How To Pass a Drug Test (Even On a Short Notice)

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Not every day is a walk in the park. There are times when certain issues arise, and how you handle them determines what will follow. The repercussions for failing or passing a drug test hits different.

Drug tests are done at various organizations like in working place, done by the department of transport (DOT) and in many other sectors. You can only tell whether you will one day go through a drug test depending on where you work or where you live.

Your employer can ask you to go though a drug test as a new worker, and depending with the state you live in, drug test can be common especially the regularly done by the roadside by the traffic officers. So, once in a while one is prone to go through a drug test.

Some drug tests are done without your knowledge but that’s not always the case, you can have a prior notice on your upcoming drug test. Preparing for the test is what matters since the aim is to pass a drug test to escape being denied a job or facing fines.

In most states, testing positive for drugs is equivalent to any other crime, and you can easily face imprisonment for that. This article gives a complete guide on how to pass a drug test even on a short notice.

Type of drug tests

how to keep synthetic urine warmBefore learning on how to go about drug tests, let me take you through the type of drug tests you may be tested for. The main reason for drug testing is to detect any usage of illegal drugs in your system.

Marijuana is the most common used and the most tested. Despite being legal in some states, drug test for cannabis has been obvious.

The main reason behind this is yet to be clear. But you realize most working environs do not allow usage of any drugs and one has to heed to the rules and regulations at various places. You can go through the following drug tests indicating how long drug metabolites can be detected in your system

  1. Urine drug test/ Urinalysis: 30 days
  2. Hair follicle test: 90 days
  3. Blood test: 4 hours
  4. Saliva/ mouth swab test: 72 hours

Urine drug test

The most common test is urinalysis, done at a laboratory or a designated testing facility. You will be required to provide a fresh sample of your pee.

A urinalysis involves detecting the presence of any drug metabolites, whether the elements that are found in human urine are present like creatinine, urea, uric acid, pH and the color. The sample should be at the required temperature, so the need to provide an instant urine sample.

You cannot provide a sample of urine taken from home, like trying to send someone to submit the sample on your behave, and so the need to be present in person during a test. Again, sending a sample for testing will arrive at the wrong temperature, and the next thing is being disqualified or results may come out as false positive.

In most cases, the lab medics will require you to provide urine sample as they supervise you. Well, this may sound weird but you may go through it. Supervision is done to avoid cheating like trying to switch urine samples. A urine test will detect drugs like marijuana, methamphetamines, opioids, cocaine, opiates, alcohol, and any others drugs you could have consumed lately.

Hair follicle test

Hair drug tests are the most difficult to concur. Hair the test will detect drug metabolites in the hair for up to 90 days, and having the test so soon can be disappointing.

The reason behind the many detection days is; when you smoke or take in drugs, they are absorbed in your body, flows through the blood to others parts of the body like bladder and hair strands as well. The scalp has blood veins which pass the toxins to the hair and the toxins remain intact as the hair continues to grow.

Anytime you have a hair follicle test, it is always in order to know when you last smoked and especially marijuana which stays longer in the hair. That way, you will know better on what will befall you or try to opt for other options like shaving off the entire hair on your body.

Apart from having a long detection period, hair test is time consuming to other drug tests. Besides, it is the most prone to failure unless you are 90 days or more drugs free. Just like urine test, drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and opiates will be detected in a hair follicle test.

Saliva Drug Test

Mouth swab test is easy and fast to carry out. It only detects drug metabolites in your saliva for the last few days. This is among the easiest test to pass by being clean 3 days or tossing an Oral Clear Gum in your mouth to flush out drug toxins from your saliva within 30 seconds in case you fall for an urgent saliva test.

Saliva test does not require the technical professional experience to have it carried out. Apart from being done in the laboratory, it is also done by roadside by the traffic officers to the drivers and motorists.

The whole process involves a testing personnel swirling a mouth swab or ear bud to collect saliva from your mouth or you can spit some saliva on a testing tube and he/she will use a testing kit to detect drug usage. The results are instant and not like a hair follicle test which takes longer.

Blood test

Carrying out a blood test requires professional personnel. Drawing blood from your body needs one to be cautious to avoid accidents which may lead to heavy bleeding and blood clotting. The sample taken is then tested in lab which takes 2-3 hours to have the results.

A blood test will detect usage of drugs for a short period of which this can increase depending on how frequent you use drugs and it is not a surprise that it can detect THC in marijuana up to 21 days.

Drugs like cannabis, nicotine, alcohol and cocaine will be detected in the blood test.

Ways to pass a drug test

Whether your drug test is on a short notice or not, you can still pass the various drug tests in the shortest time possible using some tried and tested methods.

If you realize your test is due in 24 hours’ time, worry less. Check below methods that you can always rely on for a test pass despite being on drugs.

  1. Using Detox Drinks

The purpose of detox is to speed up the normal body detox process. Through taking a detox drink, more drug toxins are flushed out through the urine and proving a masking agent to deactivate any metabolites from showing during a test.

Detox drinks for drug test are fortified with minerals and vitamins to provide a healthy body outcome. Their role involves fooling the drug test process through adding creatinine and vitamins to your urine to protect the urine from diluting, but make it appear real and unaltered urine sample.

The leading detox drink so far is Mega Clean (Full Review Here). It is the most effective drink that you can take 3 hours to your test and pass the test within a short time.

Mega clean comes with pre rid pills to be taken 24 hours before the test. If you have enough time, it is always advisable to not skip the pills unless your time is limited and only have time for the drink of which it is strong enough in its own.

3 hours before the test, drink the detox drink in 15 minutes. It will start being active an hour after drinking it. After that, you will have a clean window of 5 hours and you can take a test before the 5 hours are over. To be smarter, take the test within the first 3 hours, since you are cleaner within this range.

The process will involve more peeing than usual, and that is what is all about detoxing. Mega clean will always work whenever you have limited time to detox.

Get your kit of mega clean from TEST CLEAR.

The alternative detox drink for mega clean is Rescue Cleanse (Full Review Here), another well formulated brand. Rescue cleanse will require you to take it 2-3 hours before the test, and you will be free of toxins for 5 hours.

If you decide to take a detox drink without the pre rid pills, I would recommend rescue cleanse since it is stronger than taking meg clean without the pills. On the other hand, mega clean is stronger than rescue cleanse while taken with the pre rid pills. Make a choice!

Rescue cleanse and mega clean will work for a urine test and not hair, saliva or blood tests. TEST NEGATIVE is the manufacturer of this brand, secure one from them.

  1. Detox Pills

Another bang for detoxing with the same function as detox drinks. While taking the pills, you will also be taking in more water with the motive to flush out drug toxins from your system through the urine.

These detox pills are classified according to how many days you should take for them to work. There is 1 day, 5 days, and 10 days detox programs. A light drug user can go for a 1-day detox and still test negative for marijuana. Heavy users will need to go for the 5 to 10 days programs to have more toxins flushed out.

The, more the days you detox, the more the toxins are flushed out and the highest the chances of passing a drug test. 5 days detox works almost the same as the 10 days plan since with the 10-day kit, you will be clean by day 7 of detoxing.

Toxin Rid 5 Day and Toxin 10 Day detox (Full Review Here) kits are the best to flush out drug toxins.  If you are a heavy cannabis smoker, these are your best options to help you pass a drug test that is in a week.

A short notice test works best with detox drinks, but if you have several days to the test, go for detox pills. The rate at which you pass a test with pills is higher to detox drinks, since detox pills are 3 in 1 (Tablets, Detox Liquid, & Dietary fiber) resulting to the many detoxing days.

While on any of detox plan, avoid fatty foods especially when trying to flush out marijuana. THC in marijuana is fat soluble and taking in fatty foods during the detox will render the detox less effective. Take foods rich in fiber instead.

Detox kits will only work for urinalysis. More discussed on this article on how to pass other drug tests, keep reading…

  1. Using synthetic urine

Apart from using a detox kit, you can opt to dodge the test using fake pee. This requires you to be discreet while handling a sample of fake urine. Being caught in the testing facility trying to submit it may lead to more trouble.

Fake pee is formulated to have the same chemical composition to that of real human urine. With the likes of color, smell, and elements like creatinine, uric acid, urea, and pH found in real urine are exactly what you will find with a kit of fake pee.

The Best Synthetic Urine Kits are top notch brands that you can rely on for a urine test. You will come across various brands of fake pee online but only the best quality will work when it comes to drug tests. Other urine products can be used for pranks or as animal repellants.

Among the best brands is Clear Choice Sub Solution Urine (Full Review Here). It is in dehydrated powdered form and adding water to it is the only procedure needed to form a solution.

Sub solution is toxin free, undetectable, 100 % effective and has a reliable heat source. In order for your urine sample to yield successful results, you must submit it for testing at the required temperature of 90-100F, equivalent to body temperature. That is a way to signal to the lab techs that it is your real urine.

The Good thing with sub solution urine; it comes with a heat activator which is in powder form. The instructions are simple, add the heating powder to your formed solution in bits as you monitor the temperature change. You will get sub solution form TEST NEGATIVE.

No microwave is needed to heat the sample as most of fake pee requires to heat them. Note that you can add this heating powder to sub solution minutes to your test and make it through. The heat activator does not distort the chemical composition of the clear choice urine.

To always win a drug test on short notice, the option is purchasing a urine kit and storing it for future use. Sub solution has a long shelf life and keeping it at a room temperature will help maintain its effectiveness up to the day of your test.

  1. At home remedies

You may come across DIY method that people use at home like using baking soda & water, drinking cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice & water and using the certo detox to pass a drug test.

Some of these methods work but their pass rate is minimal as compared to using certified methods. First of all, these home remedies are not scientifically proven that they will work for a drug test.

Most of home remedies involve taking some water leading to diluting your urine rather than proving proteins like creatinine in your urine to have it unaltered with. For this reason, your urine sample will automatically get disqualified.

A method like using baking soda may work but for amphetamines and methamphetamines only, so if you will have a marijuana test, it will not work.

In a nutshell, home remedies are prone to disappoint you, chose your method wisely by going for what works like the detox drinks/ pills or fake pee despite having to spend extra bucks purchasing them.

A guide on how to pass a hair follicle test here!

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Final verdict

Passing a drug test on a short notice is not complicated as it may appear. Learn when and at what time your test is scheduled and plan on what will work by the time you submit urine for the test.

You are now wiser, failing a drug test should not linger in your mind now that you are well informed. In case you have a supervised test, detox as much as possible. Alternatively, you can still submit synthetic urine and pee while being supervised using a urinator.

The lab tech will not necessarily look directly at your genitals as you pee, so securing yourself a urinator like Monkey Whizz (for females) and Monkey Dong (for males) will fool the medic. The urinators are formulated to look like a human reproductive system and that’s how switching your urine sample to a lab cup becomes easy.

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