stays at body temperature, and that exactly what it should read during the test.

  1. Using The pro belt

Aware of the usual belts? Good, hereby comes almost the same thing. Quick fix belt is easy to put it on. Having it around the waist and having it well fitted is all that matters. Maybe you can try to avoid very tight clothes so that it may not to show up. Clothing line buggy shirts, cardigans, or whatever that will not create suspicions may apply.

  1. Before submitting the sample

Even after managing to hide the belt containing a reservoir of urine, remember to first check on the temperature of the urine sample before handing it in for testing. Using your hand, you can feel the warmth, or rush to the washrooms and check the temperature using a temperature strip, somewhere safe that you will not be caught doing so.

  1. Time for submission

Its time! The temperature is at the right temperature? Yes. Now, walk head held high without any fear. Comfortably switch the sample by squeezing the nozzle part that comes with the belt for easy dispensing of the pee.

Make it appear like you are doing the real thing, and pour out enough amount. That’s it! Walk out of the room and wait for successful results.

Final verdict

Quick fix pro belt comes into use in case of a supervised test where you don’t have to go to the washroom and do the thing. With the case of unsupervised test, all is required is urine you collect from the washroom, of course they expect to pee, but what you will be doing is switching your fake pee at ease. In this case, you may not necessarily need a belt.

To be on the safest side, always go for a urinalysis well-armed. You may not know what will follow. So, always have a pro belt kit for your own good, voila!

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